Saturday, September 7, 2013


Please stand by. Anonymous

will continue with its new series YOU BE THE JUDGE when the Readers return after a break of several weeks.

In addition to enjoying some well-deserved rest and recreation, at the behest of a traditional Catholic organization, our staff is taking time off to prepare a synoptic rebuttal of the Blunderer's monograph based on what we've posted during the last four months. The final document will be made available in English as well as in select European languages. Eventually we will post a shorter version of it on this site once the contracting party green-lights a broader distribution.

During our extended break, we'll also attend the now-annual lay governance conference, where we'll summarize the errors, shoddy scholarship, and untenable conclusions of the Bonehead's monograph, that miracle of incompetence; we'll also present our reasons for advocating the conditional ordination of any priest ordained by "One Hand." That way, in the future, after the cult has collapsed and its clergy dispersed in a desperate search for gainful employment, independent chapels will be able to insist upon conditional orders before signing a religious-services contract with these forlorn and malformed souls.

In the meantime, remember to

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