Saturday, April 11, 2015


The voice of the dead was a living voice to me. Tennyson

It never ceases to disgust the Readers at how low Dannie can sink. 

You'd think we'd be used to it. But even we can be surprised. Take, for instance, the Passion Sunday "Bishop's (?) Corner," where we found the following example of manipulative effrontery (emphasis ours):
One of our faithful went to Margaret O’Brien’s funeral at the Pius X church in Walton, and was really surprised, scandalized even, at the photo of Bergoglio they have there. After all, he’s the antichrist from Hell...How far can you push a good ole boy? Pretty far, it looks like. What would Bernie Brueggemann have to say about this? 
Li'l Dan's motives are so shamelessly transparent, we're almost embarrassed for him -- dropping the name of a widely respected, deeply pious, tradtional Catholic (lamentably now deceased) as if nothing had happened back in 2009, as if the gentleman had remained at SGG until God took his soul.

The truth is, in moral outrage he (and his money) left the cult, and his Requiem Mass was held at the rival SSPV chapel. No doubt the calculated mention of this courageous man's name is part of the cult masters' PR campaign to erase the haunting memory of the 2009 SGG School Scandal from the weak minds of the depraved, remaining Gerties. (The cult center's coming unglued fast, as we'll show next week.  His Brazenness is at his wits' end, so he'll try anything, no matter how indecent.)

Death has silenced this devout and principled Catholic layman's voice, so he cannot protest the cynical misuse of his good name. And while we might only be able to guess at what he'd have to say about Bergoglio, we do have his opinion -- in writing -- about the reviled SGG clergy.

After this exemplary Christian left SGG, Big Don Sanborn wrote him a turgid and fatuously reasoned letter, available here. (The gentleman, you should bear in mind, had been, prior to the outbreak of the scandal, a very generous benefactor of SGG and the pesthouse "seminary.")  In his sharply worded rebuttal of the self-interested rector's lame arguments,* the honorable layman wrote:
My decision to leave St. Gertrude is not based upon advancing the sedevacantist cause but upon (1) not being able, in good conscience, to be associated with clergy whose behavior is morally reprehensible, (2) not being able, in good conscience, to entrust my soul and the souls of (potentially) my wife and children to clergy who calumniate other priests, lie from the pulpit, and defend, excuse, and employ as principal of a supposedly Catholic school a man who physically abuses children and scandalizes them so that their bodies and souls are in danger. How could I ever trust clergy who do such things? How could I possibly turn a blind eye to it and act as though nothing were wrong? I cannot.
If the late Mr. Brueggeman's ethically informed opinion really carried any weight with Dannie, why didn't he heed these words and do the right thing to regain the gentleman's trust (and financial support)? After all, that's pretty strong language. A churchman of honor would have been ashamed that a noble layman found it necessary to condemn him so strongly and so publicly. Furthermore, the letter was posted on the sgginfo site with a dateline of Nov. 13, 2009, so Dirtbag Dan had plenty of time to take its message to heart: such uncompromising words would have stung a normal cleric's conscience and motivated an immediate conversion. Likewise, a true pastor would have been reduced to tears when the saintly Mr. Brueggeman declared that it's "apparent that scoundrels have taken over who have no care for souls."

And if those last words weren't enough to move Wee Dan to sincere repentance, he should have come to his senses when he read this ringing condemnation:
God will always bless righteousness and punish evil. He is the One directing the future restoration of the Church, and it won't be brought about by maintaining the illusion of a good Catholic school and a good Catholic parish when the truth is so terribly different.
Yet Dannie didn't straighten up and fly right, even after reading the questions this good and decent man threw back into the self-interested rector's impudent face:
Why should anyone give money to a group of clergy who lie, scandalize people, and allow the abuse of children? Why should we support this? Why should we turn a blind eye to it and act as though nothing were wrong? 
We all know what happened. "One Hand" utterly ignored all protests, written and oral. Ever a man of principle and conviction, Mr. Brueggeman did the right thing and left SGG, which he largely had built through his uncommon generosity. Yet some five years later, Dannie invokes his memory and wisdom, as though his leaving as a result of the deplorable 2009 SGG School Scandal had never occurred.  After his reply had been sent to the rector, however, it's obvious a rapprochement could never have materialized as long as Dannie kept the "principal" on board and refused to make reparation. Read the whole letter for yourself here.

If you're a Gertie, why don't you follow in this righteous Catholic's footsteps and leave the cult and Dannie today? If you only know some Gerties, show them Mr. Brueggeman's blunt words and urge them to emulate his example for the good of their own souls. 

* The rector's letter has some hilariously mean-spitrited images of Deacon Dan "stocking shelves at Kroger [a grocery chain store], reduced to shame and poverty," "pigeons nestling" in a deserted, barren St. Gertrude's, and Checkie or Wee Dan as a Walmart greeter. (Was there a touch of Schadenfreude at play here? We got the impression there was more than a little pay-back in the rector's choice of images: Big Don must have been livid that Dannie had wrought so much trouble -- and so much future financial loss and exposure.)

To date, although no one has yet spotted the two seedy clerics punching a time clock in the retail trade, SGG has, indeed, suffered an infestation of raccoons in its walls and mice in the so-called priests' refrigerator. Maybe the rector's bleak vision of a trad apocalypse wasn't too far off the mark. 

Why not make it all come true and stop supporting the cult masters this very day? Just before you leave, pass along to Dannie and his blundering associate this link.


  1. A big LOL at the very last paragraph!

  2. What was his point in mentioning the late Mr. Brueggeman? And why risk losing Mr. Brueggeman and others for Lotarski? What does he have on them?

    I've noticed a very bitter and biting tone to Bishop Dolan in his newsletters the past two years or so that wasn't there in the past.

    1. Very perceptive.

      Murky Lowturdski in the end will cost "One Hand" millions of dollars. That's why several years ago one wag called him the "Six Million Dollar Man." What's worse, the SGG School Scandal brought about the exposure of MHT and the rector as well as the exposure of Checkie's blunders, not to mention the resurgence of the problem of one-handed priestly orders.

      Dannie must be seething with impotent rage at what this man wrought. Of course, had Dannie intervened in 2008, none of this might have happened. They all thought it would blow over, like all the scandals of the past.

      It is certainly a reasonable conclusion to suppose that "One Hand" dare not correct or remove the man, for reasons unknown or too terrible to be imagined. Hence the bitterness: he must want to strike out and punish, but his hands are tied.

      That's a lot of pressure for anyone to handle.

    2. Yes, Dolan’s comment about the late Mr. Brueggemann was tactless at best. And yes, we believe that the SGG school principal DOES :”have something on Dannie and Tony.” Anyone who did what he did would have been FIRED ON THE SPOT by Dannie — but he WASN’T. We concur with THE READER that the principal knows something: something that, if known, would bring down Dannie and Tony. We know, for one thing, that the principal has stated (more than once): “They can’t fire me; I know too much.”

      In a recent sermon given to SGG’s school children, Dannie made a comment that was, no doubt, aimed at the principal (click on Pistrina’s “Lay Pulpit” link, then see LP’s latest article, “Coming Apart at the Seams?”). It indicates that Dannie is indeed getting “fed up” with “Mark” – and getting DESPERATE. We believe that it’s just a matter of time when the uneasy “alliance” between Dannie and the principal will MELT.

    3. Well put, and we concur.

      The school and the "principal" must be a big drain on SGG finances and the cult masters' dreams of a New Mexico retirement. We can't see the "principal's" letting them retire, since Dannie's successor would surely show him the door. Besides, we're sure the "principal" knows that Dannie is the glue holding the dump together: if he goes, then the whole game is over, and there's no way he can let that happen. From a self-preservation standpoint, it's in the "principal's" interest that Dannie stay in SW Ohio until he drops or the rickety building is condemned by the authorities.

      This conflict of purposes will provide the friction to generate the heat needed to melt the alliance. We think we can already see a few puddles forming now.

  3. It doesn't make any sense that they would allow a family that is so detrimental to the chapel and school to continue on for years in positions of "power."
    I think the entire traditional movement is starting to crumble anyway. Once all of the old timers have died out, the younger generation of trads will never stand for what the old timers did. Most of the younger generation of trads don't even know what the fight is about anyway. They think it is all about the Mass, but it's not.

    1. You're right on every count. It's all coming apart.

      The kids won't put up with the foolishness of their parents. And neither will the younger clergy. They'll jettison Murky and clan as soon as possible: there won't be enough resources to keep both sides in the clover. Dannie will have to go along or risk losing any retirement subsidies. But these extras won't last long. The younger clergy will cut him loose when there's not enough to go around.