Saturday, November 26, 2011


Ed. Note: Owing to the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend in the U.S., Pistrina prints an e-mail commentary on last week's post. Everyone, it seems, recognizes that those theological turkeys are just plain foul.

Dear Reader,

As a rule, I avoid SSPX Masses because of simple logic, not on that wild-eyed "una-cum" theory. In my book, either Razzi is pope or he isn't. Period! And if he is, then priests have to obey him. (I am a little more lenient with those independent chapels that are just affiliated with the SSPX, because those guys are on their own.)

I've always believed this ever since the early 1970's. It's just common sense. That's not been the case with Brooksville and Cincinnati "entrepreneurs." I remember when one of these "great" theologians was "Sede" in 1977, then pro-papa in 1980, then sede etc. I also remember when the other "theologian" blasted the Thuc lineage in 1983 and then became the great defender in 1990 when his buddy and paymaster wanted a miter. These jokers change their minds whenever it suits them.

Everyone should rely on their conscience and not the trio's opinion "du jour"... in all things!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


'tis the eye of childhood/That fears a painted devil. Shakespeare

Side by side with the Trying Threesome's failure to produce any reasoned, substantive advancement to the theory of the Sede Vacante, their venal una-cum ghost story condemns them as theological adventurers. Even one of the MHT completers recognizes this fiction for what it is: a patent attempt to keep the faithful from taking their dollars to the SSPX. That's why he gave the green light a while back to some Catholic laity to assist at society Masses. Moreover, the terminally challenged CMRI, as marginalized as it is on the far fringes of Catholic thought and praxis, has enough sense to reject this ploy to scare the ignorant into submission.

No matter what these three self-interested characters argue, the plain fact remains that the Church has not pronounced on the matter. Accordingly, their strident assertions remain just private opinion -- and rather low-level private opinion inasmuch as these three can never be considered theologians.

No one need pay one ounce of attention to this wild theory hatched in the fetid imaginations of ecclesiastical entrepreneurs. The motive behind this amateurish démarche is clearly fear that the faithful will abandon them, their bad habits, and their troubled orders for the more attractive and relatively stable SSPX. What was scary was the prospect of exiting dollars.

Rather than make up boogeyman theories out of whole cloth, the Terrible Trio should focus on getting rid of their odious cultic trappings and attempt, even at this late hour, to make a genuine contribution to Traditional Catholicism, say, by way of the liturgy or pious practices. It's obvious they should abandon theology as a science outside their limited grasp and very minor abilities.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


To be still searching what we know not by what we know, still closing up truth to truth as we find it... this is the golden rule in theology. Milton

Our next instance of the Terrible Trio's failed legacy is in the theology of the Sede Vacante. On "One-Hand's" part, we have only his musings. Neither he nor the Blunderer has produced a credible, carefully reasoned argument for the absolute vacancy of the See of Peter. (How could they? It's not in their DNA.) It's all been just their anecdotal remarks, and you have to take them on their word! (Not likely, in view of the Blunderer's botched work in The Work of Human Hands). In the world of thinking Catholics, their position can never be taken seriously until a brighter light appear (not likely when you look at their young priests -- all pretty dim wits, just hoping for a handout).

Altough we admit that the rector has produced one admirably competent explanation in Scholastic form of the materialiter thesis in Soldalitium (see "The Material Papacy") --excepting, of course, his gross misspelling Vacantis Apostolica (read Apostolicæ) Sedis and his gauche references to "stench"-- he has yet to make a real advance in the theology of the Sede Vacante. In spite of his attempts to suggest a refined interpretation, he has really added nothing material to the Cassiciacum thesis.

All this is owing to the rector's dreadful formation. (That's why his Sodalitium article is so impressive. It's like viewing the performance of a ball-room dancing monkey: one always must ask, how did the trainer manage to pull off the stunt because it can't be real!)

In spite of all the nonsense coming out of "One-Hand," the rector (like the Blunderer) can never be considered a theologian in the classic Catholic sense. He's never studied at a pontifical university and possesses no advanced degree. He's never taught in a genuine university nor did he work under a real professor or genuine ecclesiastical superior (the archbishop might have been remotely close, but no cigar). Neither has he held a real professorship -- everything is self-declared. He's never co-authored an important work. Moreover, he's never been a department head in a recognized university nor has he authored a Latin theological manual or article (in fact, it's said that once a Frenchman severely censured a solo attempt).

In short, the Tiresome Trio really cannot claim to possess knowledge superior to that of many laymen (e.g., the learned and able John Lane of the Bellarmine Forum) or even parish priests. The Threesome had the time to acquire a sound knowledge, but they squandered it by their foolish in-fighting and connatural sloth.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


We know what a person thinks not when he tells us what he thinks, but by his actions. Singer

Perhaps the liturgy is the most obvious example of the failed legacy of the Blunderer, "One-Hand," and the rector. Here we are not referring to the Blunderer's embarrassingly awful book, Work of Human Hands, an ugly patchwork of misspellings, mistranslations, factual errors, shoddy scholarship, dreadful prose, and appalling taste. As Pistrina has demonstrated, that self-published rag stands as a monument of incompetence and over-reaching. (If you are new to this blog, start here and read the posts through December 2010, and you'll see what we mean; for a general criticism, read the incisive review "The Autodidact of the Credence Table.")

What we mean is the Threesome's failure to produce and publish well-researched materials that would help traditional Catholics celebrate the Roman liturgy in their chapels. The Three's failed legacy stands in high relief when we look at the work done by the SPPX and motu chapels, now widely available on the web. These zealous, conservative Catholics have spent their time productively in preparing excellent (and beautifully formatted) ceremonial instructions and reprinting useful and preactical liturgical books (see, for example, the Romanitas Press). Such practical and holy efforts are noticeably absent from the oeuvre of the Three Clerical Stoooges. They're content just to brag that they're preserving the liturgy and really do nothing. And when they've left the scene, nothing will remain other than bitter memories of division, invective, and ineptitude.

It's important to note that most of the superb online resources for the liturgy are of comparatively recent origin, whereas, the Terrible Trio has not done much in the liturgical-printing apostolate in their 35+ years of operation. Instead of promoting the liturgy, they preferred to start trouble in areas well beyond their competence, such as the Blunderer's Schiavo mess and the rector's una-cum hobby horse. All they have done is to offer overproduced spectacles for their own cult followers. (N.B. very few of the cultists actually attend these elaborate theatrical events, where "One-hand," like an enormous toadstool, presides and pretends he's pope.)

However, there is no greater proof of their failure in the liturgy than the damning fact that one of their own priests, an ignoramus who completed MHT and worked several years for "One-Hand," forgot on at least one occasion the Consecration at Mass.

In sum, the contribution of these three has been writ on water. They are legends only in their own deluded minds. Look elsewhere for the future of the traditional movement. Reject them and their failed legacy.