Saturday, February 7, 2015


I'm tired,/Tired of playing the game!/Ain't it a crying shame?/I'm so tired! Lili Von Shtupp in "Blazing Saddles"

You've heard of "Fat-Shaming" haven't you?

You know...the use of public, social pressure as a catalyst to persuade the obese to lose weight.

Well, it looks as though Dannie's invented a new form of stigmatization -- Grub-Shaming -- to pressure the reluctant cultling-zombies to cook for and feed him. In last week's "Bishop's (?) Corner," His Dubiety really tried to lay a guilt trip on the cult's bleary-eyed womenfolk when he wrote about his week of relaxing in the Florida sun at Big Don's downmarket "seminary":
The retreat went well, in addition to the weather. It’s a nice treat, one for which I try to be suitably grateful, to sit down to a delicious home cooked meal, not just once, but—of the luxury of it!—three times a day, like in the old days. God bless Dorothy who does the cooking.
Oh, the humanity!

Distressed Li'l Dan has to go all the way to sun-drenched Florida in the middle of winter to get his three squares! The poor, wretched widdle ting is so deprived that daily homemade breakfast, lunch, and dinner seem an almost unimaginable luxury from an all-but-forgotten past. Why, the misery of the 2011 Horn-of-Africa famine pales in comparison to the Dirtbag's suffering, doesn't it?

Aren't you ashamed, you selfish Gertie gals?

Why can't you wait hand and foot on Wee Dan, too? Don't you want a blessing? Or are you too busy managing your own household? Shame on you for your heartless self-absorption! You know, it's not enough that your family has to support the cult masters' excesses*: You have to be their servants, too.  And you should be remorseful if you hesitate.

You've been set an example by the tireless and assuredly overworked Dorothy. Don't you know that you, too, have a high and mighty "bishop" (LOL) to pamper? (But wait! On second thought... maybe Dorothy gets paid for her troubles...)

While Dannie cannot fathom the cultlings' reticence to sacrifice even more than they do, we think we know the answer. Several weeks ago, we received a comment and a separate but almost identical email defending Dannie. The comment, a quotation from a blog,  read:
Bishop Dolan recently told me in an interview: 'If this were ordinary times, I wouldn’t be a bishop. I have no illusions about that.' He has grasped that because we are in extraordinary times, he doesn’t get to do what he would have wanted to do, which is be a simple parish priest – or even earlier – a simple Cistercian monk.
In our replies, we dismissed the self-effacement as bogus, since Dannie's outward behavior speaks otherwise. If he truly recognized his unworthiness for the episcopacy, he would never put on airs as a Catholic bishop, to wit, elaborate pontifical ceremonies and vestments, the expectation of  deferential treatment, self-referential remarks aimed at exciting reverence for his (doubtful) status etc. He would have comported himself in all ways -- including habiliment -- as a simple parish priest in order to signal both his yearning for simplicity and his awareness of his painfully obvious deficiencies.

 A fortiori, if Dubious Dan genuinely recognized his inadequacies, he would never have actively sought the miter. He would've refused it had it been offered (which, of course, it wasn't: it was coveted, to say the least.). There were many other men of his generation who were much more able, and he should have used whatever influence he possessed to make certain that a better educated, better formed priest be consecrated in his stead.

In our opinion, his heavy-handed hint about home-cooked meals is yet another proof that he expects to be considered a grand prelate deserving treatment reserved for the "Quality," as the English say. A humble man with adult organizational skills would be able to prepare his own meals at home. Millions of his betters do so every day. The Web is chock full of great-tasting, easy-to-prepare recipes. Since he doesn't live alone but has several doubtfully ordained "priests" as gofers, he could design a monthly schedule with a list of cooking/preparation/clean-up duties for each of the "lower clergy." (Better yet, he could ask one of the Gerties to do this for him in the event that the task prove too challenging for his limited resources.)

Naturally, if he and his associate, the Blunderer, hadn't been so set on defending the indefensible SGG principal and firing the truth-tellers in 2009, there may have been enough money in the budget to hire a full-time cook. Perhaps he had to defend the principal or risk certain catastrophe, whereas he gambled he could weather the firings. In the latter case, if he'd cut back on unnecessary and expensive foreign and domestic travel when half the cult left, there would probably be money to hire someone on at least a part-time basis. But since he's responsible for bringing the "old days" to an end, and since he won't give up traveling, he'll have to be content with grub-shaming the cult-crazed riffraff into cooking for him.

But it won't work. From what we hear, they're tired of all the begging and cajoling.

That means, as Lili so eloquently shouted, Dannie's "finished. Fertig! Verfallen! Verlumpt! Verblunget! Verkackt!"

* This might be the appropriate time to demand that "One Hand" reveal who paid the travel expenses to the retreat at the fetid Brooksville pesthouse. Dannie, you'll recall, gave the retreat for both the "seminarians" and the cult's "young fathers." Since the Blunderer was "the parish priest last week," it appears as though "Uneven-Steven" McFaker, Lurch, and the Forlorn Finn accompanied His Errancy. That makes four travelers. Did they fly? Did the "young fathers" pay their own way or was the excursion considered corporate inservice training and hence an SGG expense? Did the rector pay for His Verbosity to fly or be driven down as retreat master, or did Dannie cover the expenses himself in return for "a delicious home cooked meal...three times a day"?  If he paid, did he use his Christmas money and salary or did it come from SGG?


  1. The good (?) bishop speaks with a forked tongue. If he wanted to be a simple parish parish priest, as he stated, what happened to his Free Will? I believe his buddy still bears the name Father, such as it is.
    No, it just so happens I remember those days and the race between the three contenders to get the mighty hat first. The race was off between Bps. Kelly, Dolan and Sanborn, with Bishop Kelly winning the race by a glove.
    Bishop Dolan wants the good old days! Well in the good old days, he would not have even have been considered as candidate for the priesthood, let alone the charade he portrays as a Bishop.

    In his ODE to the good old days where he laments at what used to be, he should be thanking God they are not here now, because he would be given his three squares and cot gratis the State for crimes of Fraud and whole lot more.

    Keep up the good work Reader, truth does win in the end.

    Daniel Dolan is a priest just like Obama is an American Citizen.

    1. Thanks for your insight into the past. One day, perhaps, we'll relate some accounts about just how eager "One Hand" was to get a miter. He was furious when Kelly beat him to the punch, and likewise he was enraged when Sanborn got his.

      Those familiar with the real story know that Dannie started looking for a consecrator way back in the Oyster Bay days. So much, then, for the fiction that he wanted to remain a simple priest.

      However, we don't think Heiner will pursue any further inquiries. He might not be able to handle what he finds out.

  2. A simple parish priest? Well, back in the good 'ol days, that was a position of great prominence and might. But, pray tell, which parish has been given to Father's, forgive me, Bishop Dolan's loving care? None that I could think of. No, if Dolan was actually ordained to the sacred Presbyterate, he is nothing but a glorified simplex priest ... if even that. But I can see, being a simple parish priest is not enough these days, after all, they usually did not have the right to pontificate.

    And by the way, poor Dorothy get's paid, sure. Mainly in insults and complaints from a childish and spoiled Rector, but yea, she gets paid. May God have mercy on their souls for treating the little ones like they do.

  3. Thanks, Tarquinius, for confirming that Dorothy does get paid. (And thanks for that note about her treatment. We had suspected as much, for we've heard many a first-hand account of his complaints about others' cooking.)

    As for Dannie's protestations, we're certain there are a number of priests out there who remember a very different story about his true feelings regarding the episcopate and his self-perceived worthiness, especially his Oyster Bay prelatical dreams and hierarchical wishes.

    Of course, outside of wheedling his consecration, not one of his wild ambitions came to pass. He couldn't even stop the rector from getting his miter. (That event, BTW, almost ended Tradistani confederacy.) And with bishops multiplying like rabbits, there's no way he can be the only game in town.

    Soon we'll report on a new tactic the Tradistani panjandrums have come up with to combat the proliferation of traddie bishops and the loss of the faithful who go elsewhere. The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

  4. The story of Dorothy brought back memories of the chapel from which I fled years ago.

    This chapel is independent & had several priests, most of whom are ex-NO. A kindly woman in the parish took it upon herself to start making home-cooked meals & delivering the hot goodies to the ex-NO ones who lived together in a house. As I remember it, one of the priests started requesting special dishes!!! One was a labor intensive foreign dish that she didn't know if she could do. I don't know if she ever did do it, but had it been me I would have gone to the store & bought it or even refused. Why couldn't he go to the store & buy it himself? Yes, many priests in some chapels are a bit weird. Then again in other churches there really are some very holy, self-effacing, gracious priests who have no ambitions of becoming Bishops. They simply want to feed their flock with the Word of God. Thank God for those priests!!!

    1. The funniest thing about the rector is that his tastes are really pedestrian. He's a meat and potatoes man and that's it. He just likes to put on airs and put people down.

      There are many stories about his culinary limitations. One comes from a cleric whose mother, a gourmet cook, used to visit the Warren, MI, seminary. According to the son, she would labor for hours on exquisite dishes only to have her efforts scorned.

      From the same man comes the story of when he told the rector he was looking forward to a dinner invitation at an upscale Turkish restaurant. The barbarian was aghast that he would dine "in such a place."

      Yes, today's "priests" are usually weirdos and don't know how to behave when invited to dinner. How different from the 1950s when priests ate the meals the paid housekeepers prepared and accepted with gratitude whatever food their parishioners placed before them when invited to dine at a private home.(And in those days, the priests were much better educated and from much better families than the scum we have today, yet they ate whatever fare they were given.)

  5. The swiftness with which certain typed pages were demoted from the entrance board to the dustbin in the quiet wake of the Carlsbad Consecration (not even then 'public') should have tipped off the observer. But who knew? Remove yourself twenty five years to the past and survey the scene in comparison to what we have. I wish I could say I saw it coming... but I really didn't.

    It's become a sad burlesque. Maybe it always was.

  6. We fear it always has been a comedy of errors.

  7. Williamson.(who was responsible for the ordination of Carlos Urritigoity)....Kelly(probably the most worthy of the four but that's not a high hurdle to clear).....Sanborn(defender of Dolan)......Dolan(scandals need no repeating here).......what was Abp Lefebvre thinking? Or was he thinking? After observing these men in the seminary he should have known something was amiss. I've come to the sad conclusion that while Econe did a lot of good, it also was the cause of evil.

    1. We've heard that the archbishop knowingly ordained unworthies because he thought they could help the society grow. He is famous for ignoring the advice of other priests who warned him against promoting some of these men and still did it even when the adviser resigned in protest.

    2. Williamson is not only responsible for ordaining Urritigoity, but he likes and promotes the Poem of the Man-God!!!!! I don't care what traditional words or actions he says or does, but those two things completely takes him out of any consideration for being a true trad. It's sickening & for the life of me I can't figure out how any self respecting trad would have anything to do with him. As the saying goes - with a 'friend' like that, one wouldn't need any enemies.

    3. It seems clear the Abp. was in on the V2 revolution - he multiplied chaos, there are plenty of stories to go around to make one pause and question his loyalties.

      Also, there seems to be a cover up of spreading the website. I forwarded a link to, and they have a list of links they periodically publish, and it hasn't showed up there. They regularly praise the SGG group. I would encourage more to try to speak the truth on this issue to various peoples, maybe CMRI as well:

      (Update 08/30/11): "CMRI's Bos$, Mark Pivarunas, 'Stance' On The Ongoing Dolan & Cekada Scandal at SGG in Ohio" - Dr. Thomas Droleskey publicly reported today that the leader of CMRI, Mark Pivarunas, nearly two years ago (Nov 2009) revealed to him in multiple conversations that he (Pivarunas) KNEW that what was being reported (abuse of children) by alarmed/concerned people (which included the testimony of a Markus Ramolla) at Saint Gertrude the Great in Ohio was true.

      Dr. Droleskey noted that Pivarunas in the Fall of 2009 wanted it known that he (CMRI) would offer "sacraments" to those who already had, or would leave SGG who were: (exact quote of Pivarunas) "tired of the lies and rationalizations told repeatedly to justify the status quo" (at Dolan & Cekada's SGG).

      Yet in perfect "heroic sedevacantist" form, Thuc "bishop" Mark Pivarunas made it clear to those reporting the abuse, that he could not take any public stand on the matter (corruption of youth) because his priests wanted to “avoid controversy.” (Source: "Just Another Day in the Rubber Room of Traditionalism", by Thomas A. Droleskey 08/30/11)

      not sure if it's true, from

  8. Let's face it. For years, priests who know the truth have kept silent under the pretext of being prudent. They had-- and still have -- a moral obligation to condemn not only what happened in 2009 but the whole cult operation. Many keep their mouths shut because they are hoping for a hand-out from the cult masters. The joke's on them, though. Tradistan is dying little by little, and the cult masters no longer can afford to pass out the freebies. How cheaply have these collusive priests sold their integrity!

    1. "please help sgg replace its organ"

      Out of the ashes God will raise up His Church.

      All hope is not lost

      Perhaps sedevacantism will soon end...

    2. How coincidental! We'll be discussing the "organ-donor" issue this weekend. Our best hope is that SGG will end soon.

  9. I don't feel so alone now. For years I have thought that the SSPX was just a set-up to get traditionals out of the mainstream Church because they were in the way and hindering the "progress" of the "VII renewal."

    The rest of the independents? Various degrees of snake oil salesmen. I understand one of the Thuc-line bishops offered $20,00 to be made bishop, then never paid. LOLsies!!!! Never was able to fully verify this one. It disappeared from the now defunct forum it first appeared on quite fast. Pending clarification of course. Which didn't come.

    To my way of thinking, we are left with two choices:
    1) The novus ordo Church is right after all, or
    2) the entire religion is a farce.

    Anonymous the Second

    1. What about a third possibility — that the Catholic religion is true, the Novus Ordo religion is false, and the traditional Catholic clergy provide the true Faith and sacraments to us sinners while at the same time committing sins of their own?

    2. Well, I think there were probably people sympathetic to Vatican 2 set up within "traditionalism" in order to discredit it and make people totally lose their faith.
      "Is Reviling a Mortal Sin?"
      Pistrina, I'm not sure if this blog engages in reviling, but I have often felt uneasy about it. I do support warning people about dangerous priests, however I am wondering if this blog engages in some kind of sin of derision, or detraction, calumny, etc. This might be worthy of a post, explaining how to best handle these kinds of situations without sinning in communication.

      Yeah there has to be a third possibility, which is that Catholicism is out there somewhere, but it's hard to find. I support pope Michael's election as per these various confusions and am doing research on that. What I do believe is that we need to work towards a comprehensive solution and put all the pieces of the puzzle together, because there's a lot of disagreement about topics such that even if one group is true (like PM's that I'm in, which I believe is the correct group at present), the other groups still need to be personally approached and brought to true unity under one true pope.

      I believe buying a consecration would be a sin of simony, and this hasn't been unknown in Church history, though is sad.

  10. We believe that there is a third choice: something is wrong in Rome, and we must look for the true sacraments somewhere other than the sede cult masters.

    As to the stories of buying the episcopate, we've seen a document where a sede bishop promised land to his ordaining bishop. (Apparently after the consecration, he didn't turn it over.)

    In our mind, the Catholic faith is absolutely true. It just needs rescuing from the Novus Ordo and the sede cult masters. But the rescue can only start will decent Catholics abandon their rotten shepherds. There are some good priests out there who abhor all this clamor, simony, and jockeying for position.

    1. I'm just curious. Do you believe that Francis I is the pope?

    2. Personally we believe something is very wrong with Bergoglio. (Contrary to cult propaganda, this is not a one-man blog.) Collectively, it is hard to believe that such a man is legitimately the Sovereign Roman Pontiff. However, as individuals, some of us are absolute sedevacantists, others materialiter, and others pure aliquid pravists who can't answer but know that he must not be followed (some say resisted, others ignored). As a result, we do not take an editorial position. We all agreed that the NO is wrong, and that the sedes are throughly corrupt as long as the cult masters hold sway. That said, we do not reject Novus Ordites who also sense that something is very wrong in Rome.

  11. Why harangue & get bent out of shape over is he or is he not the pope? Not one of us is equipped to say one way or the other. Besides, what difference does it make? If we're older than three-fourths of a century, we know what the true Church looks like, talks like, & acts like, so just carry on & be at peace. Papa is going to do his thing but Catholics need to crack open their dusty Bibles & there they will see that all this chaos has been foretold! I think the problem is that most of us did not expect all this chaos to happen so quickly & in our lifetime. I know I sure didn't! We are in the Barque of Peter which is now in a terrible storm & Christ appears to be sound asleep, but He is still in complete control. I've no words of wisdom except to say keep hanging on & praying very, very hard. He will calm the tempest in His own good time.

    1. The reason it matters whether he is the pope is because we have to be members of the Church to save our souls. If Francis I is the pope, then the new church is the Catholic Church. If that's the Catholic Church then we have to accept what it teaches through its Universal Ordinary Magisterium, which would include the new "Mass", new canon law, all the new "sacraments", and the new "catechism". Yes, it matters very much indeed whether he's the pope.

  12. P.S. If someone thinks that HE is the answer to the problem ( such as "pope" Mike), that is the height of arrogance & pride. No, don't go there.

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  14. Dannie would have liked to have been a 'simple Cistercian monk'? With his taste for Gourmet food and fine wines? What a laugh! I can only imagine what (French) St. Bernard of Clairvaux would have to say and I suspect that Dannie's ears would have been buzzing! A Renaissance cardinal would have been more Dannie's style.