Saturday, October 28, 2017


Straw shall not be provided for you. Exodus (CCD Version, 1952)


You can hear it, can't you?

The throaty growl at the rickety door? The muffled snarls leaking through a cracked, dirty window? The menacing tattoo of razor-sharp claws against rotting porch floorboards?

The wolf is at Dannie's door.

Take a look, perhaps for the second time, at last week's "Corner":
How Fr. Cekada manages to pay for all of [the many repairs to the crumbling cult center]  remains a mystery to me, for like the Hebrews, he is always making bricks without straw [sic!]. But I do know that more bills will be coming in, and more work needs done. Many of you, when you do come, contribute nothing, not even a token amount. How’s about it? If not for justice sake, at least for charity. Contribute your fair share to your church each week or each month. You know God will reward or punish you accordingly. As with forgiveness, we get to write our own ticket ...Will you alone come without a gift? God is never outdone in generosity but men are always outdoing each other in cold-hearted cheapness, whether in support or service. “Freely you have received. Freely give.”
There you have it! And in the Dirtbag's very own words. Confirmation of what PL's reported all along: the disillusioned Gerties are STARVING THE BEAST within decaying $GG. "One-Hand Dan" has mocked human nature for the last time. Vanished is his claim over the cultlings' income.

Ask yourself this: Why should culties surrender more of their treasure to the Wee One? He cynically warns, "more bills will be coming in, and more work needs done," while they remember he's just returned from unnecessary junkets to sunny Mexico and Argentina's wine country with its architecturally stunning bodegas (right on the heels of splurging on a vacation for two to chic New Mexico)!

How in the world could the Argentines have ever afforded the exorbitantly costly airfare from Los Angeles all the way down to Mendoza — a ways south of the Tropic of Capricorn —and then back up across two continents to SW Ohio? Didn't His Itinerancy recently describe his mendocino hosts as "truly poor, dirt poor, as they live a hard life among the dusty vineyards in Argentina. They even manage without a car, so that every little shopping trip or sick call entails begging a ride"?

He sure did!

Could the Mexicans, at least, have sprung to underwrite their part of Travelin' Man Dan's south-of-the-border autumn getaway?

Doubt it!

It's no surprise the cash-strapped Gerties are holding back: If His Profligacy can blow so much "needed" money on expensive foreign travel, then there's plenty of coin in the kitty to cover  upcoming expenses. Right? At any rate, cultlings never "freely received" anything from the Mammon-mad cult "clergy." Over the years, they've paid dearly for everything. Indeed, they've paid so far ahead they can give their exhausted pocket books a well-deserved rest.

Seeing that Gertlings have already sacrificed an un-fair share from their family fiscs for the "clergy's" comfort, they won't be intimidated by impious threats of divine retribution. Nor will they blush in shame at loutish insults or self-serving recriminations. They've become defiantly prudent cheapskates who also refuse to cook and clean-up-after an ill-bred "clerical" boys club.

Dannie's angry tirade against his wised-up flock foreshadows the impending end of the SW Ohio cult. But that's something you and we already knew. What IS revealing, though, is his wrong-headed reference to the Hebrews' "making bricks without straw." But first, let's show you why it's wrong.

Without the addition of straw (1) to allow the clay or mud to dry more easily and, as a binder, (2) to add stability to the product, the finished bricks would have broken and crumbled. (Straw, acting as a "flexible supporting lattice ...  will redistribute the force throughout the brick, decreasing the chance of breakage" [Smith, as cited in Capaldi, 2011].)  Pharao(h)'s taskmasters would, therefore, never have permitted the fabrication of such defective building materials. After all, scholars believe brick-manufacture was probably a government monopoly in ancient Egypt, since most bricks are stamped with the name of the king.

As any literate person who reads Exodus 5 will tell you, the problem for the Children of Israel was that "[w]hile some continued at the [brick] works, others went about the fields to gather up every grain of chaff and piece of straw which they could find" (Haydock). The consequent diminution of the brick-making labor force would've made it impossible for the Israelites to meet the daily quota of bricks set by the Egyptian overseers.  ("Why have you not completed your prescribed amount of bricks, yesterday and today, as before?" [5.14]).*

This means that the Hebrews never stopped adding straw to the bricks they produced; they simply produced bricks in reduced quantities, since under the new regimen they had to collect, sort, and chop the straw in addition to digging, tempering, mixing, and moulding the clay ("The people, then, scattered throughout the land of Egypt to gather stubble for straw" [5.12] ).

Don't get us wrong. We're not writing to prove (once again) that the cult masters can't read Scripture closely. (They can't — click here for a recent example.) No, the Readers see much more than the expected sede ignorance, for we possess the key to "One Hand's" subconscious messaging. Years of decoding Danniespeak, you see, have led us to conclude that "straw" = "collection money." Thus in Deficit Dan's erroneous reading of Holy Writ we discover the truth about the cult:
it's runnin' outta cash! 
Ever since the 2009 $GG $chool $candal, we've observed they've been having trouble making ends meet in order to pursue a jet-setting life of ease. But now financial straits are truly grave.  At the precise moment when the cult masters need the Gerties' meager financial resources the most, they're not forthcoming.

$GG is far beyond the stage of elective repairs. As Li'l Daniel himself wrote last week,
... we have been taking care of some repair/replacement projects which have come due, or have long been delayed. A small crew has been working on one of the roof leaks, right over the vestibule... The parking lot asphalt repair has been scheduled, finally, for next month. 3 ½ heating/air conditioning units have been replaced and seem at last to be functioning well
By their own admission, the cult masters can no longer postpone essential maintenance. Engineers we consulted estimate that, based on their experience, tens of thousands of additional dollars may be needed if the "clergy" have let things slide so, considering the shoddy cult center had a limited life to begin with and experienced serious problems from the onset. Unfortunately for Dannie and Checkie,  they can no longer count on the Gerties to cough up the large dollar amounts they need to keep $GG from its certain collapse.

Insults or threats notwithstanding, disenchanted Gertlings will continue to arrive empty handed, forcing Dannie to try to gather funds from outside the cult. After so many years, unaccountable spending has at last become a casualty. Any effort to glean money from afar is destined to fail: all Trad Nation has "One Hand's" number by now. As His Insultancy accelerates the name-calling, like the Hebrews of old, Gerties will leave the bondage of the traddie cult "company by company."

Just in time, too, for the wolf has already crossed the broken door-threshold.

*in his Jewish Antiquities (II.xiii.4), the historian Flavius Josephus (AD 37 — after 93) differs from Fr. Haydock in his explanation of the division of labor :
Although formerly furnishing them chaff for brick-making, [Pharao(h)] no longer supplied it, but he made them endure hardship in the works by day, and collect the chaff by night ... the distress for them being double... (our literal translation).
The brick-pit slaves' exhaustion, therefore, could also account for the drop in productivity.

Whichever scenario you prefer — Haydock's or Josephus' — the fact remains that the Hebrews kept on making bricks with straw, contrary to His Ignorancy. BTW, here's the Greek of Josephus if you don't believe us:
  δὲ ἄχυρον αὐτοῖς παρέχων εἰς τὴν πλινθείαν πρότερον οὐκέτι παρεῖχενἀλλ᾽ ἡμέρας μὲν ἐπὶ τοῖς ἔργοις ταλαιπωρεῖν ἐποίεινυκτὸς δὲ συνάγειν τὸ ἄχυρον ... τοῦ δεινοῦ διπλασίονος ὄντος αὐτοῖς ...
For anybody out in cyberspace who, like the cult masters, can't read Greek or understand the plain text of the Bible,  there's an alternative resource to confirm Dan's error. Cecil B. DeMille, who acknowledged Josephus near the end of the main title of The Ten Commandments, got it right, albeit with a little dramatic license:
John Carradine — "Aaron" [stentoriously]: "It is Pharaoh's order that you be given no straw to make your tally of bricks." 
Male voice amid the protesting Hebrew rabble [in outraged disbelief]: "No straw! ... How can you make bricks without straw?!" 
Edward G. Robinson — "Dathan" [nasally, with whining contempt]: "You will glean the stubble of the fields by night ... And remember: the tally must be the same!"
Didn't Dannie ever watch that flick?  NBC, we think, used to broadcast it nationally every year. Maybe it still does. His Deficiency should check his local listings this spring.


  1. What an amazing article! One after another epithet hurled at Bishop Dolan. Amazing how much of what motivates you shone through. Hate. You are influenced by Satan, and are full of hate.
    But years from now, when SGG is still going strong, you will look not only hateful but silly.

    1. No, we are motivated by Christian charity to do good for our fellow man by exposing the sham-Catholic sede cult kingpins.

      $GG will never be going strong again. It's hanging on by a thread now, as non-"bishop" Dannie's own words tell us.

      Listen to us now and believe us later: it's all over but the crying for the Mitered Maggot.

  2. "This above all: to thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day. Thou canst not then be false to any man"...

    The truth can only be suppressed for so long. It appears the Beast has finally reared its ugly head, with his true feelings.
    "Give unto me you low-lifes, and I will make sure you keep giving, for it is so much better to give than receive". $o hi$$ed the $nake from $GG.

    1. Yep, that's the cult me$$age.

      How interesting that the Dirtbag can't quote Exodus correctly but he manages to get Mt 10:8 right (but ignores the context)!

      Too bad Dannie didn't keep on reading that same chapter in Matthew. In the very next verse, our Lord commanded the twelve apostles (that's whom He was addressing), "Do not possess gold, nor silver, nor money in your purses."

  3. Dannie never checks his facts when throwing out phrases like “making bricks without straw,” because, heretofore, he’s never had to: his gullible Gerties have always automatically swallowed every bit of BS he’s ever uttered. And like many, he probably watched the flick (The Ten Commandments), but missed the part about gathering the stubble in the fields (for straw), and hence “got it wrong” (as he usually does). Dannie never thinks before he opens his big, fat ignorant mouth – again, because he’s never had to. He’s used to saying whatever he wants to his gullible Gerties. But that’s changing: he can’t get away with being “careless” anymore, because Pistrina is watching – and his Gerties are wising up.

    But when he said that Tony is “making bricks without straw,” he’s right: just as “bricks without straw” are garbage, so too is everything that Tony has ever “made”: everything he’s said or ever written is “without straw” – “straw” in this case being the truth. Every one of Tony’s efforts has been a mistranslated, misinterpreted mishmash of illogic and wrong conclusions, designed only to impress the untutored (and unsuspecting) gullible. But now those “gullible” are is waking up – and realizing that Dannie and Tony are imposters – and exploiters.

    And as both LP and PL have predicted, the cult center is falling apart; and all that money that Dannie and Tony have been blowing on travel junkets (when “times were good”) should have been salted away for the time when routine maintenance inevitably comes due. But, now, the Brueggemann family is not there to bail them out anymore – and they have “no acorns put away for the winter.” Well, Dannie and Tony, we understand that Amazon is hiring – and probably WallMart too – so you can make some “acorns” that way. But Dannie, if you’re going to be a WallMart greeter, don’t try to guilt-trip their customers like you do your Gerties -- it won’t wash!

  4. Re: Anon. 6:51 AM's remark and the Reader's reply at 7:41 AM

    As the Watcher observed above (9:55 AM), the Gerties are too gullible and too under educated to be suspicious of "One Hand's" citations from Scripture. But that's all right, since a portion of PL's apostolate to make those victimized souls aware of the profound deficits of the men in whom they have placed so much unmerited trust.

    In yesterday's post, the Readers did a fine job of exposing "One Hand's" profound ignorance of the content of Exodus 5. To complement their work, we'd like to pick up on the Reader's reply this morning and further explore just how far out of context was Li'l Dan's citation from Mt 10: 8, "Freely you have received. Freely give."

    From reading last week's "Corner," you'd think the logion was aimed at the laity to support their church, but nothing could be further from the truth. Mt 9:35 - 11:1, often captioned "The Missionary Sermon," is addressed to the Twelve, not to lay folk. In the Discourse proper, our Lord commissions the college of apostles to share His mission and proclaim the Good News.

    At 10:8, by the instruction "Freely you have received. Freely give," He warns the apostles that the Gospel is not for sale ,and they are not to be paid. The other Synoptic Gospels are all equally adamant regarding our Lord's prohibition.

    Authentic, commissioned representatives of Christ will have their needs taken care of by the faithful to whom they proclaim the Gospel, so there's no place for high-pressure threats of God's punishment and name calling.

    The unwillingness of Gerties to support the schemes of ecclesiastical entrepreneurs should be a not-so-subtle message to them that they are not the real thing, which heeds our Lord's warning. And even if the cult masters believe they're the "real thing," then they should obey Christ's instruction to leave the town that does not receive them and "shake off the dust from your feet," leaving the town to it fate.

    But, to the extent that they themselves may know who they really are, they don't want to risk losing out. (As an aside, the "real thing" can also appositely and accurately cite Scripture at all times. They know that too.)

  5. Gee, talk about the "Straw that broke the camels back." St. Gertrude's appears to have more mud then straw these days, and had better heed the warning from the famous Fairy Tale about the Three Little Pigs and the house of straw. We know that when the Big Bad Wolf comes a huffing and a puffing, something is going to be blowing in the wind.

  6. Heh, heh! Very good. Of course, it's about the five little pigs at $GG. From the sound of it, all the Big Bad Wolf has to do is sneeze and the whole place will come down.

  7. I read today's bulletin from SGG. It semeed to me a plaintive cry for a merger with some other Church. I cannot quote it directly as I don't have the 10/29 Bishop's Corner in front of me. But he is asking for a takeover or more likely takeunder. The white flag is somewhat visible now. Well done PL!

  8. But you've been saying it's all coming down for 8 years? You are the sickos that cried wolf.

    1. That's true. We've been saying so for 8 years, and every month $GG has diminished. That's not crying, "Wolf!" We've been right on the money, so to speak.

      Unlike primitives, we understand that the ultimate collapse of an enterprise like $GG takes place over time, especially when there are depraved, immoral individuals who keep it on life support.

      But make no mistake. Its decline has been sure and certain since the 2009 $GG $chool $candal. At the moment, we're approaching the crossover point where the losses are becoming greater than the remaining support can sustain.

      And we're not the messengers of the collapse. If you read the "Corner," it's Dirtbag Dan himself who's signaling the end. When will that end come? Who knows? It may be a matter of months or more probably a few years or it may have to wait a little longer.

      The time period is irrelevant, however. The point is the irreversible decline has set in and will accelerate. As 4:17 noted, the white flag is already fluttering in the wind.

      It's over for the cult. And Dannie knows it.

  9. Anonymous October 29, 2017 at 3:51 AM
    ..."What an amazing article! One after another epithet hurled at Bishop Dolan. Amazing how much of what motivates you shone through. Hate"....

    My, my, this is the kind of mentality that most Hillary supporters throw at those patriots who have had enough, and opted for Trump.

    Rome produced a Francis! So do you really think that the devil is not within the ranks of those who claim to have the True Faith? We
    as Catholics failed, when we allowed Vatican II to crawl into our midst. So don't you think it is a good idea to have some kind of a Watch Dog to be ever vigilant against the "wild and wicked snares of the devil", who we all know is among us, and was warned about by Our Lord?

    1. We Catholics also failed to police the illicit, mock-Catholic "clergy" who sought to fill the vacuum. Had we been as wise as the serpents who slithered into our midst, trads wouldn't have so many of the problems they face today.

      Anon. 3:51 got all hot-'n'-bothered about the (very appropriate) nicknames we have for Dannie, but apparently Dannie's abject ignorance of Sacred Scripture didn't bother him a bit. Nobody likes the kid who tells you there ain't no Santa.

  10. Anonymous October 29, 2017 at 6:12 PM

    "But you've been saying it's all coming down for 8 years? You are the sickos that cried wolf."

    Really? Are we Trads then not guilty, or "SICKOS" for crying Wolf about the same long expected fall of the Novus Ordo?

    Why is P. L. deranged for protecting the innocent from the same type of scoundrels who are using God as a business, as the Novus Ordo does?

    BTW: Christ is also coming back, but He has NO time frame, just signs to look for.

    Good Luck! Following these self acclaimed clergy who do not even interpret Scripture correctly. Truly they are only interested in your Dollars and not your Dolors.

    1. Very well put, 7:23.

      We think the protest came because 6:12 knows it's game over for Dannie and the Cheeseball (and Big Don, too).

  11. Your visceral reactions/vain justifications tell me that you know full well that the way you are treating clergy is MORTALLY SINFUL.

    1. There's nothing visceral or vain about our responses. They're measured and offered in humility. And since these men are not Catholic clergy and since these men condemn themselves with their own deeds and words, there's nothing mortally or venially sinful about our reportage. Actually, our work is virtuous because it brings the truth out about these malformed religious adventurers.

    2. "Cerebral" is the word that comes to mind to describe P.L.'s treatment of the traddie impostors. Who else noticed Dolan's error about Exodus and his twisting the meaning of Matthew?

      If there is anybody attacking SGG, it is Dolan himself. It was he who threatened the people with God's wrath, not P.L. It was Dolan who took those trips abroad when he knew SGG was in need of major repairs. It was Dolan who complained about the people's "cheapness."

  12. You are deluded. Pure and simple.
    You have a very poor idea of humility and virtue. In fact, a warped notion.
    Name one saint who atacked others, accusing them of heinous and unnatural behavior WITHOUT a shred of solid evidence. Because that is precisely what you're doing. Scandalous and grievously sinful!

    1. You've got the wrong blog in mind regarding any "accusations." Everything we post is backed up with citations, and we focus on documented facts, often provided by the cult masters themselves, not rumors. For instance, we didn't just accuse Checkie of perversely translating infallible papal teaching, we irrefutably demonstrated it. And we didn't just say his defense of one-handed orders was baloney, we refuted him point for point (along with exposing more errors).

      But you asked for a saint, so we'll give you one: St. Jerome. Here are a few samples, which you'll see very much resemble our just criticisms.

      From Against Helvidius:

      "I was requested by certain of the brethren not long ago to reply to a pamphlet written by one Helvidius. I have deferred doing so, not because it is a difficult matter to maintain the truth and refute an ignorant boor who has scarce known the first glimmer of learning…"

      "I know not whether to grieve or laugh. Shall I convict him of ignorance, or accuse him of rashness?"

      "There are things which, in your extreme ignorance, you had never read, and therefore you neglected the whole range of Scripture and employed your madness …."

      From Against Jovianianus:

      "But the style is so barbarous, and the language so vile and such a heap of blunders, that I could neither understand what he was talking about, nor by what arguments he was trying to prove his points. At one moment he is all bombast, at another he grovels: from time to time he lifts himself up, and then like a wounded snake finds his own effort too much for him. Not satisfied with the language of men, he attempts something loftier."

      "What, I ask, is the meaning of these portentous words and of this grotesque description? Would you not think he was in a feverish dream, or that he was seized with madness and ought to be put into the strait jacket which Hippocrates prescribed?" However often I read him, even till my heart sinks within me, I am still in uncertainty of his meaning. Everything starts from, everything depends upon, something else. It is impossible to make out any connection…"

      "I will briefly set forth our adversary's views, and willk drag them out from his books like snakes from the holes where they hide, and will separate the venomous head from the writhing body. What is baneful shall be discovered, that, when we have the power, it may be crushed."

      BTW, it is grievously sinful to support these non-Catholic ecclesiastical buccaneers who can't even cite Scripture correctly.

  13. All these business men have to do is dig deep into their own well lined pockets, and pull out the wads that they have stashed away for their retirement. Or, they can always tap into one of their safe haven bank accounts that is well funded from all those cries from the pulpit from the lucrative past.

    1. Unless, maybe, the funds were unwisely invested by an amateur?

  14. Don needs to wake up. He only gets people who don't know any better and think what he is saying is Catholic teaching. It isn't. He thinks he can use how bad the world is to scare people into thinking he must be right. Anyone who goes to that place sees the lack of charity amongst them, beginning with the religious themselves.

    As far as his big plans, he had to leave it up to the princesses to create a money making scheme because his attempts have not been fruitful. They now have a pilot program of expensive technology to tap into the world of education who can't see what their dollars are actually supporting. They can't keep up with their predicted over 100 children in the school (that like Don's schemes never happened, and in fact, they don't even have as many children as they had during their predicted success!). Instead, they think they can put their habits on and pretend that their program of the year is better than all the other ones out there (until their next program revamp), while at the same time keeping all the dirty little secrets that school and church are hiding. Look into that place; their dirty little secrets will eventually come out and the entire place will end up in jail.

    1. Did they invest in e-classroom technology? Wonder who paid: the élite? Last we heard they were going to use Skype. Maybe someone told them what a bad idea that would be.

      You're right that this is just another pipe dream that's going nowhere. And, as you say, when someone finally spills the beans, they'll have to close up shop.

  15. Anonymous October 31, 2017 at 9:27 AM

    "...Name one saint who atacked others, accusing them of heinous and unnatural behavior WITHOUT a shred of solid evidence..."

    WITHOUT a shred of evidence? This is where you are grossly mistaken. Year after year, and email after email has been presented, on many sites, not only on P.L. However, P.L. to their credit, were extremely cautious and professional with their investigative research before they printed anything.

    You really do not have to go too far to check this out. Just scroll up and read for yourself on this weeks P.L. blog what Bishop Dolan himself wrote, wrote himself, and was corrected by the staff at P. L.once again.

    ***Hopefully this will enlighten you to read the Gospel of St. Matthew for yourself and see who bears the truth.

    *** Please see: Pistrina Liturgica October 29, 2017 at 11:52 AM
    Re: Anon. 6:51 AM's remark and the Reader's reply at 7:41 AM


    I think that Christ Himself accused St. Peter of being satan, when He commanded the demon to get behind Him. He didn't need any evidence, as it was evident what St. Peter did.

    Harsh! You better believe it, but it was corrected immediately.

    However, even with evidence, I doubt that people with your mind set will ever bother to research for the truth.

    So before you go into defense mode for the dashing duo at SGG, educate yourself, lest you bear the same trade mark as they do,"Close, but no Cigar".

  16. Don't worry, dear members of Monumentally-Deluded Effeminacy STILL states on his website that SGG will be a "sermon in stone" and a "national shrine"!!!


    The Vipers of Vaudeville sold the old SGG, the "rectory" (with its pink bathroom, etc) AND the "convent" at the height of the real estate boom. Where did that money go? Why do they already need so much more of your hard-earned money to maintain the recently-built "sermon in stone"?

    Love and blessings to all who read these words, including DD, AC et alii.