Saturday, February 28, 2015


One sickly sheep infects the flock,/And poisons all the rest. Watson

The vile cult masters have reached a new milestone in their boundary-crossing race to the bottom.  A little birdie has informed us how they've resumed with a vengeance their nasty efforts to alienate traditional Catholic faithful from chapels unaffiliated with Tradistan. Right now, these creeps are spreading the big lie that bishops who don't have the required training cannot ordain validly, hence the priests of other chapels are not valid. As a "service," they're offering to take over these chapels (and their weekly collections, no doubt).

Let's get one thing settled once and for all:

NO sede bishop possesses the academic qualifications for the episcopacy, which would have proved his fitness in a manner determined by the Holy See of yesteryear. (We know of only one, an advanced octogenarian, who might possibly have come tolerably close, provided an amused Holy See of the past had the whimsy to assign a vicar apostolic to, say, Al Capp's Lower Slobbovia.) 

In most cases, the current universal impediment to "canonical fitness" results from the overall intellectual mediocrity of the sede episcopate. However, the practical reason is that these wandering bishops have no means open to them (a) to acquire the solid learning in moral theology and canon law required and (b) to earn the necessary credentials from the right schools. Today, unless they lied on their application form, they couldn't secure a licentiate even if they had been blessed with brains, knowledge, and a basic formation.  Moreover, why would any traditional Catholic cleric want to attend the "approved" institutions to earn a credential, where most of the professoriate and the curriculum are Modernist?  

Along with all this nonsense about invalidity comes yet more foolishness about canon law's forbidding bishops outside the cult to exercise their orders.  Putting aside the important question of whether canon law is in effect during the vacancy, we point out that, as a matter of fact, ALL sede bishops technically have been consecrated unlawfully and, therefore, by positive law must not exercise their orders. No papal mandate has ever been granted for the consecration any sede prelate.

In strictly juridical terms, that means none of the undoubtedly valid sede bishops ought to exercise their orders, including the cult masters. (However, in the case of "One Hand," he should not exercise any orders except the diaconate, until he gets fixed.) The bottom line is that anyone who receives the power of the episcopacy never loses it. That means the validly consecrated bishops who operate outside the SW-Ohio/Brooksville cult are just like other trad prelates: they ordain validly, though not lawfully.

It's the usual double standard at work. Ask yourself two questions: 
Why is it that only those whom the cult masters regard as "competitors" must be held to the unattainable standards of canon law (which cannot be enforced anyway)? Why is everyone else, except the cult masters, under pain of nullity?
Dannie tells a French lay group to reject a young priest because he hadn't completed seminary training, yet ol' Deacon Dan "ordained" a man who merely "studied" independently (and later separated from the first priest who supposedly guided his "studies"). The cult masters recruit simple-minded lay people from other chapels by telling them that other bishops have irregularities, yet they refuse to re-ordain and re-consecrate "Dubious Dan." The Trio claims that rival bishops don't live up to the academic standards of the past, yet their own published works are filled with howling errors (especially in Latin), and some of their priests have committed catastrophic blunders at Mass or in the administration of other rites. (Think of the "Skipper" who forgot the consecration and the Frenchman who couldn't bless holy water without a spiritual crisis. Both were pesthouse completers.)

"Sheep stealing" has always been a melancholy fact of the degraded landscape of traditional Catholicism. What makes this recent outbreak so loathsome is the misinformation they're spreading. In the past, Trad clergy of all sorts raided neighboring flocks by marketing their chapel's friendliness, its flexibility or rigidity in moral matters, or its focus on the liturgy etc. Often there was more than a grain of truth in these aggressive campaigns. 

We Readers certainly can see how Catholics might want to leave the chapel of an asocial, screwball priest who's incapable of offering High Mass, saying the simplified Pius XII Mass of Palm Sunday correctly, or performing a wedding ceremony so that they might attend a chapel offering sound liturgical praxis and more stable clergy. We can even understand how the strategic use of innuendo could be used to persuade the faithful to go elsewhere. After all, where there's smoke, there's often fire, as everybody in Trad World has learned from painful experience.

However, the whipsaw hypocrisy of these latest transgressions against truth and decency takes the cake. These renegade "clergy" surely know they could be tarred with the same brush with which they blacken the names of hardworking priests and bishops outside their sphere of influence. Why, then, do they act as they do? Because their contempt for the laity over whose blank, crossed eyes they pull so much wool empowers them to disregard any threat of diminished probity within the cult.

The cynical cult kingpins are aware that intelligent, well-informed Catholics of conscience despise them. Therefore, they only press into service small-souled, shrill morons in hopes that those addled creatures will siphon off one or two other fellow-defectives. The cult masters long ago accepted that they'd never permanently capture clear-thinking, worldly-wise, independent-minded lay men and women who can spot a con-job from a mile away. (They don't want those people anyway; they're satisfied if they can attract them for the short term -- long enough to squeeze some money out of them before the poor dupes recover from their temporary madness and leave the cult in a rage.)

That's why the clerical sheep rustlers have to go a-raiding: they need the influx of new fly-stricken, daggy daft-lambs  to replace the strays who have finally gotten a whiff of the wolf slavering behind the masquerade. These victims learned the hard way that the beast isn't looking for souls to save -- it's looking for donors to shake down. When awakened laity no longer submit to fleecing, the cult masters need replacements to pay for the luxuries they consider their birthright. (It's a characteristic of grasping guttersnipes to consider other people's money their money.)

So be on guard against any sicko, shrieking former chapel members who come slinking around with a cock-and-bull story about invalidity and canonical unfitness. You don't need to be defensive.  Turn the tables on the lowlife trash: Ask why they're carrying water for malformed, lupine bishops and asinine clergy who themselves are canonically unfit or worse. Let them know that the cult clergy are living in glass houses, so nobody has any business throwing stones.

Then tell 'em to crawl back to their filthy lair so the beast can feed upon them.

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