Saturday, November 22, 2014


Of making many books there is no end. Ecclesiastes

Editor's Note: Today's image is in remembrance of the unspeakable events behind the cult's November 2009 catastrophe, which we are commemorating throughout this month as part of our the fifth anniversary celebration of the beginning of the end of Tradistan.

BTW, recently you asked for the return of the SGG School Scandal material from the old sgginfo and Vipers of Vaudeville sites. We found the disk with the files and acquired the upgraded software we need. We still have to repopulate the folders, which shouldn't be too difficult. Once that's done, we'll buy a domain name and get a new site up and running. We hope to make the announcement soon, and we'll post the new link on our home page.

For today, we get a chance to revisit the inspiration for our blog, the Blunderer's incompetently executed, mistake- filled Work of Human Hands.

In an October "Bishop's (?) Corner," we found the following remark (emphasis ours):
May God bless the work of our young priests in the missions, and our own work here at “the motherhouse” of St. Gertrude the Great! Fr. Cekada was working last week on his latest “Work of Human Hands” video. The first edition of his book is now just about sold out, and he will have to work on funding for a second edition. In the meantime, he’s working on training future priests at the seminary this week.
Our first reaction was: Why does Tony Baloney need to get funding for a second edition? Weren't there any profits from the first edition to underwrite a second? We mean, if Work of Human Hands was such a big seller, the revenue should have been sufficient to print a new edition. Why must all the Blunderer's endeavors be underwritten by the efforts and money of others?

Oh, well, who can understand the wild-and-crazy economics of Tradistan anyway? As long as the mouth-breathing suckers are willing to throw away their money on such goofy projects, common-sense financial management and a proper balance sheet are unnecessary.

We can tell you that, in all honesty, we are eagerly looking forward to a second edition of the Blunderer's ridiculous Work of Human Hands.

Yes, we really are! Cross our hearts!


We want to see whether the blundering, ill-educated author corrects all the numerous errors we pointed out starting in June 2010. Furthermore, we can't wait to read Checkie's new preface where he thanks Pistrina from the bottom of his heart and gives the Readers all the credit they're due for uncovering his multiple misspellings, bad Latin, errors of facts, dreadful style, facetious slang etc. Surely we'll see something like the following:
First and foremost, I wish to express my profound gratitude to the Readers at Pistrina Liturgica, without whom I could never have corrected the myriad blunders that made the first edition useless to anyone except the barely literate Gertrudians and the cretins confined to Big Don's howling pesthouse in the fetid swampland. As the world knows, my profound ignorance is only surpassed by my soaring arrogance. As a result, I published a tissue of howling errors that shamed the whole of Trad Nation. If Pistrina had not undertaken the merciful work of exposing all the misbegotten errors fathered by my meager education and absence of university-level training, this second edition would prove a greater embarrassment than the first. I stand indebted to the Readers' charitable skepticism, and I look forward to receiving all the fresh corrections they will offer after they comb through this second edition of cringe-worthy nonsense.
We'll buy a copy just to be verify that we received our just recognition. You, however, should not be so foolish. Save your money, for no matter how many mistakes the Blunderer corrects, Work of Human Hands will always be worthless trash.

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