Saturday, November 4, 2017


Bestiaries, medieval treatises derived from the Greek PHYSIOLOGUS, which was a collection of some fifty fabulous anecdotes from natural, mostly animal, history, of a moralizing and symbolical character. Harvey's The Oxford Companion to English Literature

Editor's Note: This the fifth post in a series prompted by an earlier comment about how Dannie's lurid tales of his Killer Kitties represent personal coping devices to deal with his many adversaries' attacks. Our usual format has been to quote from the "Corner" word-for-word and then give our interpretation. Today, however, we're making a slight variation: After quoting both incidents, we'll comment — very frankly — on their inappropriateness before we quickly tease out their hidden content. WARNING: Don't read on if you're the queasy type.

Animal Antic 1, from Pentecost XIX, 2017
Caravaggio was waiting for me when I returned home after the final 24 hour journey from Argentina. He partied a little too hard, though, and the next day I had to take care of clean up. He is prudently sleeping it off now.
Animal Antic 2, from Pentecost XX, 2017
Oh yes, Caravaggio. He came bounding in the other evening with his “special needs” meow, and deposited a freshly slain baby mouse in my room. I picked him up to dissuade him from his nighttime snack, but as I did so he swallowed his mouse meal in three gulps. And this from a cat who shies away from solid food.
Before all the financial troubles came to a head at $GG, His Grossness was content to turn our stomachs with simple accounts of blood-drenched mayhem and mauling. But lately he's ratcheted up the "ick"-factor. With these latest mutilation-and-regurgitation anecdotes, Dannie appears intent on making the Gerties retch before brunch.

Just think about the above two verbal images: cat puke in one and in the other a grume-spattered beast gobbling up a shredded carcass. Does the Wee One hope to emerge as a nasty, low-rent Ibáñez with this Blood and Barf?

 It's way beyond beyond bad taste: It approaches the deeply disturbed.

On a Sunday, who needs to contemplate Dannie's scooping up a congealed puddle of vomit, probably consisting in large part of undigested rodent guts? And why on the Sabbath morn should the Gertlings have to confront the image of a feral cat, cradled in a cult master's arms, its fangs clogged with clotted blood, fresh fecal matter, and torn mouse flesh, noisily gulping down, chunk by gory chunk, a newly slaughtered pinky?

Gerties, what's wrong with you? Why haven't you given this creep his walking papers?
. . . . . . . . . .

Well, then, enough with our outrage against this uncivil delight in carnage.

Let's go straight to the message underlying these two affronts to decency. It won't take long.
Antic 1 clearly signals the party's over at the cult, and they're sick over it. While Travelin' Man Dan was out galavanting in México lindo and the Andean foothills with their lush grapevines, pretending nothing has changed since the 2009 $GG $chool $candalthe "¢lerical" ¢lown ¢rew at $GG had to face the reluctant givers.  Cheesy, no stranger himself to others' surliness, recognizes the aggressive unwillingness to underwrite wasteful spending. It's been left to him to inform the Mitered Maggot that the balmy days of wine and roses have turned into chilling nights of wormwood and weeds. He didn't have the stomach for it. 
Antic 2 is about the straitened conditions of the cult "¢lergy." No more lavish meals at local high-end restaurants. To fill their grumbling maws, they have to wolf down whatever slop comes their way, whether they want to or not. (Heard no longer is "I don't like that.") Whereas beforehand they turned their noses up at the greasy, starchy, gag-inducing fare sallow Gerttie gals used to throw together in their grimy kitchens, the "¢lergy" must swallow the unsightly mess whole or starve.  Such is the price for defending the indefensible in 2009.
As usual, we invite our readership to suggest their own reading of Dannie's two repulsive critter capers. So much vulgarity promises a richness of interpretive possibilities.


  1. Whenever I read the Bishop's Corner and notice that the "Top Kat" from the KKK a/k/a The Kitty Kat Korner, is up to M & M a/k/a mincing and maiming some kritter, I prepare my mind to look for the subliminal bacteria that is oozing forth from the lips of the master of the feline, as he delights in describing the details of the kill from his Pet. His Pet, His Parishioners,either way something is being led to slaughter.

    1. Dannie’s grotesque musings about his cats are actually a reflection of His Degeneracy’s own depraved psyche. What kind of “bishop” would print such disgusting garbage in -- of all things -- his church bulletin? One minute, he’s smothering his Gerties in “S&S” (Syrup and Sanctimony); and the next, he’s matter-of-factly regaling them with gruesome details about how his feral felines have dismembered and devoured some defenseless little critter. (Wow, what wholesome fare for his Gerties – especially the kiddies!) Perhaps Dannie thinks he’s being “cute” by telling his Gerties such gruesome crap; but to normal people, his anecdotes are the disturbed ramblings of a sick mind. Dannie belongs not in a rectory, but in a padded cell.

  2. Why are you guys wasting your time on these fools? You should be using your considerable brain power in some worthwhile endeavor.

    I really don’t give a fig about Danny and his boy. I come here in The hope that your attending to Greek and Latin matters. I’ve learned quite a bit from you.

    1. As long as people support these fools, we'll have to keep on exposing them. However, from the looks of it, they're losing followers fast. That means we'll soon be able to blog exclusively on the matters you and we like. In fact, right now we're designing a blog to cover medieval textual criticism, ecclesiastical Latinity, and New Testament Greek, so we'll make a smooth transition once the cult collapses. It shouldn't take too much longer. Last week Dannie left us numerous hints of the cult's pending demise, which we'll share this week.

      In the meantime, we'll try to find more ways to comment about Latin and Greek subjects.

    2. Your should be you’re. The blessed iPad has a mind of its own. Sorry about that.

      That sounds so much more interesting. Many thanks!

    3. Indeed, iPads and smart phones have minds of their own when it comes to text. We completely understand. No apologies needed.

      We won't have any Latin or Greek comments this weekend, but we promise to keep looking for such topics as we scan the cult masters' output. Believe us, we're sick of the junk Dannie puts out, too, but in order to convince the hangers-on to get out, we must continue to expose the cult's sham Catholicism. Were we to let up, many folks would think every things O.K. The "clergy" count on people's forgetting.

  3. Reader: Could you help me, please? Considering you are enemies of the Church, is it legitimate/lawful for me to pray that you drop dead before you do any more damage to souls? Just wondering...

    1. That decision is up to your obviously malformed conscience. But by way of informing it, we remind you that Dannie & Co. are not the Church, and that each of the Readers is a loving son or daughter of the true Roman Catholic Church. Our apostolate is aimed at saving souls from the cult masters. So as long as our Lord grants us breath, we will continue our effort to rescue the innocent from para-Catholic sede religious entrepreneurs.

      BTW, as you'll see this week, it looks as though $GG is well on its way out, thus forestalling more "damage to souls" without our intervention.

    2. I am not the Reader, but I would be more than happy to answer your
      Obviously, you must be a supporter of SGG or a graduate of its finer institute of lower learning.
      Your prayers should be directed for all the poor souls who have been abused, and used by the Preying Prelate, His Profit- Hungry Pal, and their Unprincipled Principal.
      I think that you should pray for God's Will to be done regarding the Reader, considering that YOU alone have judged him as an enemy of the Church.

      Perhaps God does not see it your way!

  4. You think maybe one day the people who support SGG will wake up to reality?

    1. Yes, we honestly do.

      Weekly collections are evaporating like a gob of spit on a hot griddle, which only means that people are waking up.

      The dump won't shut down tomorrow, but for all practical purposes the end is on the horizon. To say otherwise is whistling in a cemetery.

  5. On a different note I "bothered" to skim Big Don's October Newsletter. On the first page of his rant he incorrectly identifies Francis' Amoris Laetitia and John Paul II's Catecehsi Tradendae as Encylcicals. Doesn't this "Rector" know the difference between a post-synodal apostolic exhortation and a real encyclical and the major difference between the magisterial weight of each kind of document? Apparently not - what else is "His Defectiveness" missing? Give that guy another miter (with a big "D" on the front!)

    1. We guess that since his fans don't care whether he's right or wrong, he doesn't either. But as we all know, he isn't a real Roman Catholic bishop anyway.