Saturday, April 8, 2017


He traveled here, he traveled there; —/But not the value of a hair/Was head or heart the better. Wordsworth

There's a lot you can learn about Trazilla's mindset from reading his monthly schedule. Often it's more revealing than what the beast snarls from the pulpit. A case in point is April 2017 (click here), where we find two pairs of curious entries. Each in its own way invites delicious speculation.

The first set of dates to catch our eye is April 9/April 16, Palm Sunday and Easter.  The Toady, who's been the regular "assistant pastor" assigned to Our Lady of the Sun, will be in the Swampland on those Sundays, while Squirmin' Herman will take his place in Arizona. Then on Low Sunday, Squirmy's back at the swamp, and the Beanpole's now in the desert!!

The immediate question that comes to PL's frugal mind is:

Why the expensive switcheroo?

Think of all that unnecessary airfare! Somebody's got to underwrite this manic place-swapping, and for what reason? Was it because Toady has the better singing voice for the Palm-Sunday Passion? (He landed the rôle of the Chronista, or narrator.) If so, that's scarcely sufficient reason to squander working folk's contributions. Why on Earth should the laity pay for what amounts to a cross-country Chinese fire drill? People's hard-earned dollars certainly deserve more responsible stewardship. And if the OLS lay board gets stuck with the bill for this lunacy, you almost wonder whether the spendthrift exchange is some sort of punitive measure levied in revenge for Tradzilla's face-losing ouster.

But perhaps there's a less artistic, more pragmatic rationale for such a frightful waste of money. In the second pair of dates, April 23 /April 30, we note the "Bishop"-Elect (a.k.a. "the Kid," "the Clone," or "Junior") AND the Toady will be a-waltzing with Matilda in beautiful Australia! From the looks of it, the twosome must be jetting out from the Swampland together. But, economically speaking, wouldn't a ticket to the West Coast from Phoenix be cheaper than one from Florida? And if Toady would stay put at OLS until the Australia trip, then only one ticket would be needed to spell him.

Could it be the Toadster can't be trusted to rendezvous with Junior for the flight to Down Under?  Dare we also surmise that Tradzilla was worried Toady would charge another meal at Wendy's, thus requiring a vigilant minder for the whole trip? (It's been reported he complained to a sympathetic, Taco-Bell-munchin' Skipper about the last chewing out he got: his whining must've gotten back to the swamp, we fear.)

Whatever. We'll never know the truth. But that's beside the point. The burning question we want to answer here is:

Why is it necessary to send TWO completers over there?

Flying one "clerical" clown coast-to-coast and then clear across the Pacific for a couple weeks is costly enough. But a tag team? Phew! From the Donster's January travelogue, we have a good idea of how big a financial sacrifice is involved.  Grubby petit bourgeois that he is, Big Don ostentatiously itemized the cash outlay for his solo 14-day, all-expenses paid vacation to Melbourne and Brisbane*:
"Expensive ticket from the United States, amounting to around                                  $7,000.00" 
"My fares around Australia, which amounted to around                                                   $500.00" 
"Nice accommodations in both places for 14 days" costing "around $100 a night"        $1,400.00 
"Animal preserve... entrance meet up with...Tasmanian devils" etc.                       "$30.00" 
"Showered me with Melbourne...a pair of Bose noise-cancelling headphones"  
"Showered me with Brisbane...wide-brimmed straw hat of very high quality" 
"Very generous cash gifts both to me personally and to the seminary"                             $300.00****
All that amounts to a whopping $9,495 at the very least — and we haven't yet accounted for the expense of wining-and-dining Tradzilla for a fortnight. (See the photo on p. 7 of the newsletter, admittedly a good, but inexpensive tipple — over here the average price is about $12.00. They obviously knew better than to serve the slob the really good stuff, like Kevin Judd's barrel-fermented Greywacke Wild at around $30.00 stateside!)

Of course, it's possible Junior and Toady won't be traveling first or business class. However, we doubt the "Bishop"-Elect will settle for coach or use his personal frequent-flyer miles to upgrade. (Ditto for his about-to-be-displaced traveling companion.) And maybe, too, the pair won't be recipients of bespoke Panama hats or high-end electronic gear. Nevertheless, the cult odd-couple's trip is sure to break the bank. Assuming the Aussies are springing for it all, there's only one answer to our second question:

Toady's most likely interviewing to replace the CMRI.

Tradzilla's got to strike back at Pivvy — no matter how pathetically — for snatching asset-rich Our Lady of the Sun from his claws. Plus he's got to find some place to park the malformed Toady. The Donster can't have any use for him at the pesthouse, and he certainly doesn't need another good-for-nothing lounging around waiting for his three squares a day. One more moocher would put a lot of stress on the Swampland's shrinking resources.

Remember, folks: a pod of pampered priory princesses with a whale of an appetite for organic gourmet delicacies will be beached at B'ville come June.  Whereas the "nuns" have a load of benefactor-relatives to keep 'em fat 'n' happy, the orphan "clergy" don't. Somebody other than Big Don has to take over the care and feeding of the soon-to-be-homeless Toadster.

That pressing necessity may explain why the "Bishop"-Elect is chaperoning. It might be the Kid's job to sell the English-language-challenged Toady to the Ocker trads. Also, he'll be able make sure the "clerical" bogan doesn't commit too many social gaffes before they can ink a deal. To be honest, we think it's going to be a hard sell. Junior'll have to coach the Toadmeister intensively during the long flight over.

Australians, in our experience, are independent-minded and shrewd — far sharper than gullible, dull-witted American rite trash. Unlike us Yanks, they won't hire just anybody, not if they can help it, that is. (They'll want to make sure there's no 'roo loose in the top paddock.) So, as we said, the Kid's got a big job ahead. And maybe, just maybe, the Australians will contact the board at Our Lady of the Sun for some eye-opening background on Big Don's hopeful.*****

We'll keep studying the schedules closely in the next few months. They'll tell us what happened.


* See page 2 of the January 2017 pesthouse newsletter:
Generosity. These groups of people in Australia pooled their resources in order to pay for my expensive ticket from the United States, amounting to around $7000 as well as my fares inside Australia which amounted to around $500. They put me up in nice accommodations in both places for the fourteen days, which I think cost around $100 a night, and then showered me with gifts. In Melbourne they gave me a pair of Bose noise-cancelling earphones for the trip back (which were very helpful) and in Brisbane they went and got me a wide-brimmed straw hat of very high quality, something necessary in Florida for fair-skinned people. They also brought me to an animal preserve (with a US $30.00 entrance fee) where I was able to meet up with kangaroos and every other typically Australian animal, including Tasmanian devils, wombats, duck-billed platypuses, koala bears, and kookaburras, among many others. In both places they also made very generous cash gifts both to me personally and to the seminary. Although I brought with me about thirteen hundred Australian dollars, I hardly spent a penny of it.
** For some reason, Conspicuous-Consumption Don didn't record the cost. We looked on Amazon and chose the lowest priced Bose we could find, to be fair.

*** We didn't know of a hatter in Brisbane, but we're well acquainted with City Hatters on Flinders Street in Melbourne, where such headgear goes from $165 to $395 (and higher in some cases). PL selected the lowest price-point in the range.

**** Tradzilla, we suspect, has a high threshold for "generosity," so "very generous" must be an astronomical sum. However, again in the interests of fairness, and in consideration of large families' restricted ability to pool vast resources, we're being ridiculously conservative with our estimate.

***** If the Australians do make the grave mistake of hiring Toady, they should at a minimum demand that Tradzilla conditionally ordain him, seeing that he's one of "One-Hand Dan's" dubious creatures.


  1. How would one go about contacting the board at Our Lady of the Sun?

    1. Here's an address we published a few years ago.

      Our Lady of the Sun Board of Trustees
      P.O. Box 981
      Scottsdale AZ 8525

    2. But is the P.O. box current?

      Is there a phone number that can be called to speak to a board-member?

  2. The "Money quote" was this one: "The people in Australia impressed me in the following ways: They were very fervent. It was apparent to me that nearly all those who had jobs outside the home had taken their summer vacations precisely in order to hear mMass every day and to attend my conferences.
    Nearly all of the faithful in each group showed up for Mass each day of my fourteen-day stay in Australia."

    I suspect "fervent" was the impression he gained when they loaded him up with gifts, money, food, wine, trips to the wildlife park - in other words "fervor" is defined by what he gets out of them and the fact that he took the time to "document" everything was for the benefit of those who receive his newsletter for free (provided they send an annual donation of $75.00 - or more). Your "fervor" dear reader will be judged by a bigger "donation". I other words fervor is merely pecuniary and nothing less will do.

    1. Absilutely 100% right on the money. In Tradistan, "fervor" can be quantified. Big Don's itemized list was an unsubtle hints to Americans to step up the rate of contributions.

    2. Absolutely right.

      Pax Cristi+ for what I am about to say.

      He is an evil man. [He is still alive. He can change.] In podcasts from TRRadio to which the writer listened (see below)...DS spoke of what he seems to consider a type of bottom line: 'truth is exact correspondence with reality' and his way of dealing with contradictions in life or subtleties is exactly as this site has so often shown.

      The truth = reality idea justifies allowing or having at one time allowed probably still living fat cat to walk on the kitchen counter at Brooksville - information about this is to be found in the pl archives.

      Is he someone who will be frying in Hell because of his stubborn adherence to his 'intellect,' as he calls it? Maybe so. The amount of pain he has caused using his own fallen/perverse/ego centered concept of the 'intellect' is colossal - all for lack of humility.

      He worships his own mind and places his narrow definition of 'intellect' at the pinnacle of life, not only his life but everyone else's.

      Of course he can look down on others because however intelligent they do not have the particular kind of mind he has.

      There are multiple intelligences. The entire subject is radioactive; if you grill almost anyone you will find out but you will have to force them to expand their boundaries in some cases and as PL does over and over give the subject credit for the formal education he or she may never have had. Most of the time they are kind of asleep in my view.

      There are limitations to the mind of course and it is Like Fire.

      Donald Sanborn's mind is colored by his own limits and whatever concepts he uses within himself to justify his own actions.

      He is an arrogant and hateful person; there is no other way to put it.

      The wheels of justice grind slowly but they grind exceedingly find. I have Always loved that quote (approximate wording).

      From a former TRRadio subscriber who for several years listened to podcast after podcast while commuting to work by bike, many several times.

      Thanking God for this site! I do Not customarily post this way about anyone - but this particular person has well, much to answer for later on. Unless he turns around he is toast.

      NO ONE can hold on to contradictory ideas and back one type of idea with actions, and merely hold on to the other to [mistaken assumption] save his own soul later.

      Not possible to do, even for the most twisted intellect.

      I am surprised he hasn't stripped his gears before now and this just shows me the deep seated nature of personal interior woes.

  3. "Choose your Poison" or "Off the Reservation"

    "Them's my sentiments exactly - here I sit telling the folks what they can and cannot eat but on Friday night I'm down with my sidekick Joe E. As per my orders I tell Liz (who always starts with the same patter: "Tonite's special is the rrrack of lamb with dee Dijahn Mustarde."

    "Honey, not so fast, before I order my Big Mac and Amurican Fries, I want to know if there's any meat stock in the Amurican Onion Soup. Tell Yan I'm a coming in to find out personally."

    "But Big Bad Don you can order a Big Mac and fries at the McDonald's a couple of doors down."

    "Sure can but I want my burger on a plate and a well-chilled bottle of Chateau Neuf du Pape Georges-Francois. If I want ice in my glass of red wine - I'm durned if I'm an Amurican."

    "Well, really we only serve quality wines here I don't think we carry that."

    "I'm the best gun-totin', gun-slinger on this west coast and don't you forget it ! I used to be in cowboy films before I moved into this here new career of sheep farmin' as I corral them up at the ranch. Mighty fine ranch, big place, plenty of fleece on those sheep !

    Reminds me of summit - hey Joe E. remind me when we get back to add a new wrinkle to the bull'tin: you know how we put the collection in each week ? Well now in addition to last week, the week before, last month and last year - I was thinkin' we need to add one more line: last century - them people need to know that a tithe has increased (cost of livin') from 10% to 100%. Where's my soup Liz?"

    "Yan says it has meat stock in it..."

    "Well 'cording to my way of seeing things if you've already blown the fast - then keep on blowin' it - same goes for everything else - that's what I always say!"

    "Liz, we'll be back on Good Friday this time I"ll take my fav'rite: Shrimp and Catfish."

    "You'll have to have the special that night: the rrrack of lamb with dee Dijahn Mustarde or the local fish fry at St. Joan's."

    "I wouldn't lower my standards! Which is what I say about everything. I'll take the lamb."

    1. This is definitely on the short list for a Pulitzer. Either in biography or investigative reporting.

  4. Dolan was in Australia and again, the priests are in Australia! Expensive vacations! Tradzilla State University is a Ponzi scheme disguising as Catholicism. - GORGEOUS, vibrant parish in Cincinnati. Go to this parish instead of Tradzilla State University.

    1. Sanborn was the one in Australia; they know enough never to invite Wee Dan over there.

  5. From the directory of the "Sanbornicum"

    You are Called to Sacrifice

    For this reason, despite terrible odds, she overcame the dire persecutions of the early centuries. To the terrifying decrees of emperors and to the machines of torture which they displayed in order to kill her, she displayed in return, by the blood of her martyrs, merely her truth. For three centuries the Church had to fight what seemed to be a losing battle. It was a battle of people with no human power or weapons against those who had all human power and weapons. Yet in the end it was the Church that was victorious. This glorious victory she gained by remaining steadfast to her Faith, and by showing it to the whole world by the blood of her martyrs.

    So in these times, when she is not threatened from without but from within, the Church must display her truth. This she can only do through the ministry of priests and bishops who are faithful to true Catholic doctrine and true Catholic liturgy. Today's martyr must be the young man who is willing to give up the pleasures and opportunities of this world, and dedicate his life --- give up his life --- to God and His holy Church for the sake of the salvation of souls.

    It was to train young men to become this type of priest that Most Holy Trinity Seminary was founded in 1995.

    Can you believe this man had the gall to write this trash ?

    1. What we can't believe is that the laity believe that trash and still send him money.

  6. Hi Pristina Liturgica,It would appear that those folk Down Under have given that fool Gilchrist the boot.Do you have any info.Not bad for someone who is ordained to serve Souls and lose well over one hundred(includng Kiwi land-NZ)folk.

    1. No. We've heard definite nothing yet. We're just guessing right now. We can't see any other reason for dispatching 2 completers other than one of them is a candidate to displace JG.

      If our conjecture turns out to be correct, we'll start taking bets on how long Toady will last all alone Down Under. Eventually he'll start to impose Sanbornian rules, which independent Aussies are sure to resent.

      The sad part of this is that maybe, in the end, JG will be back.

    2. Palma is crazier than Sanborn. He always pulls "supposed" Catholic rules out of his hat and implies them. I think sanborn has taught his completers that if they sound confident enough, their followers will believe anything these men say as the truth.

      It's too bad that someone other than you all do not expose these people. Not only are their crazy rules not Catholic, I do believe they are defrauding their parishioners of funds to have a good life.

      Sanborn's seminary is following apart, and not just his building. He only allows those with similar dull personalities to finish, but he implies it is because his seminary is too difficult to complete. That's hogwash. He kicks out anyone who questions him on anything (including his cat) or anyone who has a warm personality. He isn't producing priests to save souls, he produces mini- Sanborns. The man is in love with himself and wants people who will complete his task of scaring people to follow him. He is the only way you can get to Heaven, you know! It's Jim Jones thinking at it's finest. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually doesn't have a class on how to brainwash your parishioners.

      Have you heard that place is cult-like? That is what I have been hearing for quite some time. That they only allow certain people in their group after they have gone through a litmus type test. First it begins with finances, and then they start to see how obedient you will be to them, and then slowly the real truth is revealed.

      They allow anyone to the services part because, as we all know, the money from every little person helps, right? So, you will find about 1/2 to 3/4 of the church not realizing the truth of the cult. Yet, there is a select group at this place that knows more of what is going on than the rest of the parish. Sounds like a secret society, doesn't it? They are all loyal to sanborn and soon to be Selway. They follow their every move, their every request, and give them whatever money is asked with no questions asked.

      The nuns are just as bad as sanborn with pretending to be innocent and snatching the parishioners' money. It's sad because they use their habits to prey on mostly elderly or those who think that they are a true convent, when it's mostly a sorority house.

    3. We know very well that the place is a cult. You've described in perfectly. BTW, another reason for teaching the completers just to make it all up means you don't have to teach 'em — and they don't have to study — the real stuff.

      Many have written us asking how to close the place down. Unfortunately, the dump will keep on going as long as the inner circle keeps providing the funding.

      The best that can be hoped for will be Tradzilla's leaving for another "apostolate." Without the Big 3's dollars, he'll go nowhere. Without Big Don, the Swampland will curl into itself and lie low. Junior won't be able to keep the non-élite at the cult, but he won't care. His must a a family apostolate.

      From reports, it looks as though the Big 3 are primarily supporting the "convent," which is Junior's purview anyway. Not too much seems to be trickling over to the Donster. That's why, we think, he was relying heavily on a takeover of OLS.

      He's running out of resources and soon he's sure to wear out his welcome in the Swamp. It's been said that the Big 3 are furious at all the attention he's brought to the cult as a result of his foolhardy backing of Wee Dan and "The Principal" in 2009. There's nothing better they'd like to see than the Kid as "bishop" and the Donster and his "seminary" located somewhere very far away, like in France.

    4. Those 3 foolish families would follow him to wherever he goes. They followed him to Michigan and Florida, right? They liked being the center of attention in Michigan and everyone viewing them as the special, holy families. Everyone looked up to them. They had so much money, so they had to be doing something right.

      The families hold more than half of the convent: to be specific, the convent has 11 sisters and 8 come from the chosen families with an additional two more promising themselves Within the next two years. These girls are told by the religious that they have vocations from a very early age and promise themselves to the convent because Selway guides them into thinking that they need to repent from their sins by giving themselves to God. It's the only way to get to Heaven. The nuns talk about Selway as if he is their father on earth who takes care of them. It is quite dillusional thinking.

      When the word cult is used, it isn't a stretch at all with this group. Many have left, but the group tends to label them crazy to deflect what is really going on with this group.

      Take for example their school who has only a handful of families and the majority being from the big 3. I've read your articles. It said that over 10 families have left the school. That's a pretty horrible turn around rate, and I doubt all who left could be crazies or left because of relocation.

      Within the last 3 weeks, you had a guest bishop or priest confirm that 40 or so parishioners left most holy trinity seminary for his church, and that they had trouble getting documentations on their sacraments! So, this man (Sanborn) is withholding people's baptism and first communion records because no one turns their back on HIM? What God complex does he have? Does he want everyone worshipping him like he's God too? Maybe that's why he lets go so many seminarians....they don't or won't agree to never question him?

    5. Boo to you Apr 9 at 11:33 PM.
      You are the fool.

  7. Maybe Don can take his seminary to France and he can leave the building of the seminary to be used by the nuns and Selway. The whole deal is funded by the big 3 group anyway and this makes more sense than taking more money from the elderly that they are using to fund the new, prestige, no-cost too big, convent.

    Please tell me how many nuns there are and what families they are attached? It is my understanding that the majority of nuns are from two of the big 3 families. The only reason why it isn't from all 3 is because one has all boys.

    1. You may have hit on the reason why people have reported the convent has not been built. Why go through the expense of new construction if the pesthouse property will soon become available? Then the only outlay will be in some major repairs. They'll be costly, but nothing like a new convent.

      We don't know how many priory princesses there are in toto, but someone in cyberspace is sure to give us all an update.

  8. Reader,You must really be wrong we hope and pray.How could Piv have Gilchrist back here in the US.His track record is bad and the number of souls he has hurt is beyond words.If you say his name to any SSPX priest,they say stay well away from him or be prepared to lose your faith.

    1. Well, we hope we are wrong. But if the Pivster didn't cut him loose after all the problems surfaced, we don't see how he'll abandon him now.

      Tradistan is rotten to the core. Scumbags just get recycled.

    2. Apr 10 at 8:22 PM. The SSPX priests are with Bergoglio who has just received a copy of the Koran, not to mention a copy of Luther's 95 thesis in a bigger book than the Koran.

  9. Pristina Liturgica.

    We have just been over at The Lay Pulpit and you good folk and others should read the info in the comments section of this weeks posting about Pivy.We knew he was rotten like Cekada and Dolan/Sanborn.

    Someone made the comment in a recent posting of a former "nun" asking Pivy to take action on problems at Spokane and in their group.He said there was nothing he could do as his hands were tied.They asked how could this be,he was the highest authority in their group.We have heard that Pivy is a power hungery imbicile.

    1. None of these "bishops" wants to take any action, even though they could. Look at the case of McMahon.

  10. What's the scoop up in Highland, Michigan?
    Is it as exclusive there?
    Is there a Big3?

    1. I would be cautious to any place that has connections to sanborn. That man has psychological problems. The men (neville, cekada, dolan, etc) connected with him know that, but they look the other way. He is very much a Jim Jones type leader. I'd watch out if you are part of his parish or missions. He tests loyalty, and then you end up crossing the line for him. That place is truly a cult!

    2. Crossing the line?

    3. There are rumors that at least 2 people were encouraged to leave the church, due to them going to Sanborn or Selway and threatening to report the big 3 families for child abuse. The priests were supposably covering for the main families and encouraging the abuse.

      There have also been rumors that a parishioner was "encouraged" to leave due to him having a competing business with Selway. No one competes with Sanborn's favorite family.

      There are several other "rumors" about the religious at that place crossing the line, but Sanborn and Selway have shut all the rumors down declaring that anyone who says anything against them is crazy or such. I've heard too many reports though.

    4. All unfortunate events if they are more than rumor

    5. Tradzilla also intimidates the weak.

    6. In what way?

    7. I would say that the people aren't necessarily weak who chose not to go after them. They may have interests to protect. These men seek revenge to an extreme. They have the rest of the parish cut you off, even if it is family or friends who you have known your entire life. Not only that, but it is your word against theirs. Who would believe a lay person over a religious?

      Awhile back, a woman wrote about leaving the school and church in Brooksville. The Brooksville church labeled her crazy, even though she had legitimate concerns that were even discussed/argued with the religious in front of the Brooksville chapel. She claimed that there was a relationship between Selway and one of the nuns. In addition, she also claimed that the priests and nuns had asked her to promise part of the sale of their home to the nuns. She mentioned the parents physically abuse the kids in Brooksvile and that Selway would change his own family members' grades in the school as well as allow his family members to follow different rules. The kids were to report their parent's actions to the nuns and the priests.

      If they continue to tarnish people's reputations and it's a he said /she said, then how can anyone prove anything against them? Their Big 3 will aways use mental reservation to lie to anyone who asks any questions about Sanborn and company, especially because their own reputation is at stake. It will continue to be a cycle of the big 3, their children, and the great grandchildren protecting these men.

    8. I'm not denying that a romantic relationship could have existed between Joey Selway and one of the girls...
      But how would anyone know?
      I think the how in this case is just as important as the what-if how is known then the what could be used to bring down what is described as a cabal.
      Please provide the how in this forum

    9. In what I can see, that is pure speculation based on actions between the nun and the priest. Maybe an assumption made based on the two's close relationship, private talks and walks, and how they looked at each other. Nothing can be proved unless the parishioner walked in on an improper activity. This parishioner complained that the specific nun had jealousy issues anytime a female would talk to Selway, and Selway would also give special treatment toward the nun.

    10. It wouldn't surprise me if there WERE a romantic relationship between "Junior" and the aforementioned 'nun." In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if the whole "convent" turned out to be nothing more than a HAREM for Junior, because worldly people like "worldly" pleasures -- and Junior is definitely worldly.

    11. Junior was taken out of his convent apartment and moved to the seminary away from the nuns. Is this because of a perception of a possible relationship?

      Another item to note is that if his vocation was a forced vocation, maybe he wasn't given grace to fight temptation.

      As far as worldly, I can see how someone would note he came from a wealthy family and would like the finer things in life, but how specifically is he worldly?

    12. In all fairness, we advise all not to jump to too many conclusions. Remember the dreadful formation all the completers have received. They simply lack the solid training and discipline the clergy of the past received from wise instructors. In principle, we would defend their innocence and condemn the incompetence of the "clerical" vocational programs that send young men out into the world unprepared.

    13. Actually Anonymous @ 6.59 has quite a point. During the ceremony of Joey's "ordination" to the subdiaconate Fr. Joseph Collins interrupted the ordination at the point in the ceremony where those in attendance are admonished to speak up if they have some information as to why an ordinand should not be ordained. I had forgotten that until you reminded me of the event. As I recall it was related to Fr. Collins that Joey had expressed a doubt about whether he truly had a vocation to the priesthood so Fr. Collins went to the ordination to make that point known. Instead of telling it directly to Dan he told Joey's Dad who said he would let the bishop know. Collins left and drove some distance and suddenly the thought struck him that there was no way the expectant parent would derail his son. Fr. Collins turned the car around and drove back to make the declaration himself. At the prescribed point, he arose and said: "Bp. Dolan, Bp. Dolan" who pointedly ignored the intervention, Sanborn stood bemused and Cekada flew down the steps and man-handled Collins out of the church: "As Dan described it "the sleeves of Fr. Cekada's dalmatic were flapping like a mother bird protecting her young." I later heard Fr. Collins' side of the story and that was quite a shock when I heard that the rubric of the Pontifical which directs the cessation of the rite until the objection is heard was deliberately violated.

    14. There is an additional consideration which theologians make in regards to orders illicitly received - the orders may be validly received but the grace proper to the Sacrament is not received until the legitimacy of the ordination is rectified. If this is true then no cleric who has received his orders outside of the canonical structure of the Church has received the grace proper to the Sacrament of Holy orders. So the idea of not "resisting temptations" has wide ramifications don't you think?

    15. The counter argument to this would be that there are still some priests who received ordinations before the Council who were not faithful - so I agree with The Reader - there are no guarantees with out a priest safeguarding himself.

    16. Finally as to the allegations anonymously made above - I have no knowledge, but if they are, then Don is toast this time because he might have bought his way out of the McMahon "affair" but he cannot buy his way out one in his own flock.

    17. I'm not sure if anyone ever had proof. It was more of a "this looks inappropriate kind of thing." The religious should not cause scandal through actions that even imply something like this.

    18. Did you ever hear of an apartment for a priest in a "convent" of young girls ? Get a grip !

    19. The Reader April 11, 2017 at 7:15 PM
      "In all fairness, we advise all not to jump to too many conclusions."

      Yet you unjustifiably jump to many conclusions.

    20. The writing's on the wall - you culties are going down !

    21. Who goes down may surprise people. Maybe you will go down!

    22. The way things look right now - we will all be going down and within the month !

    23. I'm lost. Who is going down? Why? And going down where? Who are the culties?

    24. If the Fat Boy sings tomorrow we may be at war.

    25. Anon April 12 8:30 PM,

      No, we never unjustifiably jump to conclusions. Our conclusions are founded on facts/experience/observation, which we cite from the cult masters themselves. When we're making a guess, we clearly label it as such. But even then, we lay out the reasons for our thinking.

      Take this week's post as an example. Throughout we signal we're just making an educated guess that the Toadster might be going Down Under with the aim of talking over the group(s) Big Don visited. In the post, we gave the reasons supporting the conjecture. Moreover, below at Apr 12 7:43 PM, PL's editor-in-chief disclosed another reason for supposing a take-over — Tradzilla's own words at the end of the Jan. newsletter:

      "I hope and pray that God will reward them with more frequent Masses and a resident clergy."

      To which, we point out, the editor added an empirical explanation for giving the quote so much weight.

      So, NO, we don't unjustifiably jump to conclusions. We make legitimate, probable inferences based on facts or qualitative data garnered from our close observation of the cult over many years.

    26. Is prudence the reason all of us on this blog including: the Reader, Watcher, etc remain anonymous?
      I ask because if no one person is unjustifiably jumping to conclusions wouldn't we all just reveal ourselves and own our posts? Truth hurts no one of good will; consequently since truth with the best of intentions is being expressed on this blog I propose all names be transparent. With that being said, the falsely established religionists will be unmasked and a domino effect of "word of mouth" will rescue those who follow the false religionists.
      If people continue to follow the false religionists then it wouldn't serve any purpose any longer to relay intuitions based on past experience to people who'd rather be anonymously following false religionists.

    27. Not so, Anon 8:28. You must not have ever met these men. These are men who have heard some of our confessions, and they wouldn't think twice about smearing one's name with that info. They have done this in the past, and In my opinion, they are protected by their position and The ones who support them by their money.

    28. I do know these men. I'm quite willing to follow suit if all wish to reveal their identity.

    29. Then Anon 9:42, you must not know them well or are a cultist. No one in their right mind would expose their name knowing these men would use confessions to seek revenge.

    30. I know them well and I'm not a cultist

    31. AnonymousApril 13, 2017 at 9:19 AM is accusing those clergy of breaking the seal of Confession.
      That is a most serious allegation, one which should never be made without absolute proof provided.

  11. Did you see SGG's bulletin? He asks to think about all who have left them because they want their cake and to eat it to.

    While he was referring to parishioners who left, is that not what that group wants?

    1. We think there'll be more defections from SGG. Dannie's speaking in some kind of code. (We haven't deciphered it yet.) But generally such cryptic remarks signal Dannie's deep concerns.

      The Lenten Fridays have been a bust, and from Dannie's remarks, Sunday attendance is down. It looks as though he's lost some missions up North. In addition, income must be down. He didn't go to Mexico this winter, and a announcement about a "retirement" action suggests they're cutting costs.

  12. I think that Anonymous spelled “souls” wrong; it should be “s-o-l-e-s” – as in “caring for the soles of his [Gilchrist’s] feet,’ as he’s running away from irate parishioners. Anonymous, you’re almost as deluded as Dannie was this past Sunday, when he talked about SSPX’s Masses (and priests) being “invalid.” (Coming from “One-hand Dan,” this is a bit like “the pot calling the kettle black.”) Anonymous, if they ever do a remake of the movie “Dumb and Dumber,” you and Dannie should be in the starring roles!

  13. The Watcher,
    I have contacts Downunder and am aware that Father Gilchist is not running away from irate parishioners.
    You need to be be a watcher and not a deceiver.

    1. Well for that we only need wait a couple of weeks - if the Toad is hired then G got fired - right ?

    2. Not necessarily, right?

    3. From Big Don's January newsletter, it appears that G only says Mass once monthly for the Melbourne group of about 50 people. He also wrote that "in Brisbane the same situation exists" for a group of about 40. From those remarks, we would infer, then, that G must also have other missions. Accordingly, the Toad could be hired for both Melbourne and Brisbane, leaving G with his other missions. Those other missions might welcome having Mass more than once a month, so he would not necessarily have to return to the U.S.

      From some of the comments above and elsewhere, we'd say that at least one mission is an ardent supporter. So, if they can afford it, he might find a permanent home there, assuming that Toady gets the nod.

      G could then wait until the Toadster wears out his welcome or leaves of his own accord. It won't take Toady long to start inventing draconian rules, against which, we believe, free-spirited, well-informed Australians will chafe. That means there'll be a showdown within a year of his arrival.

      The months ahead should tell whether our guess was right. Of course, it is entirely possible that the Aussies will take the hint and perform some due-diligence by contacting the board at Our Lady of the Sun. They may then decide to keep G and stay away from Tradzilla's cult. Unless they're very wealthy, it'll be too expensive a proposition anyway.

      But all this speculation may be worthless if Wendy's (burgers) doesn't have franchises in Australia. We remember a Wendy's Supa Sundaes over there, so we're not sure if the U.S. chain could operate under the same name. That might be a deal-killer, unless the Taco Bell opposite Greater Union Cinema in Melbourne is still around. Then Skipper could visit.

    4. The reason PL's editorial board thinks it highly likely that the Australians will be interviewing Toady lies in the very last sentence of the Donster's January newsletter: "I hope and pray that God will reward them with more frequent Masses and a resident clergy." (Emphasis ours.)

      Big Don is not given to making vapid, off-hand remarks. There's a specific motive — and a plan — behind everything he writes. It usually doesn't come off in the end, but that doesn't stop him from scheming. He fully intends to answer his own hopes and prayers to find a slot for the Toadster after he exits AZ in June.

      It's anyone's guess what will happen to Toady if the Australians don't offer him the job. Hence, the tag-team visit with the "Bishop"-Elect. There's a lot riding on the success of the venture. The outcome might determine how soon Tradistan gets another "bishop."

      All we can do is watch and wait.

    5. You know I doubted you about the kid being mitered by Tradzilla until this afternoon. If you check the "special Holy Week Schedule" you will notice that every time the Donster pontificates (in more ways than one) Jnr is the AP and for EVERY other service - Jnr is the celebrant.

      Now there's a point to this when Don was planning his own "mitrification" he invited Deacon Dan to do a full pontifical Holy Week at the "sem" then in Detroit. Right after that he announced his consecration.

      Dan the man told me afterwards he realized he had been "used" by Don to showcase to the laity what having a "resident" (used highly advisedly) bishop would look for them. Dan fumed and said he was going to "squawk" - but we never heard a peep out of him (not to be confused with the "peeps" he referenced in this week's "Weather Report".)

      Jnr. I believe is being showcased in the same way and I'll bet the announcement hits the press in April's bulletin just like he did for himself. History repeating itself.

    6. Thanks for the excellent insight. Your showcasing analysis is spot on, and reassures us that we were not wrong. For a long time, the Kid stayed away from the "seminary," but as we reported a while ago, he has resumed his presence there.

      In addition to what you have written, we'd say the Kid's rôle in the big show is also to help him master the ceremonies so he can perform them himself in the not-too-distant future. And the junket to Australia is to reconfirm in the people's minds that he's much more than a "priest" — he's an international presence.

      We think Junior's enhanced profile isn't all that voluntary on Tradzilla's part. Again, this is a pure guess, based on nothing except intuition, but we'd say the Donster's been given a deadline. The date might not be set in stone, but nonetheless the consecration is not some remote possibility.

      One Reader had the same feeling in the January before the infamous Holy-Week hoodwinking. And when he learned that Dannie and Checkie had gone to MI for Holy Week, he was certain. Not only was Dannie to model the theatrical experience of pontifical ceremonies for the cultie Detroiters, but the Donster would get a chance to see (and probably video) how the ceremonies were performed. Most likely, Dannie had to share the written ceremonial instructions with him so that Don's "sems" and servers could learn their rôles. That was a mistake. We know for certain that at least one of the "clergy" in MI had a copy of Checkie's written instructions for a solemn consecration, so we assume that someone had been archiving as much as possible, in preparation for Don's new status. ($GG's ceremonial instructions are very good, so why re-invent the wheel, right?)

      From what we heard, Dannie did "squawk," in his own way. The story goes that when the MI crew was planning to go to Cinci for Tony Baloney's anniversary party, Tradzilla was asked not to wear pontificals to avoid "confusing" the Gerties. Neither the Donster nor his minions attended the big bash. Relations were very strained. We think they still are, although Dannie seems to have made a certain accommodation. It looks as if Florida the only place to which he can travel now.

      The $64,000 question for us is not when the consecration will take place, but whether "One-Hand Dan" will be a co-conscrator. Can he suffer another guy "prancing around in pontificals," especially someone with family money to dress him in style? Will the Big 3 even allow "One Hand" to be present after all the scrutiny that Don's 2009 support has visited upon their compound? Furthermore, do they want the stigma of "one-handed orders" to mar the great event? Will the Jellyfish be enough or will they have to import somebody, like the Belgian "bishop"?

      Keep tuning in.

    7. Apr 11 at 6:04 PM. Correct. Father Gilchrist carries on with his mission.

  14. I can't find the comment, but there was a comment about Selway's expression on the seminary's opening page. He looks very sad and solemn. Speculation was that he doesn't like to be around bishop dolan, but could it be that he knows the world is crumbling around him? Our Lady of the Sun no longer needs the Sanborn group. His school that was projected to be over 120 in a few years is down to under 30. His convent is being exposed as a sorority house that has families forcing their daughters to join. The seminary is crumbling. The school that he created can't even create a competent seminarian to complete the MHT training. People are realizing that Brooksville is a cult run and funded by his family.

    1. Agreed. He's got to be very upset over the widespread collapse. That was all to be his inheritance.

      The way we see it, he and the Big 3 have one hand to play: show Tradzilla the door and go to ground. With Tradzilla out of the picture, the non-élite won't hang around: some will leave because the Donster is the only non-Thục priest there. Others will leave because they were attached to Tradzilla's forceful personality: without his presence, there's no incentive to stay.

      The exodus will give the Big 3 a chance to close the borders and keep the place all too themselves. They now see how risky it is to let "outsiders" into the group: one day, somebody'll spill the beans. Right now they've got the bucks to keep a private cult afloat, as long as they can get rid of that money-draining "seminary" and its rector.

      But first, there's the little matter of a long overdue miter. That'll be the sign of big changes to come.

    2. Maybe that's why they haven't given the kid the miter. Sanborn knows he would no longer be needed.

    3. Somehow the opening recitative of "I dreamed a dream" from the musical Les Miserables comes to mind:

      There was a time when men were kind
      When their voices were soft
      And their words inviting
      There was a time when love was blind
      And the world was a song
      And the song was exciting
      There was a time

      Then it all went wrong

    4. Equally apropos, but for the traddie laity, are these lyrics from the same wonderful musical:

      Do you hear the people sing?
      Singing the songs of angry men?
      It is the music of the people
      Who will not be slaves again!
      When the beating of your heart
      Echoes the beating of the drums
      There is a life about to start
      When tomorrow comes!

      Will you join in our crusade?
      Who will be strong and stand with me?
      Somewhere beyond the barricade
      Is there a world you long to see?


  15. Well Joey should cheer up a bit - Donster's latest scam - the cemetery - is well on its way to its desired goal. If there's no use for Swampland - they can still bury you in the back yard - for a "fee" and no heretics or adulterers please - which means Tradzilla will be investigating your pedigree even after you die! So there's the particular judgment, the final judgment and Sanborn's judgment which could be more terrible than God's, quod Deus avertat. Which gives rise to a new maxim: There is no ire as a Sanborn scorned !

    1. Great insight, but we'd be willing to bet that for the right fee, anybody will be able to get into Brooksville Boot Hill.

    2. Well if the fee is right... but we'd better get Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen to ride the hearse up there just in case a welcoming party should be waiting.

    3. Well remembered. For any who forgot the allusion, click HERE.

  16. Do you folk ever look at the New Liturgical Movement website?If one would look past the lies of sedeland,Tradition is growing and these Clerics are academic with degrees,etc.

    1. Yes, we consult the site often, and we have even commented (here). The staff at NLM are light years ahead of the sede clowns, as today's article on the 1955 Good Friday rite shows. In our opinion, the Restoration will come from Catholics like them. Tradistan is a desert, both intellectually and spiritually.

  17. Well said Reader.Look at all the new FSSP,etc Churches opening and the influx of vocations to the Traditional Orders.Yes,this is where the Restoration will come from.Pax Vobiscum

    1. We don't want to appear to have the inside track to the divine, but our gut tells us that Providence would never permit the malformed, layabout scum of Tradistan to be the instrument of the Restoration when so many other genuinely worthy individuals are already laboring mightily to that end within the institutional Church.

      And, as we've written here many times, when the Restoration comes, the Tradistani fakers will never be invited to return, except as the laymen they in fact are. The FSSP training is far superior to anything the Tradistanis could hope to achieve even if every lay man and woman tithed 100%. In comparison to these fine men, the Tradistanis are babbling primitives.

      If anyone doubts us, just read a page of two of Checkie's dreadful Work of Human Hands and compare the writing to that of any of the major articles posted on New Liturgiical Movement. It's the difference between professionals and sub-amateurs.

  18. Why exactly are Our Lady of the Sun changing clergy?

    1. We cannot speak for the lay board of OLS, but it appears as if they don't want to be serviced by the Swampland cult. Several years ago they rebuffed Tradzilla's attempt to take over the place permanently, so at least one of the reasons for the change might be that they wanted to keep their assets under board control. "No" doesn't mean no to cult masters when they real want something.

  19. You all are very angry.
    Let go of this never ending obsession with these people.
    This blog has so much potential with all the education and experience under your belt.
    You could write about Bolshevik funded feminism,the decay and collapse of Western civilization,the (((elder bros))) infiltration of the church,etc..
    You all are wasting your time by constantly writing about people that don't think or care about what you say.
    These men have moved on and are busy living their lives.
    I say this in all due respect and do not mean to insult you.
    You all have so much potential and its being wasted on gossip.

    1. Absolutely Apr 17 at 10:33 AM. God given time to do God's will to earn a place in heaven. Yet choose to waste it on gossip. They will answer to it one day.