Saturday, January 20, 2018


The dispensing of injustice is always in the right hands. Lec

For almost a decade, you've confronted on these pages numerous arguments for withholding financial, moral, and material assistance from the SW Ohio cult, all of which have been substantiated by the cult masters' very words or deeds. Many out there have listened and acted, but a few continue to resist our repeated invitation to STARVE THE BEAST.

Maybe what's needed is one thin, solitary straw to break the back of their reluctance. You know— not something big, like abetting the violation of the Church's law of abstinence, but something that appears minor, yet isn't: Some little incident to prove the Gerties are wasting their money, time, sweat, and good faith, while they get the short end of the stick.

Wee Dannie's January 7 "Corner," we'd say, loaded on that last straw (emphasis ours):

I would like to ask you to join our CAT club at St. Gertrude the Great. No, nothing to do with Caravaggio or Puccini, cat food or vet trips. CAT stands for some-thing like “Cars and Transportation,” actually “Clergy Airport Transportation,” I guess. In a word, it assembles our drivers who would be willing to give an airport ride or pickup for the good Fathers going about their mission rounds. We’re low at the moment, and nobody picked up Fr. Lehtoranta returning from his Milwaukee Christmas. I was mortified. It seemed a little unfriendly. Cold. And at Christmas. He took a cab. He and I are holdouts, dummies I guess, without Smart Phones. So, no Uber either.
Whoa, Nelly! If that doesn't get the few remaining conscious Gerties to pack their bags (as soon as they stop laughing their heads off), who knows what will?  Dannie's appeal so richly bears out everything we've heretofore posted that an analysis for souls who aren't quick on the uptake seems to be the order of the day.

Suppose we start with the confession "We're low at the moment." Of course, the cult's low on drivers. The Gerties are wising up, refusing to subsidize the expenses of far-away "missions," from which they receive no benefit. These excursions are moneymakers and mini escapes for the "clergy." Why should $GG culties sacrifice their precious free time, waste their gasoline, and suffer wear-and-tear to their vehicles by hauling those freeloaders around to serve outsiders? Charity begins at home, so the proverb goes.

Where's the equity in Gerties' abandoning their families — "at Christmas" — to venture out into the "[c]old" to keep expenditures down for strangers? To us, that's "unfriendly," not to mention grossly unfair.  If "missions" hire out one of Dannie's "priests," then the cost of airport transfer should be built into the fee they pay: that's how consultants/contractors in the business world do it. By cadging free rides, "One Hand" unjustly saddles some Gerties with an extra collection from which they derive zero advantage, spiritual or otherwise.

In addition to confirming the Gerties' unwillingness to support the SW Ohio sectarian scheme, the Wee One's appeal betrays the cult-masters' managerial ineptitude. If he and the "good Fathers" can't get their act together to design and monitor a rudimentary motor pool, then they most likely haven't the competence to husband the culties' weekly donations. Can't the "clergy" build a master schedule for "missions," at least on a semi-annual basis?

With a schedule in place, no one could be taken by surprise, unless a volunteer, for some reason, couldn't complete his assignment. And in that case, more than likely, the individual would call to advise the cult masters to find a replacement, say, one of the bone-idle "clergy" lounging around decrepit $GG. If our Pedestrian Prelate had been able to learn to drive, like normal folks, he could contribute his fair share of the work.

Therefore, from a managerial point of view, we see no reason for him to be "mortified." If you refuse to — or cannot  — plan, then snafus are bound to be your lot. And we hardly need to add that the Forlorn Finn is no princeling or distinguished guest deserving of chauffeur service. (He may not even be a "priest.") That said, however, we do think Dan's mortification was authentic.

The Readers consulted the search engine RideGuru and found that a one-way taxicab ride from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport to rodent-infested $GG would cost around $71.54, without tip. A standard gratuity would bring the fare to $82.27.

No wonder His Indigency was "mortified"! 

That's the check for hors d'œuvres, an entrée, dessert, and maybe a glass or two of house wine at La Petite France Restaurant and Bistro, a onetime favorite hangout before money grew tight after the calamitous 2009 $GG $chool $candal. (With a coupon, he could then afford to leave a proper tip.**) That cab fare must've hurt, seeing that it resulted in the ad-hoc creation of another resource-gobbler à la "Cucina Clerical."

Now if the SW Ohio cult had any business sense, the kingpins would've purchased a smartphone group plan for the "clerical" crown crew. With the "Uber" or Lyft app at his fingertips, the Forlorn Finn could've hailed a ride setting Dannie back a mere $37.87.  Adding in a 15% tip, the trip would've amounted to just a tad more than half the cost of a cab, plenty of dough for two adults to take advantage of the Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday dinner buffet at The Farm. As much as we don't want to give "One Hand" credit for anything, we'll agree with him on one point: it's plain dumb not to own a smartphone today when you travel frequently.

The time has come to close down the little that remains of Panhandlin' Dan's failed venture. Business basics are a challenge for him anyway.  From everything we've seen, the cult masters couldn't get lab rats on hormones to breed during mating season.  Furthermore, it's manifestly unjust for the Gerties to subsidize the cult's "mission rounds," the purpose of which is to suggest Dannie still has influence, provide jobs to sorry completers the pesthouse doesn't want, and bring in a little extra cash.

The fair thing for Dannie and his malformed "clergy" to do is to join the CAT Club for "dummies" without smartphones:

The Call A Taxi Club.

* One explanation for the "clergy's" apparent aversion to sharing "CAT" responsibilities equally with the Gerties may be the time involved: round-trip from the airport to the ramshackle industrial-park cult center takes about an hour and 20 minutes, longer during the rush. If the "clerical" pickup doesn't want to wait for his ride, then the driver has to do the waiting, so add another 10 to 20 minutes. If the pickup expects to be greeted in the terminal and escorted to the car, then add another half hour to 45 minutes, plus the usual exorbitant airport short-term-parking charge. And if the flight is delayed ...  well, you get the picture: better to inconvenience harried Gerties than the loafing "clergy."

**If he thinks he's above coupon clipping, there's always 10% off for presenting his AAA membership card.  But on second thought, since Dannie can't drive, he's probably not a member.


  1. I thought Bishop Dolan and his sidekick had Cistercian connections, but their church and manner of living seems to lack that sobriety and good taste of that austere order. Did they not learn anything from the Cistercians?

  2. Obviously not. Maybe that's why they took off for Écône so soon.

  3. I've become disenchanted with many of these groups. They seem to be money making and power grab schemes, with using Catholic ceremonies in order to disguise their true intent.

    When did these men become so corrupt? I can't imagine that they started out this way.

    1. In the good ol' days, these guys would not have been allowed into a seminary. Couple bad candidates with bad "formation" and you get the situation we're in today.

    2. Anonymous January 22, 2018 at 8:21 AM

      They started out wanting some kind of job they could make money at because they were incapable of doing anything else. The Archbishop needed U.S. recruits and took anybody who showed up. The American contingent in the early days was always a joke. Not till the mid 70s did some good talent arrive.

    3. Epikeia misapplied to jurisdiction by those more likely to be inclined to take and run with concepts that are easy than to make the sacrifices to live what is difficult. From studying's writings apparently from someone who was ordained and sacrificed to keep his integrity one may learn much about the history of the CMRI and other matters including jurisdiction under "WHO IS RIGHT AND WHO IS WRONG" on the audio page (mp3's).

      It is like uncovered treasure the longer I linger and listen there. The defense of Baptism of Desire and Blood is far and away the best I have ever read. It can be found on the front page as Petition for Spiritual Help and another place on the site. I sent that pdf to the Dimond brothers.

      The writing is stunningly effective and now that I know he was ordained I see better the person who is the writer.+

    4. Who is the author?

    5. Also: epikeia is ONLY applicable in the internal forum and this makes sense: that is, the conscience of each individual and not in the external forum which is so much wider and so much more open to abuse based on partiality either to self, one's situation, one's opinion on the situation of the church and one's role and power to assist her+

    6. The Bishops and Priests from "way back in the good old days" are the same ones who gleefully destroyed the Catholic Church from within circa early 1950's-mid 1970's.

  4. What's the current prevailing opinion on
    Bishop Ramolla?

    1. Others may wish to comment, but we have a problem with his "priestly" ordination by "One Hand Dan" and his consecration in the Slupski line by Dymek. We've been contacted by Europeans who have grave concerns. The case needs thorough investigation.

    2. Wow! I thought he'd be smarter than to do things like that! What a shame!

    3. Would Bishop Van Stuyver be willing to conditionally consecrate him?
      To his credit he didn't know about the Dymek situation until after Dymek died.

    4. Bishop Ramolla is a good priest as is Fr.Moylon.
      The sins of the consecrator are not passed on to the candidate.
      He had no idea about Dymek until Dymek died.
      His orders are just as valid as any other SSPX THUC or SSPV cleric.
      They all stem from Cardinal Rebiba way back in the 1400's.

    5. Our problem does not stem from Dymek's state, nor do we have a problem with the Thục lineage per se. We do believe that some sub-lines of that lineage have become either vitiated or untrustworthy owing to defects in administering the rites.

      Prescinding, however, from that notion, in our view anyone ordained by "One-Hand Dan" has dubious priestly orders, and a doubtful sacrament is no sacrament at all. And to be consecrated a bishop, the more common opinion holds the candidate must be a validly ordained priest.

      We're not Thục specialists, but we think his Rebiba lineage would have come from his co-consecrators Dumortier and Ho Ngoc Cân rather than principal consecrator Drapier, whose line was eastern. It might be worth clicking through to check.

    6. I have no problem with
      Bp.Dolan's orders.
      Having never met him or Fr.Cekada,it seems Bp.Dolan is laying low and keeping quiet these days.
      Bp.Ramolla's line stems straight from Thuc,
      Des Lauriers, McKenna, Slupski,and Dymek.

  5. What I said applies to Abp Lefebvre and others... epikeia cannot be used to justify the setting up of general situations i.e. religious houses, seminaries. No matter how persuasively he argues that his actions were taken in the interest of saving souls: which is exactly the same argument Fr. Cekada uses and Bp. Sanborn, and confreres. Also Bishop Thuc. There are Still valid bishops to be found however and will always be as Christ promised nothing will destroy the church. So it all depends on a person's view of jurisdiction once one grasps that concept... it took a while for a born-protestant like me and most especially once one grasps and marries the use of EPIKEIA.+

  6. To be clear: epikeia used as the Church intended and in no other way.

    So as to why all this happened in Brooksville-West Chester this has to do with the character of each individual center stage it is really that simple.

    Those younger ones whose names are not quite as prominent and who may not privately have the exact same ideas about the use of epikeia or who will develop scruples with age and experience will eventually separate themselves with God's grace and move on.+

    1. Give me names of valid priests and Bishops that are ok to use for Sacraments.
      Novus Ordo "orders" after July 1968 do not count until we have a Catholic Pope who can decide on this issue.

    2. The eastern rites in every case (except when there are Novus Ordo crossovers) are certainly valid.

      You can find the eastern directories here:

    3. I've read the Eastern Rites officially had their Holy Orders "modified" by JP2 in 1990.
      The internet has no information on this subject other than the official pronouncement.
      Secondly,it's not uncommon for Eastern Rite churches to be staffed by "bi-ritual" Novus Ordo "priests".
      Eastern Rite Bishops/Priests receiving "Holy Orders" from Novus Ordo "Bishops" is becoming more common.
      Before the early 90's,the Eastern Rites were solid for Sacramental graces.

    4. Another issue I've noticed with the Melkite rite in particular (which seems to be one of the more conservative Eastern rites that has preserved its traditional rites) is that their clergy proudly boast that Eastern schismatics are welcome to receive the sacraments at their churches. Such false ecumenism epitomizes the V2 apostasy from which trads are trying to escape.

    5. If a church aligns themselves with the Novus Ordo,it's only a matter of time before they become stupid.

  7. To Anon. Jan. 25, 9:55 AM: Someone calling Ramolla is a good priest is like Monica Lewinski calling Bill Clinton a good president. First, Ramolla is neither a “good priest” nor a “bishop.” Ramolla – conspiring with Droleskey, tried to smear another man (Bp. Paul Petko, who was the bishop associated with St. Albert the Great Church (where Ramolla was pastor at the time) to get him “out of the way” so that Ramolla could then become “bishop.” Droleskey also got Slupski’s creature (Dymek) to “consecrate” him. Also, while still at SAG, Rammy also tried to get rid of his assistant priest (Fr. Bernard Hall) – by withholding his salary, and by trying to thwart his immigration process. (Fr. Hall, a British national, was still overseas at the time; and Rammy “sat” on his immigration papers.)

    Then, after “double-crossing” both Petko and Hall, Ramolla then “double-crossed” his parishioners (who had supported him in the trumped-up charges against Petko) by leaving them (but not before buying himself $900 worth of “bishop duds,” along with $1000 or so worth of candles, etc. – both with parish money). He took Moylan (the other “priest” you mention -- and who was a seminarian at the time) with him when he left.

    It was Moylan who wrote what can only be described as a “love poem” and a “love letter” – the former to a fellow seminarian, and the latter to a clergyman some six months or so later). That clergyman was Bp. Petko (whom Ramolla and Droleskey had accused of “grooming” Moylan to write that “love letter”). But the “love poem” (written some six months prior) dispels the “grooming” myth – and implicates Moylan (along with Ramolla and Droleskey) in the conspiracy against Petko.

    So, “bottom line,” both Ramolla and Moylan are charlatans – each in his own way. Say what you will about them, neither is a “good priest.” BTW, there is much more evidence on them (See ).
    (Also see

    1. I know this may sound like a tangent, but do you believe that Drolesky was really ordained a priest?

    2. We've heard nothing "official," but a lot of rumors.

    3. I don't think he's a priest.
      No man would want to hear his Wife & Daughter's confession.

  8. =Jurisdiction, office:
    +Canon 188 sec 4
    *Lost permanently

    Fall 1965

    VII Ecumenism signatures
    1. Paul VI
    2. Abp. Lefebvre
    3. Abp. Thuc
    in that order (!)

    That day section was explained, and discussed thoroughly; fact it disagrees with doctrine, belief made clear to all.

    Perfect contrition restores sanctifying grace in the internal forum. Does not work to restore office or jurisdiction lost with heresy in the external forum. There was and is no one who has the jurisdiction to help in that regard.

    I did not know any of this clearly and have the kind of mind that is willing to accept even the worst news IF it is true. So far understand the person back of jmjsite was ordained that's all and also that he sacrificed that to reenter the lay state. He retains the kind of mind full of purity that gives him his humility which is why I so respect him-

    He was associated with the CMRI. As I said earlier the series "Who is Right and Who is Wrong' is relevant on so many points. The relevant tapes for the comments made recently are T6s1,6s2,7s1,7s2

    Hope this is coherent. Up most of the night trading London/NY session of forex for Draghi ECB rate decision, press conference. This amounts to the hobby. It is at my current stage of life lower than prayer as a priority but intellectually satisfying though far less so than prayer and reading.

    IF you learn to do it well taking a practical job and learning about the foreign exchange seems, to me, for some a better idea than taking out a student loan.+

  9. The Watcher has hit the nail right on the head about Ramolla, and Ramolla has proven his character as a snake yet again in Italy. A Rat never changes being a Rat, no matter how you dress it up.

    1. Those poor people in Verona! No wonder they're infuriated.

    2. We learned of the episode last fall when a colleague visited Italy. The Veronese sponsors were livid and vowed to circulate the story all over Europe. We're waiting for a first-hand account from one of the principals, who doesn't want to publish until he and his colleagues finish exploring more formal avenues of redress. By no means are we in a hurry either since the Ham Sandwich is of no consequence in Tradistan or elsewhere.

    3. Maybe you think that Hammy is of no consequence in Tradistan or elsewhere, but I'm waiting with bated breath for more info. I've never heard anything about what happened in Verona, Italy. Can you tell us the bare essentials at least?

    4. The "bare essentials" are this:

      A "priest" headed for Verona instead ended up in Spain, according to European informants.

  10. Nandarani33January 25, 2018 at 5:09 PM

    You come across as a newbie ex-Prot who now seems to think you have it all worked out.
    What is that jmj site you are pushing and who runs it?

  11. I am always amazed at the amazement of others who wait with baited breath for different results when they are dealing with a snake.
    The long and short of the latest Ramolla sneaky, stealing stunt in Italy was that he left the promised parishioners who paid for his stay and host of other expenses for a priest to serve their chapel. Instead, he left them high and dry, and placed the promised priest in the household of a single family in Spain for BIG BUCK$. I Guess the Price was Right!

    No priest, just the bills for his visit to Verona.

    Dolan should be very proud of his trained asp from Germany. He learned every ploy on how to $neak in, $teal and $lither out with his prey.
    What an A$$et to the Catholic World!

    1. What is baited breath? How does one bait their breath? Before I posted I looked up 'baited' to see if that was spelled correctly. It wasn't so I looked up bated & Voila! It's short for abate. The things one learns on PL!!! Now to get to the purpose of my post - I always thought that when the SGG scandal broke, Ham was one of the good guys. Was he? If he was, then when did he go off the rails? Or was he a bad guy from day one with a façade of being good? I'm not from Ohio but followed the saga because my own church in another state was going through a strange set of circumstances and so I could relate to the people at SGG & I've been following ever since.

    2. Just for the recorded, as printed in The Riverside Shakespeare (Act I, Scene III, l. 124), the spelling is bated:

      You, that did void your rheum upon my beard,
      And foot me as you spurn a stranger cur
      Over your threshold: moneys is your suit.
      What should I say to you? Should I not say,
      "Hath a dog money? Is it possible
      A cur can lend three thousand ducats?" Or
      Shall I bend low and in a bondman's key,
      With bated breath and whisp'ring humbleness, Say this..."

    3. To answer Anon 1:42 PM’s question about Ramolla once being a “good guy,” it wasn’t that he was so much a “good guy” back in 2009, but appearing to be, because he (along with others) was ousted from SGG for (rightfully) opposing Dannie and “the principal.” But he didn’t do it for the sake of righteousness, but because it was the “opportune” thing to do. He just happened to “be in the right place at the right time” to appear that way. In reality, he was just as bad as his mentor Dannie (from whom he learned well).

      It was only after Rammy left SGG (and started his shenanigans -- with Droleskey’s help -- (about ousting Bp. Petko from SAG) that his true colors really “flourished.” (And later, when he double-crossed SAG’s parishioners, that put more “icing on the cake”). In truth, Rammy has been a “bad guy” all along. It just took a while to “surface.”

  12. I stand corrected! However, the Watcher gave all the details of Ramolla in LayPulpit. As a matter of fact he gave the references to go to on this recent posting.

    It is scary because Ramolla continues to strike in so many places. His latest is soliciting one of the former SAG parishioners to support a church he would like to build in the Mason area of Ohio.
    The frightening thing is, this person is considering it, after being one of the primary victims of Ramolla in the 2009 scandal.

    "You can lead a horse to water, you cannot make him drink."

    1. Or...

      "There's a sucker born every minute."

      We're sorry, but we can't feel any pity for such a person. He or she should remember the saying "once bitten, twice shy."

    2. Whoever this “former SAG parishioner” is (from anon.12:43 AM’s comment) who is being solicited by Rammy (to help build a new “church”), he or she should realize that Ramolla is a “user” and a parasite; and he will ultimately discard him or her after he gets what he wants – their money. He’s done it with everyone with whom he’s been associated since leaving SGG – so what makes anyone think he will stop now?