Saturday, September 17, 2016


Plenty of winds gotten in the bowels, holes, and corners of the earth, bursting out of the earth, and the earth closing again, causeth the shaking or earthquake, and is a token of ensuing war. Tully's Almanack

EXHIBIT: Page 3, Column 1, MHT "Seminary" (LOL) Newsletter, August 2016:
Father Hecquard showed me a property which his brother acquired which could serve well for our priests who wish to establish an apostolate in France.... It would be an ideal place for a small seminary. It would be wonderful to one day establish a seminary in France where young men could be trained as they ought... (Emphasis ours.)
Call us imaginative.

Call us conspiratorial.

Call us off our rockers.

But very soon you may be calling the Readers CLAIRVOYANT. 

Why? Because we see in Big Don's apparently off-the-cuff travelogue remark another sign of the impending consecration of the Swampland Boy-Bishop-Elect (with at least one co-consecrator, mind you, and maybe one more, if he grovels) — an event, you'll recall, that we predicted earlier.

By way of a reminder, the first sign was the Donster's promise in his May 2016 newsletter to morph into Tradzilla by founding a new organization of sede "priests" (see our post of June 12 here). For his replacement, the Swampland's Big 3 families have one of their own, not an outsider Flushing Rat. By all accounts, the Kid's more than ready for his long-overdue miter.

Adding to the impatience must be a burning itch to rush the rector out the door, along with all his cumbersome baggage. (The biggest pieces of which, BTW, are "One-Hand Dan" and Tony Baloney.) The time has at last come for the Mad Mullah of Tradistan to fold his tent and not-so-silently steal away: the Big 3 want their social media accounts open again so an admiring world can follow them as they live to the max the good life, unfettered by the petty traddie rules that bind the unconnected and moneyless.

With the August pesthouse newsletter firmly in hand, we surely have a second sign — active scouting for "seminary" property in France. O.K., yeah, sure, it's couched in conditionals and sounds like wishful thinking. But keep this in mind: published statements from Tradistani kingpins, which look to you and us like wishful thinking, are actually concrete schemes in disguise. In this case, it's donor bait intended to reel in small fry to fund the Donster's new adventure cum escape plan.

The revelation that True Restoration's terminally naïve junior-varsity cheerleader "was with [Tradzilla] for the entire ten-day trip [July 2016 Europe + England] ... [which] would have been impossible to do...without him" sounds as though the Donster's already lined up at least the initial bankrolling he needs to make the break from paludal Florida (see p. 1, column 2 of the newsletter here).

That makes total sense.

Swamp Boy will take over the entire B'ville cult compound, "covent" and "seminary" included. There'll be neither need nor desire for two "bishops" on the Big 3 family homestead. "Swampy" is already working full-time at the pesthouse and will soon journey to Australia in Big Don's place — on-the-job prep for his new rôle as the Mini Pooh-bah of the family-cult enterprise.

Tradzilla will save face by slinking off to jump-start his already stalled new organization and then get even with the Big 3 by setting up a rival "seminary" in France. The Big 3 won't care, however, because they can spawn all the "priests" they'll need for generations to come. All they have to do is be careful that not all the boy-crazy female progeny are captured for a life in the golden cage of the "convent."

Be on the lookout, then.  Watch for the next emerging signs of the coming consecration. When it finally takes place amid the costly pomp and ceremony befitting a cult princeling, Tradistan U.S.A. will shake mightily. To close the fissure opened by Big Don's removal, "bishops" of all stripes will surface to fight among themselves for dominance and donations. "One-Hand Dan" won't be among them, nor will the Long-Island Jellyfish: they're both in bondage to the fleeing Tradzilla.

As protection from the aftershocks, the Swampland cult will close up in perfect isolation, forcing all members unrelated to the Big 3 to high-tail it out of the fetid bog.  Meanwhile in France, the disruptive Tradzilla will find himself the target of better-funded, intellectually sharper European trad leaders deeply resentful of his trespass.

Oh, yes, indeed, when the newest wandering bishop takes to his faldstool, there'll be a massive tectonic shift in Sedelandia, which will usher in

Ruat caelum!


It'll be a grand day for genteel American traditional Catholics when Big Don a.k.a. Tradzilla packs up to recruit for his new but already moribund organization. Then it will be the French who'll have to suffer this uncouth philistine's spectacular deprivation of higher culture, of which the August newsletter provides a sterling example.

On page 4, the boor "bishop" tarred Wagnerian opera as he pandered to his low-brow American cult followers. In the primitive brain of this cultural Neanderthal, who apparently hasn't the attention span of a swatted fly, these masterpieces of Western music are "interminable," "endless affairs." To his churlish ears, consummate works of genius are no more than "women screaming for about four hours."

Worse, he can't even get the name of the "principal screamer" right. In Wagner's Ring cycle (which according to the moronically reductionist rector is about a "stupid gold ring"), Wotan's daughter is not "Brunhilda," as he mistakenly writes, but rather "Brünnhilde." And if he replies he used a commonly found English form of the name, then why did he write Walhalla instead of the more usual English form Valhalla?* (BTW, if our memory serves, the German form Wagner used throughout was Walhall.)

(Pssst! Somebody, please, get this New York yahoo a libretto! Obvously he's never seen one.)

But Don's gaucherie doesn't end there. To characterize as an "aria" what urbane opera lovers admire as the "Immolation Scene" (Götterdämmerung, Act 3) is a staggering blunder, for it betrays an astonishing absence of musical sophistication.** Among cosmopolites, it's common knowledge that in Wagner's mature works, the "formal divisions" of the traditional aria "had been totally dissolved" (Oxford Concise Dict. of Opera), and "the distinction between aria and recitative is largely replaced by a more continuous style throughout" (Havard Concise Dict. of Music). 

Let's face it: This gawking barbarian doesn't belong at the head of any "seminary," even a pseudo-Catholic cheap imitation like the pesthouse, and certainly not in charge of an organization of Catholic "priests." Young men and traditional "clergy" need a civilized leader, as in the past.  So, as Americans, let's be grateful the ill-bred Donster may well be on his way out of these United States. Soon enough the debonair French will put him in his place, and, à coup sûr, they won't stomach all those obsessive, rigorist prohibitions and screaming sermons (nor the screaming Scut the Prefect). The French prefer their traditional Catholicism to be like their cheeses: unadulterated by artificial American ingredients.

* Here's an interesting aside for logophiles, therefore off limits to Donnie and Dannie: the form Valhalla (less frequently Walhalla) comes from the modern Latin adaptation of the Old Norse Valhǫll"hall of the slain" (see, for instance, Bartholini's 1689 Antiquitatum Danicarum or Magnússon's 1828 Priscae veterum borealium mythologiae lexicon or the 1818 Latin Translation of the Edda, if you don't believe us).

** Big Don's prose style is equally unschooled: he refers tautologically to the Valkyrie's immolation as her "incineration in the flames." It seems Big Don doesn't know the definition of "incinerate" or the Latin behind it, otherwise he'd've deleted "in the flames." It's hard to believe he attended Catholic schools, isn't it?


  1. LOL! Wouldn't it be great sport for the classical languages class featured in some previous articles to make up descriptions for the ancient epics according to the method of this pseudo-prelatial Philister?
    Homer's Iliad? Some story about dirty Greeks, a promiscuous wench and a stupid wooden horse.
    Vergil's Aeneid? Poems about some erratic vagrants/wetback home invaders.

    Anyway, among the Latter Day Catholics, the per capita seminary count will reach a staggering new high, only second to their density of "bishops" ...

    1. Brilliant phrase there — "Latter Day Catholics," (and Sin-burn is the new Joseph Smith). May we use your bon mot in the future?

      Also, we'd like to suggest a new MHT pesthouse motto based on your observation of the ratio of "seminarians" to "bishops"" tot episcopi quot seminariatae.

      As for the title of a traddie epic, a pity The Dunciad is already taken. All we can think of is the The Sedeis: "Harms of Dan I sing..."

    2. Of course you may! Joseph Smith will soon be on the road again!

      There appears to be a second ecclesio-sacramental axiom closely related to the motto you propose: Nullum seminarium sine episcopo, nullus episcopus sine seminario.

      Harms of Dan I sing, The Sedeis! Most delightful!

    3. So then, if there is no real "episcopus," then there's no real "seminarium."...

      By Jove, we've got it!

      MHT doesn't exist in Catholic time and space.

  2. I would never want to bet against P.L. on this one, BUT.... I think you give the Flushing Rat more credit for courage than what he has. It takes guts as a Christian, let alone a Catholic Bishop to pull up stakes and venture into a country that their own kinsmen do not recognize anymore.

    Gone are the days of Brigitte Bardot, and Maurice Chevalier!

    However, maybe the call for conversion is greater than I know of in France, and the Burka Babes are ready to submit to the Mighty Mitered Mite and his Minutemen.

    Excellent Post P.L.

    1. You're right! We didn't consider his competition for most extreme rigorist in France. Maybe there'll be dueling headscarves between the French Sanbornites and the Daughters of the Prophet. Or maybe there'll be a rapprochement as tightly scarfed traddie skags take to the catwalk in pioneer dresses to strut in solidarity with hijabbed burqa-babes. Mashallah!

    2. Of course, we all know Mullah Sanborn isn't the least interested in conversions, least of all from the Mohammedan sphere. After all, his Catholiban aren't that different from the adherents of the prophet. The old Nosferatu merely plans to suck those suckers dry, just like he did with the mutilated corpse of Sedelandia. He never drains anything but the blood of those who are already in the fangs of traddieland, as he only reaps what he didn't sow. Will the French follow a foreign cultmaster, a tyrannical pedant without even the hint of proper education, decency and etiquette? I doubt it.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Oh he's upstaked quite frequently over the years - Ridgefield to California, then to Detroit, then to Florida and he definitely likes the appointments in France - A Royal Chapel no less.

    5. Tarquinius 2:58,

      Tradzilla is only impressive from a distance and with minimal interaction. Additionally, the fact that his abysmal writing is in English removes him even more from the scrutiny of the persnickety French. However, when they at last have him present for the long term and up-close-and-personal in la belle France, it won't take them long to sniff him out for the unschooled, mannerless, bogtrotting truffe he really is.

  3. "(W)omen screaming for about four hours"?? MWAH HAH HAAAAHHH!

  4. I particularly enjoyed the photo of the "banquet." Wonder if this was the biggest one table banquet of the entire trip.

    I don't believe he will ever consecrate Selway--but maybe I'm wrong since Selway is going to London in December (so he can buy some $20,000 antiques for the swampland since Sanborn was unable to do so even though he interrupted his day of rest) while Sanborn is going to Australia (no word on why he MUST go Dec 27).

    However, Sanborn is personally planning to ordain the priests in 2018 and 2019: "If all goes well, I will be able to ordain seminarian Damien Dutertre in June of 2018 (hopefully in France) and not less than four in June of 2019. These would be Henry Chappot de la Chanonie of Lamballe, France, Caleb Sons of Louisiana, Luke Petrizzi of Virginia, Paul Wesner of Ohio ... It may happen, though, that I will ordain the French seminarian in France, which would be a wonderful occasion. However, mounting an ordination is a very difficult task. [He then gives a blow by blow of all that Jesus needed at the Last Supper.]

    I think his health is slipping like Hilary's, but not sure he is any readier than she is to face reality. When he goes into that surreal description of The Ring, where "Men scream too," what popped into my mind were his own sermons. And from there if he wasn't describing how it feels to be him now an interminable screaming opera (work)--has become a caricature of himself. Of all the eight who broke w/the SSPX, I think he has the most regrets since he was so pleased/proud to be the rector of their U.S. seminary (he was probably very young at the time). Don't think he ever recovered from it. Or his trip--seems to have tired him out.

    1. I guess you missed the caption under the photograph on page 5 ! It reads:

      "Bishop Sanborn delivers a speech in Bain-de-Bretagne, France. It covered two topics: (1) the lawfulness of consecrating bishops in these times, and (2) the morality of attending a Mass in which the name of Bergoglio is mentioned. Both of these issues are hotly contested in France. Bishop Sanborn gave the reasons which justify the consecration of bishops without apostolic mandate in these times, and pointed out why active attendance at a Mass in which Bergoglio is mentioned as “our pope” is intrinsically wrong.'

      Why discuss consecrating bishops unless that's exactly what is intended. Before his own consecration he brought 1 hand in to do the Holy Week that year so people could get used to a bishop. For the ordination this year he brought in another "boy bishop" to show them all what one of those could look like.

    2. Plus, with the Long-Island Jellyfish present at this year's ordination, Big Don was able to show how a former, bitter opponent was now his doing his bidding. That HUGE moral victory surely did not go unnoticed or unadmired among the Swamplanders.

      With the Jellyfish now in captivity, it seems the next logical use for the creature will be at Swamp Boy's consecration. The affair has got to be the best Tradistan's ever seem, and that means all the bling and "bishops" money (and fear) can buy.

      But we know it's still just a guess, and 3:47 may be right, though we can't see how the real boss down there will Junior get too much older without his birth-right miter.

      As we said, we've got to keep our eyes peeled for the next sign.

  5. I thought he was defending his own consecration. Why would the French care about him consecrating Selway? I am not sure why this issue would be "hotly contested" in France anyway since Lefebvre consecrated bishops in the late 80s and Wmson consecrated Faure last year who just established a new priestly society and is running a seminary in France.

    1. When we read the caption, we didn't think he was in defense mode, because he never thinks he needs a defense for anything he does. Like 4:03, we read it as an indication that he had a "bishop" on the brain and was signaling the upcoming big event. But you may be right. He might be trying to forestall any criticism as he prepares to set up shop over there. Why else would he be planning to ordain in France when he's spent to much money on the pesthouse chapel to make it suitable for lavish ordinations?

    2. There are 2 thoughts that animate Don - Sedevacantism and Williamson.

      You need to remember that Williamson replaced him in Ridgefield and he has had a very "soft spot" for him ever after.

      From Don's perspective Faure's seminary is in effect an offshoot of Williamson and is non-Sede.

      Plus Don has recently picked up one of Faure's seminarians whom I am sure was pummeled for info and has got it into his head that if HE rides in there Faure's seminary will be closed because HE has arrived.

    3. Very cogent! It makes perfect sense. And adds weight to the hypothesis that Big Don is on his way out.

      In Tradzilla's ego-crazed head, he's the only one who can shut the rival place down. He'll have to go in person!

      Thanks for the great insight.

  6. Also could explain the association w/ & why Sanborn credits Stephen Heiner "couldn't have done this trip w/out him," since Heiner was closely associated w/Wmson before moving over to Cekada Sanborn funding and probably still has inside contacts there.

    1. A fine piece of intelligence. We didn't realize Heiner's Wmson ties.

  7. What do PL's authors and readers think is the motivation of the Sede triad?
    As an outsider to this lurid drama I'm curious, but by all means feel free to ignore me or tell me to go pound sand if you like.
    I got out of Novus Ordo liberalism (as defined by Fr. Félix Sardà y Salvany & later defined as Modernism by Pope St. Pius X) for the SSPX and FSSP and fortunately I am hundreds of miles from the Triad and their offshoots. I don't hold the Sede position but I'm quite sympathetic to those who do (we certainly live in interesting times).

    Have you considered a quote from the other "Tully" (some of the US Founders referred to Cicero as Tully)?
    Your quote from Tully's Almanack led me to re-read the elder, Roman Tully.

    From Fordham University's translation of Laelius de Amicitia (paragraph 17):

    ... It is not in human nature to be indifferent to political power; and if the price men have to pay for it is the sacrifice of friendship, they think their treason will be thrown into the shade by the magnitude of the reward. This is why true friendship is very difficult to find among those who engage in politics and the contest for office. (emphasis mine)

    Although the men in PL's posts are not politicians in the same sense as in pre-Christian Rome, there does seem to be contest for office and power afoot.

    There's a passion for something in these ecclesiastical freebooters, as an outsider I just don't know what it is.

    Also as long as I'm tossing around classical quotes, regarding passions...

    ... Give me that man
    That is not passion’s slave, and I will wear him
    In my heart’s core, ay, in my heart of heart,
    As I do thee.

    -Hamlet Act 3, Scene 2

    Best wishes to you all

    Tu autem, Dómine, miserére nobis

    1. We certainly won't tell you to pound sand. We'd tell you to write more of this great stuff.

      The passion we see in these pirates is for filthy lucre. Their intellects are too stunted to hunger after power per se — that's frankly too abstract for them. But still, they'll betray each other for the reward of a new donor. In fact, they've never been friends, even from the earliest days. They've back bitten and stabbed each other at every turn. The only reason for the apparent alliance of today (witness Dannie congratulating the despised Pivster on his 25th anniversary as a [LOL] "bishop") is that they're up against a wall of concentrated opposition.

      To be very blunt, these guys are the lowest of the low, and their aspirations match their status.

    2. Did said Bishop ever complete high school? Bishop No-GED or No-Diploma? Geddit? lol

    3. We believe he did, at least according to the bio posted on his site.

    4. PL should run a contest in the comments, maybe poetry?
      Not sure if you'd prefer Limericks or Sonnets.

      How about Shakespearian Sonnets?
      I'll try a quatrain to get things started:

      Was feeling glum and moribund
      Had the guilt from the parishioner lootin'
      'til I looked at that trust fund
      Fruits of ecclesiastical freebootin'

      You could probably do much better, and likely in Latin in dactylic hexameter

    5. Very nice.

      We might try it in an elegiac couplet some day. But for the nonce, here's a limerick themed on this week's post:

      There was a fake "bishop" from Tampa
      Who ceased playing the happy camper,
      When to his surprise
      His donors got wise
      And found one of their own to pamper.

  8. You might be right that this newsletter is about Sanborn's exit. He claims "interminable" Ring saga is an analogy w/SSPX, but seems maybe more personal (esp w/men and women screaming and Walhalla in flames): "Brunhilda, the principal screamer, charges on a horse into Walhalla, the abode of the Germanic gods, which is now in flames, and there she is consumed in the fire, and the curtain closes. Before performing this act, however, she cannot resist (hopefully he can!) one last screaming blast, her final aria, which is a sign that the endless affair, that began by the stealing of the stupid gold ring (he stole the stupid gold ring, not the SSPX), is about to be over. It is also the cue for exiting for those who wish to get out of the parking garage before everyone else (seems encouraging people to leave his show/or maybe he himself is looking for an out)...I think it is fair to say that the helmet is on, but we have yet to hear the fat lady sing."

    He may believe he is referring to the (football) game between SSPX & VC2, but could also be referring to another (endless and interminable) game he's playing against everyone who's against him and won't be happy till Wallhalla's burned to the ground and the gods are greeters at Walmart. Too bad the only person he appears to have to pour salt and light on his Germanic fantasies of doom is Fr. Cekada w/his "inimitable (cruel, perverse & flattering) humorous approach to everything" (including his own demise?).

  9. I'm still wondering how if all this is necessary for an ordination: "However, mounting an ordination is a very difficult task. It involves a great many splendid
    vestments, a crozier, large ceremonial
    books, the holy oils, a large sanctuary,
    a well-trained choir, and many well-trained altar boys, all decked out in cassock and surplice. It also requires, in addition to the ordaining bishop, an archpriest, a deacon, and a subdeacon, as well as two Masters of
    Ceremonies. Here at the seminary all these things are available to us, but it is quite difficult to put an ordination “on the
    road.” [The person who says it's all about the show seems to be more than correct.]

    Seriously, if all that is necessary how to accept this consecration of a bishop: "The Archbishop lived in a very poor and dirty apartment on the first floor of an old tenement building. In appearance, it was a simple flat that was longer than wide,
    with a small side kitchen. On the right was a modest bed. In the corner was a table
    on which he celebrated the traditional rite
    as codified by Saint Pius V every morning.
    There were many pious images, a pile of "pocket books," two chairs and five cats that appeared to be everywhere." - Fr. Noel BARBARA.

    "As he only had two chairs, the Archbishop sat on his bed and Father Barbara sat opposite him. The room was so small that Father Barthe
    had to place his chair behind the Archbishop.

    "This is the setting for the consecration of the founder of the Thuc Line bishops. A cramped "dirty" bedroom, five cats,
    a corner table ...and a telephone. In 1981 France was not under persecution. Why were the Episcopal Consecrations not performed even in a hotel room?

    "The Mass of the Consecration of a Bishop
    was twice celebrated up against the window.
    There were not three altar cloths for there was not even one altar cloth. The dial up telephone was left where it was, its telephone wire came onto the table; also a box of matches."

    1. We were especially amused at Sinburn's figure of $18,000 a year to maintain a "seminarian" at the swampland pesthouse, and that the people were expected to foot the bill to produce the malformed. We almost rolled over with laughter at the $9,000 for a pair of kneelers + surplices at $300-$400 each.

      It's obvious that Tradzilla has a very different set of priorities. Thus you can imagine what the expense will be when the Boy-Bishop-Elect is consecrated. At least that may be borne by his family and the Big Three.

    2. Well, maybe if Sanborn didn't have to have gourmet meals from his chef or food from organic Whole Foods, the cost might go down a bit. The seminary could actually get rid of their beer refrigerator to save some costs. He could actually make some sacrifices, instead of just asking the parishioners to make sacrifices. He drives a pretty nice car, which of course, he "needs" to travel to Vero Beach. $18,000 multiplied by 12 seminarians. So, it costs $216,000 to run the seminary, not including the surpluses and extra kneelers? Is this the first time there has been 12 seminarians? Why the need for extra kneelers? Are at least 5-6 of the Seminarians Americans, and some of them from wealthier families? How much does it cost to run a family of 12 and send them to one of the schools? Maybe he should get advice from one of the families on how to save money, since my guess is that most make due with less than 18,000 per child , including the education of their children.

      He could also be the example and start sacrificing himself, before asking that of others. Maybe he should forego his Belgium restaurant or organic meals and save the money to buy one of the less fortunate seminarians his surplice. Maybe he could ask the Sisters to volunteer to do the cooking for the seminary, since they have an abundance of lay people who do their teaching and meals? Maybe the seminarians can begin eating "normal" food instead of gourmet meals from scratch? Get rid of the spoiled cats that have to have special treatment?

    3. Yeah I was wondering about the $9000 kneeler myself--but the 'faithful' just have to work 8 jobs if they want a seminary!

      It's a good thing "non-profits" don't have to pay taxes:

    4. Last week's bulletin stated that the front pews are now reserved for seminarians and lay people should not mingle with them in the pews. Lol

    5. "Mingle with them in the pews?" Who mingles in Church?

      My question is this: if these seminarians are coming from poor backgrounds and countries, not even being able to afford everyday supplies, why are they being fed gourmet, organic meals?

      What parishes are able to keep up with feeding their priests gourmet meals and what Saints in the past would treat themselves with chefs, organic, and gourmet meals? Is Sanborn setting these seminarians up to expect to live a lavish lifestyle?

      I have been hearing that when he attends festivities, he is even given a separate meal than the lay people...can you confirm this?

      Does he offer his parish detail explanations of the seminary and church expenses? The electric, water, food, and maintence bills should be transparent. What he gifts himself as salary, his chef, his maintence crew, and such should be complete. Who pays his travel to Europe? Is he staying in his normal luxury accommodations or does he try to stay in modest accomodations?

      Can not anyone see that his expectations of how he should be treated is not that of a true saint-like representative of Christ?

    6. I had to go back and look at the bulletin again for the exact wording.

      "At no time should a lay person be in the same pew as they. (Seminarians)"

  10. Is Cekada still teaching at the seminary?

    1. We thought that maybe Junior was filling in for him.

  11. I am so glad you put the small print after the main article. It is predictable but seen in print is sad. None of this may stop DS however because there are other forces at play which will support him. Bring on the chaos! (?) Nope; I don't really want chaos I handle it no better than anyone else and worse than many I am sure.

    How comes it that I - born protestant reader of the archives who has reached this page - could foresee this happening when I saw the "Important Announcement" on the mht site in April '17?

    I read don correctly just from listening to lots of podcasts and from observing the close connection between TRRadio and MHT.

    I seem to understand exactly what he is doing and what this site does is provide details I could never have found or even sought on my own.

    Thank you. The Archives of course become more interesting and important to my future the more recent they are as I work my way to the present.

    Aloha from Hawaii - both good-bye and hello.

    Mahalo Nui Loa = thank you very much.