Saturday, June 6, 2015


Avisamos al mundo hispano-hablante que ahora está disponible en español nuestra refutación de la errónea monografía de Tonto Toño Cekada, en la página La Incertidumbre Sobre la Ordenación Conferida con Una Mano (clique aquí).

(Spanish translation of "The Dubiety of Ordination Conferred with One Hand" available here.)

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  1. "...refutación deL la..."

    Que paso con esa l adicional en vez de poner de?

  2. After reading all these posts, and what other people have said about the Trio as well, I just find it criminal for anyone to give them any money at all, ever. What a total abomination, what they spend in their little vacations and getaways at the expense of the people, and then brag about their escapades! When did they start with this extravagant nonsense? Did the pre-V2 clergy take such lavish vacations and getaways at the expense of the faithful?

    Also, #29 in the first post in this blog, claims that Checkie stripped himself naked in front of the Lotarski boys. I find that unimaginable. Do you guys know if that's true?

    1. sggscandal didn't include some of the information on the above link or I missed it - I too was disturbed in reading through the archives to run across Fr. Cekada's *abhorrent* behavior.

  3. This is what I'm referring to:

    Among the perks that the church provided to the Principal at the parishioners’ expense was membership of the local YMCA, which has a gym and swimming pool. On several occasions, the school chaplain Fr. Cekada invited the teenage sons of the Principal to go swimming with him. When they went with him, according to the account of the boys themselves, they were made to feel very uncomfortable when Fr. Cekada would remain with them while they changed, and even more so when he stripped himself naked, exposing himself in front of them.

    1. From our memory of the pre-V2 clergy, they didn't take luxurious vacations unless a wealthy and grateful parishioner -- or individual members of the parish -- paid for one for a special occasion or they had independent means. We never heard of regular vacations dressed up as apostolates being paid for by the parish's funds. Priests from well-to-do families used to go to Europe but their parents or siblings bore the cost, not the parish.

      The litany of abuses from which you cited #29, was published in December 2009 on the old sgginfo site. The authors, former members of SGG, wrote, "For each instance of these alleged abuses, we are ready to produce at least one witness able to substantiate the claim. "

  4. Just as I thought!

    Who could I contact for more info on #29? If the only witnesses are the Lotarski rascals, then they may have just made it up, given their history.

    And when did the Trio start with the extravagant vacations and outings?

  5. If you'll send us an anonymous email (, we'll forward it to the authors. They originally did not mention sources in order to protect the innocent, and we don't know what their policy is today.

    From what we've heard, the Tradistani clergy have always loved vacations and outings. They like to stay in tony hotels whether in Cuernavaca or Rome or London. The luxurious Bishop's Lodge in Santa Fe has been a favorite haunt for years. One of the best stories (one we told last summer) was when two of the idiots went to Austria, thinking that Catholic priests got a free ride at hotels and restaurants. They lived large and then were presented with a huge bill, which we're sure was paid by their chapels. The worst thing about this story is that one of the pinheads told the story as part of his sermon.