Saturday, December 27, 2014


Each venture/ Is a new beginning, a raid on the inarticulate. Eliot

We're afraid we have a little bit of disappointing news.

St. Nick wouldn't let ol' Krampus load up the sled with the pack of Tradistani clergy he'd corralled.   They were so bloated with gourmet food and weighed down with the laity's hard-earned money that the groaning sleigh couldn't take off.

To make it worse, the stench of their greed was so overwhelming that Rudolph's nose went dark temporarily. With all the bad weather in the forecast, the nasal blackout scared all of the other reindeer something awful: The team made a frightful mess on the cult center's sagging, leaky rooftop. Luckily all that steaming muck masked the foul odor of clerical rapaciousness.

But we weren't too disappointed. Santa left us a wonderful present --  a brand, spankin' new domain name -- so we can fulfill our promise to restore to the web all the info about the 2009 SGG School Scandal that ended the cultists' Reign of Error.

As soon as our webmistress comes back from her Christmas-break secret mission to Mexico, she'll create the templates and upload all those files you've been clamoring for! We hope to make the new site available sometime after New Year's as a handsel to our enthusiastic supporters and out-of-joint adversaries.

Meanwhile, we encourage all the captives of Tradistan to make a firm New Year's resolution to leave the cult in 2015. There are plenty of alternative Latin-Mass chapels with decent, well-adjusted priests unaffiliated with the vile, money-obsessed cult masters. All you have to do is open your eyes to rescue yourself, your family, and your savings.

Isn't it time to stop wasting your treasure on prodigal, globe-trotting clergy and their wild-and-crazy spending plans? That money should be devoted to your family or to your retirement fund, not to the clergy's. Krampus gleefully told us how many tearful kids in Traddieland woke up with their usual aching hunger pangs to find nothing under the scraggly tree or on the breakfast table because Ma and Pa had squandered the Christmas Club money and the grocery budget on the cult masters' latest appeal for more cash. (The ever-thoughtful Krampus did leave bundles of stinging switches, which depraved cultist parents can donate to the school in case the rug-rats get too resentful about meager meals and no presents.) 

If you leave the cult early in 2015, think how warm you'll feel next Christmas Day when those smiling, well-fed little angels give you a big hug after they unwrap all those nice presents you were finally able to afford.

Once the shadows of the cult have been altered by your exit, Tiny Tim himself couldn't be happier than your little ones as they shout with the  joy of the ransomed, "God bless us, every one."


  1. Deus impossibilia non iubet.

    These folks can escape if they but put their minds to it.

  2. Gracias por haberlo hecho. Que Dios te recompense para tus acciónes.

    1. Estimado señor:

      Estamos muy agradecidos por sus amables palabras y apoyo moral. ¡Ojalá que ud. pueda aconsejar a sus compatriotas que rechazen “El Manquito Danielito” y sus seguidores cuando viajan a su país!

      Muchos augurios para el nuevo año 2015.