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You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em,/Know when to walk away and know when to run. Don Schlitz

Almost weekly, PL receives a query concerning the whereabouts of Big Don's "Roman Catholic Institute."  Since its noisy rollout last spring, it seems as though TradWorld has noticed there's been virtual radio silence in Cultilandia. The Readers, you'll recall, opined the ill-fated enterprise was dead on arrival, memorialized solely by a hard-to-find link on the pesthouse's home page. Until the March 2018 MHT newsletter though, we'd had no solid confirmation of our guess. But there we found on p. 2 an unmistakable sign of the Lowly Worm's quiet resignation to the premature death of his brainchild (our emphasis):
The position of the clergy of Most Holy Trinity Seminary is that one cannot approach validly ordained Novus Ordo priests for confessions except in danger of death.
Our question was as immediate as it was obvious: Why didn't the Donster attribute the "position" to his "Roman Catholic Institute"? Aren't all the resident "clergy" nesting in the squalid bog members of the "Institute"? Of course, if commuter Tony Baloney is considered pesthouse "clergy" then, O.K., the "Institute" should not be referenced because the Cheeseball hasn't joined (and never will as long as he's Dannie's boy).

But if the "Roman Catholic Institute" were alive and kicking in Don's mind, conscious or otherwise, wouldn't it have been far more strategic to impute the "position" to the umbrella group with its three fancy directories — theological, liturgical, and pastoral? Checkie wouldn't have dared to protest: he likes playing "professor" (LOL) too much.

By the same token, the "position" would have greater persuasive weight coming from an official-sounding organization rather than from a troupe of clowns with dubious academic and religious qualifications. Additionally, by a public attribution, Don could've reminded his audience that he regards the "Roman Catholic Institute" as a vital force in Tradistan, notwithstanding the ice-cold shoulder it received from "clergy" outside the torrid swamp.

Yet our quondam Tradzilla can't even manage to pretend his "Roman Catholic Institute" is viable, not even in an article that parrots one of its principles. See for yourself. On p. 3 of the newsletter, we read:
A Novus Ordite...who wants to return to the Catholic faith must first repudiate Vatican II and its reforms before he can receive sacraments from us.
Compare that to practical application of principles #8 in the "Roman Catholic Institute's" Pastoral Directory:
Those who are returning from the Novus Ordo to the beliefs and practices of Roman Catholicism may not receive sacraments until...they manifest their resolve to utterly repudiate Vatican II and its reforms...    
Get a load of the symmetry of thought, the similarity of vocabulary! We concede it's not verbatim, but there's more than a faint echo. Plainly the newsletter text has its origin in Donnie's directory. Nevertheless, Big Don didn't see fit to credit the "Institute" of which he is the "Superior General."

Now, why is that?

Did the existence of the "Institute" simply slip his mind?

But how can that be? 

Indulge us while we remind you of what he wrote in May 2016 about his long-awaited answer to the SSPX (emphases ours):
Shortly I will found an organization of traditional Catholic priests. This is something which has been sorely lacking for decades, and accordingly is something which I have desired to do for a long time. 
The constitutions have been written. I have been working on them since 2004. We are now merely putting the finishing touches upon them. They comprise twenty-eight pages and over 11,000 words. 
I have tried to incorporate every precaution into these constitutions so as to prevent any deviation from doctrine or morals, any possible internal strife about theological positions or pastoral practice. My forty-one years of the priesthood and experience with the traditional movement have taught me quite a few lessons.
Essentially this organization will give a “body” to what already exists in spirit, i.e., a common mind and way of acting among our priests regarding the nature of the current apostasy from the Catholic Faith, and what to do about it. 
Also written is the Theological Declaration, which is a description of the heresies and errors of Vatican II, as well as a statement of the theological positions one must take against them. It is very detailed, in such a way that there is no room for future disagreement. What has plagued the Society of Saint Pius X is the vagueness of their theological positions in reaction to Vatican II, which permitted the constant flip-flopping regarding Vatican II and its changes. 
If we are to take Big Don at his word, the "Institute" was over twelve years in the making plus who-knows-how-many years of knocking around the screwball idea before actual work began! And to hear Don talk, there was a lot of toil and sweat invested: 28 pp. and a +11K word count. Why, he makes it sound like a veritable encyclopedia! The way we see it, the organization, what he misnamed the "Roman Catholic Institute" after finally getting around to announcing it in April 2017, was his life's dream. Therefore, the $64,000 question is:

How could the great ambition of his career as an ecclesiastical entrepreneur slip his mind in less than 12 months?

Perhaps, some may argue, his recent heart problems impaired (or enhanced) his (selective) memory. But, honestly, does that excuse really hold water?

How do you ignore the "body" of your life's dream — unless you know it's deader than a week-old corpse?

Before March's newsletter, we'd already recorded random signals that the rector was moving on. First, we'd been struck by the newsletter's deafening silence about the "Institute" as well as by the absence of post-nominal initials after the printed names of the members. Second, the "Institute's" blog contains only the three directories, with nothing added since July 2017. Third, in the membership roster, the new Boy "Bishop" remains "Fr.," and the new subdeacon appears as a "seminarian" (click here). It all added up to one thing: the Swampland Swami was reacting to the quietus of the "Roman Catholic Institute" just as a severely traumatized father might respond to the news of a coffin birth: He was trying to put the ghastly phenomenon permanently out of mind!

We've never made a secret of our contempt for the Donster. Nevertheless, realists that the Readers are, we admit he's not utterly clueless, that is, he does learn "quite a few lessons" on occasion. By that we mean, he's got sense enough to stop beating a dead horse.  Oh, for sure, he'll irrationally fight manifestly losing battles if he imagines he stands the minutest chance of prevailing, witness the moribund rear-guard action in Arizona or the doomed feints against the lovely — and debt-free, we hear — Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel in Tampa.

Regardless, after the last, weak flicker of hope has died out, for all his woofing and pawing the ground, Big Don can smell the time to close the casket and deep-six a stinking, rotting mess. He did it with the big $30K plan he proposed in April 2011 (click here, p. 7), and he's doing it again with the "Roman Catholic Institute." (Gee, did you notice how schemes Donnie introduces in April fizzle out? Eliot was dead right when he wrote in the "Burial of the Dead" part of The Waste Land, "April is the cruel[l]est month.")

According to our reading of the situation, it must've dawned on him by mid-summer 2017, after no new recruits signed on, that the "Institute" was stillborn. Nobody came forward to answer Sinburn's call: Not the mercurial My-Way Carlito, not the standoffish Zappster, not fanboy Lurch, not the tractable Wannabe, not the bag-boy Uneven Steven, not the Forlorn Finn, not the ever-anxious Jellyfish. Nope, not a single name was added to the roster of quavery yes-boys.

The Lowly Worm had thrown the proverbial party that no one attended! 

Outside swampy B'ville, it seems, there's no interest in embracing Don's "common mind and way of acting" or in preventing "any possible internal strife about theological positions or pastoral practice," particularly if the Donster's calling all the shots.

Numbers don't lie. The majority has spoken. Tradistan and its satellites have voted a big, fat thumbs-down on the rector's fevered dream of his own junior SSPX. With the practically admitted demise of the "Roman Catholic Institute," watch for Big Don to become preoccupied with a new initiative. Make sure you don't waste your money and end up with him in another dead end.



  1. 'doomed feints against the lovely — and debt-free, we hear — Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel in Tampa.'

    during which year did PL address this as would like to look in the archives.

    Have found someone who assisted there from 2007-13 and remains in the area. He wrote that Fr. Desposito who knows Fr. Fattore and the bishop who ordained him holds view that ordinations are 'hugely' doubtful.

    so far the little have dug up other than from my contact points to one unusual action regarding a dedication several years ago by a bishop with whom the Chapel no longer is associated. Fr. Fattore is sedevacantist and previous reading of archives shows good going on there. Before giving up plan to speak with my contact.

    1. PL only made glancing remarks about the first foray against the little chapel. Recently, however, we did reply to a comment about Fr. Fattore's ordaining "bishop," who is Juan José Squetino S., in a Thục-line through Datessen. Here's the lineage (abbreviated from the capillavedia blog.) For ease, we’ve translated the Spanish:

      Under consecrations done directly by Thục, we find:

      25 September 1982 Christian Marie Datessen (1934) consecrated in Castelsarrasin, France, [by] Mons. Ngo Dinh Thuc.

      Then, for Squetino:

      Christian Marie Datessen (1934) consecrated Pierre Sallé (R.I.P.), 27 June 1983.

      Mons. Sallé consecrated Guy Jean T. Johannes de Mamistra (R.I.P.), 28 March 1987.

      Mons. Mamistra consecrated José Ramón López-Gastón (R.I.P.), 06/29/1992.

      Mons. José Ramón López-Gastón consecrated José Franklin Urbina Aznar, 06/26/1994.

      Mons. Urbina consecrated Mons. Juan José Squetino S., 11 February 1999 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

      You should ask Scut the Prefect to produce sound reasons to declare Squetino's orders "hugely doubtful." For instance, where did the break occur in the sub-line that led to Squetino. Was someone not a priest before his consecration? Was there a defect in matter or form or both? Was a consecrator mentally unstable? Or was the problem with Datessen? Etc.

      And while you're talking to Scutty (perhaps on April 29?), you might ask him about his own "hugely doubtful" orders from Big Don with his Liénart liability. And then ask him about his buddy Palma, ordained by Dannie, who not only suffers from the Liénart liability but also from a “hugely doubtful” one-handed priestly ordination.

    2. Bishop Datessen was ordained in traditional rite by an old Catholic Bishop.
      Anyone know if his ordaining Bishop had continual Apostolic Succession?
      I ask this due to various old Catholic Bishops were ordained by Bishops who received Anglican ordination.

    3. Any news on the chapel? Have they been successful in fending off Big Don?

    4. We hope so. The last rumor we heard was that lawyers were involved.

    5. Why and how is he trying to obtain the Tampa chapel?

    6. We'll let everyone come up with her or his own reasons for the why. As to the how, we can give you some background.

      The first initiative occurred in early 2015 or perhaps late 2014. An extraordinarily gullible woman, who had belonged to the Tampa chapel before going over to B'ville, sent an email to board members with an attachment as "proof" of the doubtful validity of the priest and an assistant.

      For the most part, the letter is made up of material from the cult masters. Much of it is laughable, such as the charge of the other bishops' lack of training, a diagram of valid bishops, or the allegation of ordaining "canonically unfit" candidates. The chapel was easily able to defend itself, and seemingly the problem died down.

      Then in 2017/2018, apparently after the chapel elected new members of the corporation, some old members became disgruntled, and the word got out to Big Don. Since then there's been another attempt to convince chapel members to remove the current priest and install the cult masters. There may be a suit involved.

    7. Maybe Tampa is his new money making plan? Or was that his $30,000 past money making scheme that didn’t work out?

    8. All we know is that they were able to build a very nice chapel (click HERE) in 2013. The cult sniffed money — and competition too close to home. Maybe the hope was that the board would not be as tough minded as the board in AZ.

    9. P.S.

      This Tampa Bay article that may shed additional light on the cult's interest in the chapel:

      Click here.

      Especially note the following quotation (bold emphasis ours):

      And Immaculate Heart has another reason to celebrate this Easter season. After raising nearly $500,000, and three years of planning and construction, congregants have a newly built, debt-free sanctuary.

    10. To piggyback on PL's comment above at 4/16 2:49 PM, we'd like to illustrate just one of the woman's inaccuracies in her communication to the Tampa board:

      She claimed the Tampa priest was ordained by Henneberry of the Palmarian line ("Dominguez Gomez > Terrasson > Henneberry"). But as we reported above (4/14 , 9:35 PM), he was ordained by Squetino of the Thục >Datessen > López-Gastón > Urbina line.

      You should note that the woman conveniently did not tell the board that Thục consecrated Domínguez Gómez.

    11. Wow! I was amazed at how the women dress & also the First Communicants. Then I checked their Dress Code & sure enough, they had one but it seems few pay any attention to it. Even the men seem to dress casually with no ties. This doesn't bode well. SGG must be chopping at the bit to get there & square them away! I was really sad to see all that.

    12. We think the cure of souls is more important than ties. And we've seen our fair share of tieless guys at cult satellite chapels. If you were "really sad" about no ties, you need to get your priorities straight. You should be sad to think about what happens to kids while attending cult schools.

      Did you ever see the photos of the members of the chapel in Mendoza, Argentina, when Dannie sometimes visits? The women wear slacks, the men wear jeans, sweatshirts, shirts without ties, and Dannie does nothing about it.

      We've posted your comment as a warning to members of the chapel about how Big Don will "square them away" if he ever gets in there. You've done more to save the chapel from the cult masters than we could ever hope to do with a year's worth of posts. Thanks.

    13. Maybe Sanborn is trying to collect that chapel so that the “unwanted” of Brooksville’s chapel attend there instead of Brooksville? After all, the Brooksville chapel was bought for the Selway family and who they approve, not for outsiders who do not belong.

    14. I meant 'chomping' at the bit. Sorry, didn't proofread:-(

    15. The quip of SGG chomping at the bit wanting to square them away was written tongue-in-cheek. But glad I was able to help save the chapel. The pictures did make me sad but made me appreciate our SSPX chapel all the more.

    16. Tongue-in-cheek remark or not, you hit the nail on the head. The cult is champing at the bit to make sure the chapel can't compete with MHT.

      Of course, the cult will never win

    17. I'm from ND & we always pronounced it chomp but I see that you're correct with the spelling. Thanks. Learn something new on PL all the time!

    18. "Chomping" is not entirely wrong, and in fact the Oxford American Dictionary gives both forms under the entry "Chomp." American Heritage lists "chomp" as an alternative for "champ," but still gives as the idiom "champ at the bit."

      However, the OED and Webster's 3rd International only give "champ." Zane Grey, the Western genre novelist, used the form "champ."

    19. Hi. Back here finally. Thank you; will need to read closely later; as shower and prayer ahead of me just came over to say: gold given to me by the priests at and even more gleaming gold by listening to the liturgy series covering church fathers Sunday by Sunday comments on the gospel: [that's at JMJsite in the audio section; it's a huge series]

      ON the section about hirelings, wolves shepherd and shepherds.

      What is clear to me even though I knew it before in a sense is that Christ said: do as they say not as they do - in all sorts of ways - and all of the fathers meant and said in different ways:

      ...there are some there because of position who may act counter to the words they say. Listen to what they say not what they do. And others with evil motivations who are different from the hirelings and called, 'wolves.'

      Coupled with traditio's comments on jurisdiction and apostolic succession I now realize I can move much more freely than I had thought.

      I have learned I won't be going to Brooksville for MHT because from this site I've learned what goes on there would be unnecessary austerity in terms of tolerating things I know about - no need to impose THAT penance upon myself.

      So there IS fault to be assigned, when it is seen that integrity truly is lacking and that situation to be avoided... but there always will be gradations of spirituality - men with basically good intentions, but problematic or at least confusing actions or bad decisions for whatever reason that is NOT from a basically evil motivation... and

      There are OTHERS who have the intrinsic, fundamental, etc. evil motivation and unfortunately we see them in the highest places in VII, coupled with lots of hirelings some of whom are waking up but:

      In terms of being a home aloner vis a vis finding something that works is less difficult than I had thought until recently.

      My realization basically began from realizing and now receiving confirmation from traditio fathers that God does supply.

      My heart always sensed this must be true but now feel satisfied and can more fully embrace the adventure of moving: a 'proof' from the Fathers which was given to me abundantly enough to complete the circle I've traveled, or more properly a spiral?

      : Adieu for now -

    20. Evil motivation is alive and well in places other than the Vatican Establishment.

  2. Perhaps, now that rigor mortis is setting in on “The Roman Catholic Institute,” Deflated Don should give it a proper Requiem. How about “Requiem for a Featherweight”?

    1. Perfect. A featherweight requiem from a theological lightweight.

  3. Forgive us for going off track, but we just read something so amusing that we had to share it with our readership:

    In Dannie's "Corner" today, the Wee One speaks favorably about the new movie "Paul, Apostle of Christ." As part of his recommendation, His Gasbaggery confides this astonishing revelation:

    "St. Paul looks just like St. Paul."

    Let's ignore the surface tautology that St. Paul looks like himself. We know he intended to say that the actor in his portrayal of St. Paul looked like St. Paul.

    The real problem is this: How in the world can the Dirtbag make that affirmation? Did he have a Damascene moment of his own? Did he, perhaps, meet the Apostle vis-à-vis in another life?

    A well-educated, more sophisticated man might have said that the actor's appearance in the flick followed an old iconographical tradition that he was thin, had a dark beard and a high forehead, and was partly bald.

    But then the actor, James Faulkner, appears, in the trailer at least, as completely bald — a cue ball, in fact — with a grey-white-light-brownish beard. Maybe the movie has scenes from his life before incarceration, scenes in which his appearance is more in conformance with the ancient tradition of Paul with a dark beard and half-bald head. But that's not the point. "One Hand's" statement is sheer balderdash!

    This little episode provides another reason for Catholics to ignore the Tradistani poseurs completely.

  4. Did he admit to an insurance scheme? The leaky roof that has been like that for a long time was blamed on hail damage?

    1. Yes, it certainly seems to be a “scheme” all right (actually, another word comes to mind!). We wonder, too, if there really ever was any “hail” at all. (We doubt it – at least not the kind that does “damage.”) You’re right: we think Dannie “got away with one” this time. In any event, if the roof is the “flat” one (that has leaked umpteen times in the past), it will probably leak again sometime in the future.

  5. Could you write an article about Highland?
    Is Neville equally obsessed with money?

    1. Don't worry, Highland and the Jellyfish are in our editorial sights. We have loads of material. We're just waiting for the right news from NY. Hopefully, it'll break sooner than later.

      As for money, we don't think the Highlanders would tolerate the money madness we see in the $GG/B'ville Cabal. He doesn't have the same control there that the grown-up cult masters have. The grapevine says they've not been too happy lately.

    2. Does he want to abandon the group?

    3. We're not sure what he wants to do. One report says he's not around much after Mass.

  6. PL/Reader

    Do you folk have any news what has happened to the Chapel at Spring Hill where the late bp T fulham was?

    1. No, we haven't. Our contact down there has left. Perhaps someone out in cyberspace can update us.

    2. I was told by someone who knew the late Bp. Fulham that the sister "in charge" has brought in an Old Catholic priest to say Mass there. I don't have anymore details though.

    3. I was told by someone who knew the late Bp. Fulham that the sister "in charge" has brought in an Old Catholic priest to say Mass there. I don't have anymore details though.

    4. Thuc line clergy are told to stay away yet
      Old Catholics are ok for Spring Hill,FL chapel.
      I hope Bp.Kelly is happy.

  7. Reader,What do you mean the standoffish Zappister.We don't believe he was at the recent event at Brooksville?Does he have many at his two chapels?

    1. From what we've seen, he likes to keep his distance and not allow the cult masters to encroach on his territory. Right now, we don't have up-to-date membership figures.

  8. Hello

    Just been given a web link to your excellent website.It is going to take some time to read your articles but have to say a website like this is well overdue.

    Have to be brief at this stage but have so much that could be written about these dirt bag sede "priests"There may be the odd good one but most are bad.Know of several harrowing stories of several "priests"(not SGG/MHTS)who have done much harm.To try and cover themselves,they did their best to try and destroy the good reputation of some people who discovered their utter hypocrisy.You must agree that these evil scum will eventually face the consequences if not in this life but in the next.Sure most will go to Hell.They are frauds,thieves,great liars and most are queer(you will know what this is referring to)

    Keep up the outstanding work.

    1. Anonymous April 18, 2018 at 12:17 AM
      Know of several harrowing stories of several "priests"(not SGG/MHTS) who have done much harm.

      I look forward to more offerings from you discussing the harm and destruction caused by these priests.

      Let us not forget that these “priests, and bishops,” however valid or invalid their ordinations/consecrations may be, wouldn’t have much of a stage to perform their aberrations and evils if not for the laymen that support them. The smart ones get out, of course. What about the other laymen?

      There are some very sick, both mentally and emotionally, laymen, sometimes significant supporters and rulers of the priests, in these chapels. Some are drunks, some bi-polar, some have personality disorders. Perhaps due to their money or special talents and skills they offer to the priest(s), they are allowed to prowl and slither through the dark corridors of these places and contribute to the loss of souls.

      Or, perhaps, as in a case I am familiar, a layman might have some “dirt” on their clergyman, and therefore occupy a position of prestige or general importance due to threats of retaliation. These people are always bullying, spying on, intimidating, and causing scandal to the other laymen in one way or another. They are allowed by the clergyman to practice their sickness on the members of these respective congregations.

      I know of a chapel where a sick drunk occupied a position of importance and influence and ran any number of people out of that chapel that he/she didn’t like. This was possibly due to he/she knowing too much about the priest, and the priest not, obviously, being able to do anything about this destruction caused by a layman.

      I know of a case where a drunk, the number one lay player in a chapel, bragged to other laymen, perhaps under the influence, of placing a recorder in the confessional so that he/she could know what certain laymen were confessing. When confronted, the complexion of the priest turned a horrible shade of a greenish tan color, and the laymen reporting this abruptly dismissed from the office. Other offenses, especially when it came to this person starting sexual rumors about laypeople, were similarly handled.

      What to do, what to do? You can rest assured I never entered the confines of that confessional, taking the chance and risk, according to these people, of confession & absolution with an elderly novus ordo priest.

      These clergymen wouldn’t be able to do what they do without the support of the laity.
      There is no accountability.

    2. Our position matches yours perfectly. The laypeople who support these sleaze bags and permit moneyed hypocrites to control the "clergy" are depraved.

      You are wise to stay away from the cult confessionals. The majority of the cult "clergy" are likely invalid, and they cannot be trusted with secrets of the heart. There are enough stories like yours to scare the daylights out of anyone.

      Hope you get a chance to read some of our back posts exposing the wickedness and stupidity of the cult "clergy." Also, we hope you can share with others our evidence that these scum are not Catholic "priests" in any sense of the word.

      If the word gets out, then maybe the laity will demand accountability and take back their chapels.

    3. The modern world is sick twisted and falling apart.
      Most of us under 50-55 yrs old weren't raised with traditional Catholicism.
      Try to go easy on some of your fellow traditional Catholics.
      Many of us are lost confused and some are very isolated.
      Some of us may appear
      "Loony" or "off balance" on various days I agree.(myself included)
      Many of us are hanging by a thread some weeks while simultaneously trying to learn/live the religion which we never had to begin with.
      If you are in a chapel with too much lunacy or chaos,just get there for confession and leave after the Leonine prayers.
      All of us need what Catholics had before 1965, especially in 2018.
      Keep the faith and may the Lord bless you.
      God bless.

  9. Thanks for the encouragement. The cult practice of demonizing leavers is yet another proof these men are not Catholic clergy.

  10. Yes Reader their comments rang home to our family.We have been following this website for some time.It would be very interesting to know the numbers of folk who have given the Faith away after going through these harrowing experiences.How very sad.

    1. Yes, many have left the faith, but at least for some there have been alternatives in their area, for example, the little chapel in Tampa, which has been under siege.

  11. Sanborn’s newsletter about the consecration is out. What I find interesting is that he brags about around 300 people attending; yet, he shows a pic of around 50 of them being just family members, family members of the clergy, then how many religious?, and by looking at the photos there doesn’t seem to be Nearly 300? The servers were kids from the church. He made sure to mention California and Australia attendees, maybe to trick people into thinking they are so well known?

    The newsletter is so laughable because it is very staged. Interesting what kind of show they put on for them to appear to be something they are not. Reminds me of a quote,”All that glitters is not gold.”

    1. Sources have told us most of the attendees were B'ville culties. Maybe when the promised DVD comes out we'll be able to get a more accurate count.

  12. As a interesting read on the cult system,have you read the book by former CMRI "nun" Sherri?I could not put the book down till I had finished. One bombshell in there apart from the Francis Schuckardt era,was when her and another "nun": went to Pivarunas to explain their concerns about "Fr. "Louis Kerfoot and one of the other "nuns" spending vast amounts of time together even late at night and his answer was there was nothing he could do as his hands were tied.They asked how could this be,he was supposed to be the highest authority in their group.I

    1. Note: the above comment seems to have arrived damaged.

      Yes, we have read the book, and so have many others who follow PL. That book is must reading for everyone.

    2. Does anyone know where to find the articles from the Spokane newspaper she cites in the book?

  13. AnonymousApril 20, 2018 at 11:02 AM
    What is the name of the book? Is the nun now a Novus Ordo nun or Novus Ordo laywoman?

  14. AnonymousApril 20, 2018 at 4:57 PM

    What are the newspaper articles about?

  15. The name of the book is "Spiritual Blackmail: My Journey Through A Catholic Cult" written by Sherri Schettler. She's now a laywomen & has a website In the Epilogue she says she's now a teacher. I haven't kept up with her so don't know where she goes to church now. She also says she's writing another book about how she found her way back to the Catholic Church - (whatever that means!) Now I'm curious & will have to find out 'the rest of the story'! I recommend the book.

  16. As I said, I didn't keep up with Sherri & now I'm sorry I didn't as I can't get on her website. She hadn't updated the site in awhile & I just didn't go back - which was about a year ago. I can't find anything about the new book she was working on either,which should have been out by now. So I'm thinking one of two things that might have happened: 1. She was getting some hate mail so decided to make it difficult to get on the website OR 2. The powers that be at CMRI threatened her as she named names & exposed a lot of nasty stuff. I hope that's not the case but you never know with that crew. If anyone is able to find Sherri will you PLEASE post here & let us know the rest of the story?

  17. Schettler has gone Novus Ordo. That is what she means about finding her way back to the "Catholic Church".

    BTW, the link does not work.

  18. The CMRI,in my useless opinion,have valid orders.
    My problem with them is the entire
    "We do everything as it stood in
    November 1958."

    They could be correct and I could be wrong but after reading extensively on these issues,
    Pius XII after Dec 1950/Jan 1951 comes across as the first
    "Modern progressive Pope."

    His "changes" post Dec.1950 are far far underestimated.
    He mutilated & outright destroyed some of the most ancient venerable Apostolic traditions.