Saturday, October 26, 2013


How dull it is to pause. Tennyson

Visitor traffic to Pistrina is has not yet returned to customary levels to allow us to resume our last series on one-handed conferral of priestly orders. In fact, it's not time yet even to warm things up with a discussion of the rector's recent nearsighted, mistaken assessment of Papa Pancho. We'll wait another week until everybody knows we're back in town: Trad World deserves to hear what Pistrina has to say!

This week, we'll limit ourselves to praising German Novus Ordites for having a more richly developed moral sense than zombie Traddie cultists. A Thursday, October 24 article in the Wall Street Journal reported Pancho's suspension of the infamous "Bishop of Bling," who obscenely spent $42,000,000 to renovate his residence. As part of the story, the Journal quoted the president of a local court in the spendthrift's diocese, who claimed the disgusted faithful have been leaving their parishes in large numbers because of their ordinary's behavior.

Say what you will about the N.O. flock, but Trads should take a page from their book to bring pressure on their own free-spending, donation-wheedling, revenue-obsessed, luxury-loving, Mammon-enthralled clergy with their steroidal construction projects, caviar dreams, and deluxe spa-vacation plans. 

Just refuse to donate. 

And while you're waiting for their sense of self-preservation to bring them to their senses, form a lay board to keep the Roman-collared curs on a short leash after they come slinking home with their raggedy tails between their legs.

We're here ready to help decent Christians send a message to all clerical bling-bats, whatever their ecclesiology. Just remember:


Thursday, October 17, 2013


Let us return to our sheep. From Maistre Pierre Pathelin.

To what must be the great delight of friend and foe, after a short and very productive sabbatical, Pistrina is ready to resume its good and holy work of exposing sede ignorance and cant.

We have lots of new material to share with you.

One of our great successes was drafting a summary of our surgically precise evisceration of the Blunderer's defense of one-handed orders.  It's now almost ready for translation into French, Spanish, Italian, and German.  In the future, no one will cite the Bonehead's work. 

In addition, our Power Point presentation to the Lay Governance Congress met with great success, for the body voted to require re-ordination of any priest ordained by "One Hand" as a condition of employment. (The SW Ohio cult won't last forever, and the hapless young Levites, most of whom have no degree or profession, will need to look for bed and board in another chapel.) 

Most fruitful of all was a lively discussion with a very lucid 89-year-old Dominican in Milan, an erstwhile student at the Angelicum, who concurred that one-handed conferral of priestly orders was sufficiently dubious as to call for conditional ordination.

But, whoa! We're getting ahead of ourselves. We still have some loose ends to tie up from our last two series, such as the saltus and Holy-Office policy. Plus, we're just about a month out from the Rev. Mr. Nkamuke's ordination to the priesthood, so we have to monitor that situation to make sure the rector, not "One Hand," is the ordaining bishop. (We're also interested in finding out who will attend: Will the so-called "bishop for Africa" be conspicuously absent from the priestly ordination of a future [and real in every sense] African bishop?)

We'll wait a week or so before we engage these important topics. During the hiatus, many of our supporters, detractors, and observers may have gotten out of the habit of checking-in regularly. After all, we don't want them to miss out on all the good information urging "One-Hand Dan" to seek conditional priestly and episcopal orders and then re-ordain those poor losers who received their orders from him.