Saturday, July 25, 2015


Let my people go. Exodus

We know many of you are in the same position in which we once found ourselves: You're tired of the antics and hypocrisy of the SGG-Brooksville cartel, but your family is reluctant to leave the Mass. You're afraid that by leaving you won't find another Catholic home. You're scared that if you leave to set out on your own, you'll lose your faith and access to the means of obtaining sanctifying grace.

We understand.

After looking for the Catholic faith and seemingly finding it, you're loath to start all over again, although you realize the traddie cults aren't really Catholic. You think that by leaving you'll return to a spiritual no-man's land where your recaptured faith will vanish. It's hard to imagine how you can nurture that faith on your own. Although you feel contempt and anger towards these wretched "bishops" and their despicably loutish "clergy," you're not ready to cut the cord. So, against the clear dictates of your will -- and perhaps against the  counsels of your conscience? -- you stay, hoping the situation will improve.

Tragically, it won't change. It will only worsen as the cult masters feel the increasing pressure. Sooner or later, if  you are a good person, you will have to leave. To remain is to endorse all this unedifying, sectarian, non-Catholic behavior.

Consequently, the first thing to do is  to accept that God wants you to distance yourself from these odious, pseudo-Catholic sects and cults. He will give you the strength and courage necessary, if you pray for those gifts. You're not a malcontent when you confess that the cults do not represent the Faith except in the most superficial ways.  You have been given a gift of discernment.

Your dissent is not, in and of itself, evil, as the cult masters would wrongly have you think. Just consider the Cistercians: without their pious dissent, the Church would have been poorer. And since the cults of Tradistan are definitely not the Church, your disaffiliation is surely an act prompted by grace.

You've witnessed for yourself that at times the traddie cults approach a false imitation of true religion, an abuse condemned by the Council of Trent. Accordingly, you must interpret as a divinely bestowed grace your nagging desire to escape these sectarian vices so contrary to the virtue of religion. Inasmuch as every day you see on display the cult masters' hypocrisy, obsession with money, self-interest, and mean-spirited schemes, you have your own personal confirmation that your desire to escape is sound and holy. In addition, there's the additional witness of this blog, which has thoroughly documented the cult "clergy's" ignorance, malformation, and un-Catholic behavior. Something in the nature of things corresponds to the doubts in your mind.

So what do you do?


 Be your own Moses: set yourself and your family free from the bondage of the hard-hearted cult masters.

You'll find that breaking away is easy, if you do it in steps. First, cut your contributions in half or, better yet, make a token offering of a only few dollars. (Be sure you sit at the end of the pew and put the bills in a plain envelope so the ushers don't report you -- and so the Gestapo "clergy" can't identify you.) Second, don't volunteer to help, and only attend the cult's "Masses" on Sundays and days of obligation. Third, once you're comfortable with giving much less, stop contributing altogether. That's right: Don't give the filthy, grunting money-hogs a dime.

If you can afford it, donate instead to a worthy, well-managed charity of your choice. At the same time, if you can, attend Mass elsewhere on occasion, even the Masses of rival sects. (Ignore your "clergy's" prohibitions. They're only trying to corner the market.) Better still,  just stay home and say the rosary or recite the divine office. (The Sunday precept* -- and all canon law --  doesn't operate during sede vacante anyway, although perhaps it's useful as a form of personal discipline.)

At this point, if the cult-clergy haven't tossed you out for resisting their strong-arm efforts to separate you from your cash, you're ready to walk away from the whole mess --  the blood-spattered tales of Caravaggio, the cult's feral cat; the invention of new mortal sins; the denial of sacraments to you or your loved ones; the hypocrisy; the remorseless, never-ending fund raising; Cheesy's head-shaking, jaw-dropping ignorance; Big Don's galactic, but unjustified, arrogance; and Wee Dan's terminal fecklessness.

All gone forever.

No more threats and coercion from the pulpit. No more name calling.  No more scandals like that which occurred at SGG School in 2009. No more supporting financially the "principal" and his large family. No more underwriting the "schooling" of kids from just a few families. And -- this is important -- no more worry that you're offending God by assisting at possibly invalid Masses or confessing to possibly invalid priests.

When you walk away, you won't be alone. You'll have the act of perfect contrition as a consolation until you find an independent chapel with a valid priest unattached to the wolfish sede cult "bishops." Your faith will not only survive, it will grow -- even at home alone --once the noxious influence of the cult evaporates.

So start this Sunday. Start starving the beast, and take your first step toward a genuine Catholic life, the Promised Land of your holy wishes. The Japanese Catholics who survived the 1638 massacres kept the faith without clergy for some 200 years. You can keep your faith, too, outside the cults.

* We know that for many the precept of hearing Mass on Sundays and Feastdays represents a formidable obstacle to leaving a virulent cult center. While leaving is a decision for each individual conscience, we base our position on the 1942 study by Fr. J. J. Guiniven, C.SS.R., which teaches that "whenever there is a positive, objective doubt concerning the existence, force, extent, or cessation of the precept of hearing Mass, there is no obligation to attend Mass." For us, the law does not bind in the sede vacante. All we find locally are the repulsive  N.O. outrages, the patently repellent imitation-Catholic cults, and doubtfully valid priests simulating a Catholtic rite. Furthermore, we believe that assisting at the cults' Masses involves "a notable harm or danger to one's own goods of ... soul...[that] suffices to excuse one from the precept of hearing Mass." Putting it as simply as possible, since we have doubt about a fact whose existence would induce an obligation to attend Mass, then we are not subject to the doubtfully binding law because liberty is in possession. You may come to the same conclusions.


  1. Excellent advice! You must step out in faith. Attending a dubious church is really condoning falseness. I can personally attest that God will watch over you & your family even as you wander in the desert. Accept this cross for however long His so wills. Teach your children their catechism, pray, do good, and look for a real church with real priests. God is good & will provide! Get that dusty Bible out & read Christ's words. The Haydock Bible has a ton of footnotes & explanations so you have less of a temptation to interpret the words the way YOU want rather than what Christ or the Apostles meant.

    1. Great tips that every leaver should follow. Thanks for your personal witness.

  2. I have a few questions:

    1. How are the chapels of Bps. Sanborn and Dolan not Catholic? You didn't explain that. I learned that someone becomes a Catholic by baptism, and remains in the Church until he denies a dogma of Faith or rejects the authority of the Church. Which of these things have these clergy done?

    2. This "gift of discernment" that you mention — how is one to know if it's a grace or a temptation of the devil?

    3. Why should anyone care if their clergy are attached to money or have bad manners? They're not there to make people feel good. They're not real estate agents or used car salesmen. They're sacred ministers whose job it is to perform the sacred liturgy and distribute the sacraments. And they want money because it takes a lot of money to run a church and they need to get it from people to keep the church running or make necessary expansions. My question is, can you please explain this strange obsession with priests' personal behavior? Why is it important if a priest is a boor?

    4. If someone makes an "act of perfect contrition", as you suggest, and they find out when they die that God didn't accept their contrition because they weren't properly contrite, will you let God send your soul to Hell instead of theirs, because they took your advice? If not, aren't you doing something very risky by telling people to abandon the sure means of forgiveness they have in confession and replace it with perfect contrition?

    5. If someone leaves a chapel in the manner you describe, what if God looks into that person's heart and sees that they left the chapel and priest that He sent them to out of pride, discontent and unreasonable expectations? Do you think in that case He would give them extraordinary graces to make up for the ordinary means of grace that He gave them, and which they ungratefully rejected?

    6. Finally, if someone abandons precious sacramental graces because they don't like their clergy, who loses more — the priest who has a few bucks less in the basket, or the person who turned his back on the ordinary means of grace?

    1. 1. An group's Catholicity requires more than baptism, profession of faith, and submission to authority. There are a constellation of characteristics that compose an authentic Catholic enterprise. Re-read the back posts of this blog to discover why we find the cults bad-imitations of Catholicism.

      2. The history of the cult masters' behavior is sufficient confirmation the discernment is not of the devil.

      3. Again, this blog has documented behavior that is far worse than boorishness. We haven't the space here to repeat the list deficiencies, but malformation is among the chief reasons.

      4. There is no iron-clad assurance that one has made a good confession either. And with possibly invalid clergy, there's no assurance of having obtained forgiveness. In addition, there are numerous instances of absolution being denied or postponed. The advice we provide on the act of perfect contrition is not ours, but rather that of a well-known, genuine priest.

      5.We cannot speculate on the internal forum. All we can say is that in our experience, leavers have had the holiest of motivations for abandoning what are clearly cults, not the Catholic Church.

      6. We aren't sure if "precious sacramental graces" can be found in a number of the cult centers. Nonetheless, we can say that if the cult "clergy" were deprived of the money that fuels their bad behavior, they might quickly amend their ways and become something that the faithful could welcome.

    2. 1. "The members of the Church are those who have validly received the Sacrament of Baptism and who are not separated from the unity of the confession of the Faith, and from the unity of the lawful communion of the Church. (Sent. certa.)" — Fr. Ludwig Ott

      2. Circular argument.

      3. The vast majority of this blog talks about petty complaints about priests' behavior. I will ask again: What do these grievances have to do with the whether people receive sacramental graces through their ministrations? And which is the more important fact: a priest's bad manners, or the sacramental graces he distributes through his ministrations?

      4. No one can be certain he has made a true act of perfect contrition, but in the sacrament of confession one only needs imperfect contrition, which is a pretty low bar for just about everyone. That's why Christ instituted that sacrament in the first place. And yes, they can be morally certain they are forgiven, especially if the priest considers them to be contrite and gives them absolution. Perfect contrition doesn't even come close to that level of certitude, and it's not intended to replace confession. And when a priest postpones absolution, it's because he doesn't consider the person to be truly sorry, so the absolution wouldn't work anyway. And it's useless to discuss cases of people being refused absolution, because the priest is not allowed to give his side of the story on account of the seal of confession, so there's no way to determine what really happened in there.

      5. Not in my experience. I've seen people stop going to church because the priest looked at them the wrong way, or something equally personal and frivolous. They deprived themselves of the graces they need for salvation because of hurt feelings and nothing more.

      6. Putting up with bad manners from a priest is not something anyone should have to do, I agree, but it's a tiny price to pay for the precious sacramental graces (I'm curious why you put this phrase in quotes — are sacramental graces not precious?) they receive from him.

      You continue to confuse the discussion between the validity of the priests' holy orders and their supposed defects of personality. You focus mostly on personal shortcomings, even things as silly as telling some Asian people that they eat cats and dogs, and when someone tells you that's not such a big deal, you talk about how the priest has doubtful orders. Well, if his orders are doubtful, isn't that much more important than some culturally insensitive comment? So why so much emphasis on something so absurd, when you think there's a much bigger problem at the same time?

    3. The bad behavior is not isolated. It's systemic and indicates that something is very rotten in Tradistan. In addition, the malformation of these priests is a serious cause for concern about the possible damage such ignoramuses can inflict.

      We do not confuse bad behavior with invalidity. True, the behavior is so egregiously bad as to suggest an absence of the charism of holy orders, but our doubts about validity stem from one-handed priestly orders given in 1976.

    4. Let's suppose for the sake of argument that what you say is true, that the bad behavior is systemic and so on. My point is still valid: Such bad behavior is something very trivial in comparison with the spiritual treasures that these priests dispense.

    5. The problem in Tradistan is that many people can't be certain they have a valid priest capable of dispensing spiritual treasures worth enduring his otherwise un-Catholic behavior and shockingly inferior priestly formation.

      Did the faithful attending the Skipper's Mass on the day he skipped the consecration receive spiritual treasures, or did they adore merely bread and fermented grape juice? Do the people who are denied the sacraments for arbitrary reasons known only to the idiot dispensing them receive those treasures? How about those penitents whose absolution is routinely denied or postponed so the "priest" can think about it or confer with someone else? Further, what about the women who must endure a nut angrily hissing, "Don't excite the priest!"? And, can the faithful truly amend their lives with profoundly ignorant confessors who go about inventing new mortal sins and providing contentless advice because they don't know their moral theology?

      These men, even the ones who are valid, render the sacraments odious and thereby hide from view spiritual treasures.

    6. The level of certitude that you seem to expect about the validity of a priest's holy orders is not reasonable achievable by anybody, nor are Catholics intended to expect that. By your standards of "doubt" one could question every single ordination, and there are people who question just about every ordination in the traditional Catholic world. There are the Lienartist fanatics who question all of Abp. Lefebvre's priests, the SSPV et al. who question all the orders from Abp. Thuc, and so on. But if you apply the standards of Catholic theology, these "doubts" vanish like the morning mist.

      To answer your question about what graces people received on the morning when a priest made a mistake during Mass, I can't say because only God could know that. I suspect they did receive grace as a reward for their piety in coming to church. I'll give you a counter-proposal: Who receives more sacramental graces, someone who comes to church to a valid Mass every Sunday for ten years, except one Sunday in which the priest makes an honest mistake, or someone who doesn't go to church or receive any sacraments at all for the same duration? The answer is clear.

      You don't give any particulars about people who are denied the sacraments, so I can't speak to that.

      Regarding the people who are denied absolution, I already answered this in 7/28, 3:39 AM. If a priest denies absolution it's because the person was not disposed, and it's impossible to form an opinion about why someone was refused absolution because you will never get the whole story.

      The story about the woman "enduring" someone saying something to her is another one I'm not familiar with, so I can't comments specifically, but if we're talking about receiving sacramental grace I am truly mystified how hearing someone whisper something to you could possibly interfere with receiving sacramental grace.

      The same goes for the last question. A priest who has an incorrect opinion on a moral question doesn't interfere with the flow of grace. Anyway, it's unclear how you are so sure that the priest is wrong about the question you have in mind, and even if he is, it's not the first time a priest was wrong about something. Priests are not all geniuses, and aren't intended to be. But only a man of such weak faith as yourself will think that the flow of God's graces through the sacraments is blocked by human error on the part of His ministers. There have always been priests with bad opinions and bad behavior, but I challenge you to find any place in the lives of the saints or the writings of theologians where they tell people to stay home alone.

    7. The standards of Catholic theology can only be applied during the sede vacante with the greatest of caution and reticence, especially to "clergy" formed outside the institutional Church; therefore, over all orders nowadays doubts persist like an eternal, miasmic fog, never to be dispelled until the Restoration.

      As to your counter-proposal, we reply that attending the Mass of a priest whom you know to be despicable is worse than staying home because his very presence is disquieting to the soul and thereby a proximate occasion of a sin against charity.

      You probably were not alive or sufficiently grown during the pre-V II Church, so you don't realize how careful She was not to arouse the enmity of the faithful lest they rebel. She instructed her bishops to use caution in demanding obedience or imposing rules, and She tolerated much where local custom ruled. Priests as badly behaved and as ill-formed as the ones in Sedelandia were quickly dealt with so as not to provoke the laity's contempt.

      It's true that in the old days priests were not all geniuses, but you cannot realize how much better trained was an average parish priest then in comparison to the sede "prelates" and their "theologians" (LOL). Even the most pragmatically minded pastor who had a parish to run and a million things to do had a confident, practical command of moral theology absolutely missing today. (We know several who can't read Latin and therefore have no access to the standard theological manuals. One of these jugheads uses simple pamphlets written for the laity to inform himself; another reads holy cards.) Mopreover, very candidly, none of us nor our friends of a certain age can recall priests as badly behaved, wrongly informed, and poorly educated as the Tradistanis -- and we're talking about a number of people who lived all over the US and Europe and thus had experienced a wide sample of different clergy, both secular and regular.

      We never said that the "flow of grace" would be "blocked" by an ignorant but VALID priest. We do say that an ignorant and arbitrary confessor is an obstacle to a penitent's ability to amend his life and grow spiritually.

      We will not take up your final challenge, because we agree that no saint or theologian told people to stay home in the face a bad priest. The reason is that back then no one ever could fully imagine the crisis we are in today with an apostate hierarchy, confusion rampant, and pseudo-Catholic cults flourishing like weeds. Who would have thought, except perhaps as an academic exercise, that a pope would really defect and that all the bishops and cardinals would follow? Such a scenario would have been laughed off as impossible in an age when the Church looked as solid as a rock. We know. That's why it took -- and is still taking -- some otherwise very intelligent, devout people so long to admit that something's wrong with Rome. Moreover, in the "good ol' days," there was always another church nearby where you could assist at Mass if you found your priest "braking bad." And you always had the chancery where you could lodge a complaint. But our guess is that even the worst of the priests back then who managed to stay in an assignment looked like merely rambunctious school boys in comparison to the likes of today.

  3. Anon 9:53: What is your definition of "an act of perfect contrition"?
    Also - I really don't think that PL is talking about money used to run the church. I think they mean all that superfluous, unnecessary & extravagant spending to enrich their (the clergy) lives & no one else's.

    1. Perfect contrition is explained in the link with the same name at the top of this page.

    2. Excellent advice.

      As to the Cult "Seminaries".Our advice to all parents,keep your sons away.There are very grave problems with both Mater Dei/MHTS.We know several young men who have now rejected them and are in a Traditonal seminary in Italy(diocesan).Yes,Pivarunas has no formal training(the details on the CMRI website about his training is false) and the horror's about Father Gilchrist are the low of the lowest.The behaviour of these Bishops and priest's give the Traditional and sedevacantist movement a bad name and that is why most will stay with the SSPX.

    3. Thanks for the frighting infro that has been sent in over the last few weeks about Gilchrist.Lets pray that more people in Australia will hear about him and keep away.We believe he has also lost the CMRI group in Melbourne(it is not listed on the CMRI Mass directory)This was a large group that had Father Kevin Vaillcourt of Spokane visit them twice a year for a number of years.We would say they told Gilchrist to stop coming after being told by Faithful in New Zealand horror stories and his lack of pastoral care besides other things.Pivarunas had visted them twice back in 2009 and 2013 to give Confirmation.It is beyond words that Pivarunas would accept whatever Gilchrist tells him (lies)What a very sad state of affairs.Keep up the good work Pistrina Liturgica.It is time these scumbags are exposed.God bless and Mary keep you

    4. Anonymous 4:56 AM,

      How in the world can you say that any diocesan seminary nowadays is traditional? Do they accept the new Mass, new sacraments and new teachings of Vatican II? If so, then they're not traditional. If no, then they're not a diocesan seminary.

    5. The greatest crisis in traditional Catholicism (which is a very big tent housing more than sedes) is the unevenness of seminary quality and the failure to supervise the clergy. Among many of the American sede cults, it seems that as long as clergy praise the cult masters and dance to their tune, they're free to do anything they want, and the cult kingpins will always defend them against the laity's protests.

      The singular advantage of traditional bodies like the SSPX and the FSSP is that they are highly selective about seminary entrants, provide a solid formation, and have superiors in place who themselves have a sound formation as well as superiors of their own to hold them accountable.

      We'll bet that if ever a priest of theirs skipped the consecration at Mass, he'd be disciplined severely and not allowed to function until he had been re-trained. We'll also bet that they would never ordain a man who had no real seminary training but who merely studied independently under a very busy priest with heavy pastoral duties. And we're sure a seminarian who didn't crack the books wouldn't last long, for these superiors would never resort to marking a seminarian's books to see if he was studying: he'd flunk the exams and be dismissed. Moreover, we're positive that clergy guilty of graver offenses wouldn't be allowed to continue to exercise their office under the umbrella of these organizations or in association with members of their clergy.

    6. These young men are in the seminary of Christ the Soverign Priest.Do you blame them.They were hurt by these Cults.You should spend time at Mater Dei/MHTS and see the dens of iniquity.

    7. We don't blame them.We are sure a number of men who have spend time at these Cult Seminaries and left have had psychosis problems.

      From what we believe,the Melbourne CMRI Mass center was removed from the CMRI Directory sometime last year.We guess news traveled across from New Zealand about what Gilchrist was doing.Grave problems and lack of pastoral care for well meaning Souls.

      You are right Reader.These men would never get ordained by the SSPX and the FSSP,etc.Also have you seen,that there are never any late vocations at these Cults.A well educated man would laught at the poor standards and run.

    8. From everything we have read, the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, with its focus on the Latin liturgy, would provide excellent training, especially in Europe. There would be nothing to stop these young men from later seeking conditional orders from an undoubtedly valid traditional bishop. We know for a fact that this happens very often.

      We find those young men's choice entirely laudable. To fulfill a vocation to the priesthood, one must first be properly trained. Since that can't occur in most of the sede cults, young must go where it is available.

    9. Pistrina Liturgica,besides the horrors about Dolan,etc and now Gilchrist.Have you had other people contact you about other sede clerics?

    10. Yes, we have. The stories range from the refusal to visit an incarcerated "parishioner" to abuses in the confessional to credit-card indebtedness and personal bankruptcy to public drunkenness and arrest and many, many more such as the sede who doesn't give his chapel Holy Week because he's always vacationing and another who can't perform the rituals. And of course last summer we told the story of the sede who impregnated a troubled young woman and then declared bankruptcy to avoid paying a settlement. This guy is still serving several sede chapels, although he tries to fly under the radar. Sedelandia is a cesspool.

    11. Just shocking.The best thing these bogus clerics can do is give it away and return to the lay state.These scum are going to be answerable to God for their crimes and the trauma they have caused.It just goes to show how these sede Bishops don't care what the men do after they have ordained them.We can understand why hurt Souls are staying home.

      As far as we know,the SSPX would not tolerate this behaviour in their Chapels.Its just beyond words what is happening

    12. We agree with you that the SSPX has much higher standards. They would not let these filth enter their seminaries let alone became priests and harm souls. A pity the archbishop didn't have the same high standards as do his successors; that would have saved traditional Catholics a lot of heartbreak. Unfortunately, he ordained men over the objection of their SSPX superiors who knew their weaknesses all too well. But we think those days are pretty much over.

  4. It's not just sedeland. There's a few questionable characters in the "Resistance". I am in absolute amazement as to how some people can ignore grave things in front of their face. I think it has to do with the fact that they knew & really liked these people before finding out about these serious things. The cult of personality? These men can sometimes charm the feathers off a goose.

  5. You're right that some of these men have charismatic personalities that blind people to their faults. What we can't understand is how people can be fooled by the ones who are absolutely without social graces of any kind.

    We suppose that the mere wearing of the collar helps sustain the dreadful "cult of the personality" you mentioned. The incessant propaganda spilling from the cults is another factor. And we think that trads, immersed in our celebrity-mad general culture suffer from the same stunted psychic growth as the Twitter followers of the Kardashians or some other empty-headed, no-talent celebrity. We suppose that if Bill Cosby can still have fans, there's no reason to think that the sede "clergy" will fare any worse in our valueless, amoral society.

    1. Pristina Liturgica,do you notice that most of the Sede Clerics are very dishonest regarding funds.The CMRI brought at auction a Church in Rockville,NE late last year.Pivarunas says in Adsum that it went for $16 more then the total funds he had but he does not say how much.If one doe's a google search,one can find out it went for $16,000.From what we believe,it can hold 150 people.The total number now going there under CMRI is about 15.

      We also find it hard how the SGG clerics could take funds that people gave over the years from a Church Account in Columbus,Ohio.We are sure that most of these sede "Bishops" have secret bank accounts that the blind followers don't know about.Talk about thiefs.

    2. Yes, we have noticed. These sede "bishops" also have many different corporations so they can stash funds. The only way to get transparency is to have lay governance.

      That's wouldn't be as hard too achieve as some people imagine. If the people were to band together and refuse to fund the cults, they would come crashing down. What may surprise some people is to learn just how short of cash the cult masters are for everyday expenses. These spendthrifts don't save for a rainy day (except perhaps in their personal retirement accounts).

      Stop the cash and they'll close down. Then the laity can start over again with real clergy.

    3. An EXCELLENT website at last to expose the SGG/CMRI,etc sede trash.You are right,stop the cash people.

      We are sure the home alone movement is growing.Do you blame people.

      Keep up the good work.God bless your efforts.

    4. We appreciate the encouragement and kind words.

      The home-alone movement is indeed growing because people are finally pulling off the blinders. The risk to their spiritual well-being is just too great if they remain with the cults and their imitation Catholicism.

      We've also learned that many former staunch supporters of the "bishops" are just barely hanging on. It won't take much to cut them free, especially for those people who have independent traditional priests nearby.

      What's really encouraging is that the leavers refuse to be frightened by the fear mongers who tell them they must accept rotten priests if they want a chance at salvation. Better get out now and remain a Catholic than stay until you lose your faith altogether under the hypocritical cult masters.

    5. Yes, I do blame home aloners. I've known a few, and they are imbued with a pharisaiacal mentality about what they think is the "law". They know nothing about the law of the Church, and are truly lacking in common sense in their approach to the practice of their Faith.

      I have to qualify that last statement: The ones that practice the Faith have a lack of common sense about it. Most home aloners gradually give up the practice of religion altogether once they stop going to church. They stop receiving the graces from the sacraments, stop associating with fellow Catholics, and start sleeping in every Sunday. That's a program for apostasy.

    6. Everyone has their own experiences, and ours have been quite different from yours. Their faith and personal piety has grown since leaving the soul-exhausting cults.

      Actually, your description of the home-aloners you know is better suited to the cultlings: they know nothing other than the misinformation they're fed and their practice of the Faith borders on the superstitious with their emphasis on the cult of the leaders' personalities. These brain-dead fanatics have absolutely no common sense, when they witness all this bad behavior and listen to all the nonsense yet still keep giving the cult masters their hard-earned money. Now THAT'S a program for apostasy.

  6. What really happened in Columbus, OH was that people stopped attending the chapel there. In two weeks about 90% of the congregation just left and never came back. The chapel continued to run for a number of months at a drastic deficit in hopes that the people would return, but after about 4-5 months (I forget the exact length of time) it became sufficiently clear that of the people that left no one was going to come back. So there was nothing left to do but close the church down. There was no point continuing to run a place for people who don't come anymore.

    Funny you never hear the whole story about that incident from all the people who complain about what happened. Makes the whole thing look a little different, doesn't it?

  7. Not really, when you know the facts behind the mass exodus.

    The reason the people left was directly related to the 2009 SGG School Scandal. Dannie had fired Ramolla, who was also serving the Columbus chapel. That was the last straw for those people who had already grown sick and tired of the Dynamic Duo.

    1. We believe there is also a exodus of people from CMRI esp young people.The young are not stupid and can see the wolf's.

    2. We're sure you're right, from what others have reported to us by confidential email. And the same is true for the SW Ohio cult. The young are disgusted and will get out as soon as they're emancipated. More will be leaving with the parents who are now just hanging on, waiting the the right time to bail out. Without the young, the cults have no future. Sure, the cult masters may be able to retire but the "young fathers" will have no future at all. They should be filling out applications for Walmart or one of the fast-food chains now. Maybe there's still a chance to start a career in the stock room or behind the counter.

  8. I agree with you. It's better to stay at home and follow all the teachings of the Catholic Church, saying the act of contrition, devotions on Sundays than to attend false Catholic Churches run by "lay bishops"! I have my own experiences with a few of them, even the independent churches, they run their own agenda and are dividing Catholics for their own selfish goals and pursuits. They point finger at Nuvos Ordo but they do worst and break with Sacred Traditions on many levels. I have found peace by staying away. God understand the situation and will sustain those faithful to the teachings of our Holy Mother Church and who are patiently waiting for Him to act. Remember how the the Israelites wandered for 40 years to find the promise land, there are situation in Macchabees where the true faith of the time was about to be extinguish and God brought up a couple of holy men to change the situation after many years. Patience, penance and prayer are the key. Imagine how many countries do not have mass over the world. Some feel privileged it is here in the U.S but it doesn't make sense why? How are other Catholics surviving around the world?