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But it must not be forgotten that training in habits of accuracy is one of the chief functions of education. W.C. Collar in Moulton's Latin Composition

Editor's Note: Some student fans from a high-school Latin II class worriedly inquired whether we'd have a DISORDRED ORDO post this month. According to our correspondents, the whole class enjoys fixing the imbecilic mistakes of "One-Hand" Dan's disgraceful ORDO 2016, and they don't want to miss out before the school year ends. Never fear. Pistrina keeps its promises.  For the Memorial Day weekend (and as a 65th birthday present to "One Hand"), here's # V in the monthly series.


Correspondents often ask how much Latin is really required for a Roman Catholic priest. The query is timely, for in Traddielandia, there are no real seminaries as contemplated by Trent (and hence no real Roman Catholic priests). There are only comical, pathetic imitations, staffed by the untutored, turning out counterfeit "clergy." Moreover, the beetle-browed trainees usually enter those sub-standard mockeries with enormously crippling educational, emotional, and intellectual deficits. So, you see, a judiciously measured answer to the question is rather tricky. But we'll try anyhow.


Our reply to these correspondents depends on what kind of "priest" they mean. In the case of a  "simplex" priest, i.e., a second-class placeholder with restricted faculties owing to inferior formation, then the amount of Latin needed isn't much. All that's demanded is enough to celebrate Low Mass, anoint the sick, baptize, bless sacramentals, hear confessions in danger of death, and perhaps scribble a liturgical phrase or two in Latinitas culinaria ("dog Latin" or, if you will, latinajo, latin de cuisine, Küchenlatein). With the right curriculum and instructor, three academic quarters of concentrated study might suffice, depending on the candidate's aptitude.

On the other hand, the Latin requirements for a "first-class" priest (as most lay people conceive of such a churchman) are much higher. Although he need not possess the proficiency of a classical scholar, he has to have enough education to (1) comprehend with ease ecclesiastical Latin and (2) write and/or transcribe basic expressions free from screaming grammatical errors. That means he unreservedly ought to recognize when something is clearly not Latin. Furthermore, he must also be able to read, without frequent recourse to a lexicon, standard theological manuals or papal documents. It goes without saying that he should have the skill to translate those texts accurately into written English.*

A Chilling Distinction

To be sure, the non-canonical, third- or even fourth-rate "priests" of Tradistan, who wantonly exercise a sacerdotal role without a commission from the Church and who attended what are essentially privately operated, unlicensed, unregulated trade schools of doubtful standards, are essentially simplex priests (but several degrees lower in status owing to the bush-league formation they received).

Come to think about it, they really aren't simplices either, for they don't possess faculties at all, not even restricted ones. Regardless, we'll willingly suspend our disbelief (for the sake of this discussion) and pretend we can talk about Tradistani laymen-in-orders as though they were honest-to-goodness Roman Catholic priests (which they can never be).


Thus, for the run-of-the-mill trad "priest" who runs an illicit "chapel" for Sunday and holy-day Masses, we wouldn't demand too much in the way of competency in Latin. As long as he can puzzle out with fair accuracy the sense of the Missal, the Ritual, and his Ordo Recitandi, the Readers wouldn't bust his chops (most of the time).

However, when a simpleton sede masquerader starts advertising himself, albeit indirectly with a wink and a nod, as a licit priest of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, then we'll hold the creep to a much higher standard. Additionally, when that impostor undertakes efforts to make himself appear to be an authentic minister of Christ's Church, say, for instance, by publishing Latin ordines, then we insist he meet the highest criteria. If he falls short, he deserves to be unmasked, shamed, and made, by dint of public ridicule, to desist.


All this brings us to May's examples of ineptitude ripped from Doofus Dannie's incompetent ORDO 2016. This month we have two juicy boners to show you how "One-Hand" cannot satisfy our very permissive requirement for a "first-class" priest to write basic Latin expressions without cringeworthy howlers. (In our day, we remember when seminarians still had to write their exams in Latin.)

In the Readers' opinion, the following huge mistakes are not the result of mistranscribing copy found in an old ordo. We suspect they are failed attempts at original composition, at least in part. How pleased that nitwit must have been with himself as he imagined the esteem in which Trad Nation would hold him as a liturgist. We can imagine a silly, sloppily smiling Wee Dan, eyes glazed over in an ego-centric trance, contentedly pausing over the ill-designed layout as he proudly reads aloud the very un-Latin Latin he had penned.

Let's put an end that fevered reverie right now, shall we?

Sizzling Error A

As every schoolboy and every schoolgirl knows, in Latin, unlike in English, a noun is not used as an adherent adjective. For instance, native Latin idiom isn't patient of noun groups like headache, train station, or insurance company, where one noun functions like an adjective for a second.  Latin would qualify ache, station, and company with a genitive (e.g., capitis  dolor, "ache of the head"), or an adjective (e.g., statio ferriviaria, "station belonging to the railway"), or a phrase (e.g., societas sarciendis damnis, "association for making good losses").

Naturally this is first year stuff. All but the slowest pupils get it by the second grading period. But Dimwit Dan, one of the slowest studies we've ever known, patently did not, as you'll see.

On p. 49, under the feast of St. Monica, we find the following note in Dumbo Dan's ORDO 2016:
Hodie post Nonam fit Processio Litaniæ Minores (very literally, "today after None the Lesser-Litanies Procession is done.")
Now that may sound kind-of OK to English speakers. But if the Latin had been correct, viz. "Processio Litaniarum minorum," then a very literal translation would read,"Procession of the Lesser Litanies."

You see, folks, Dannie's "Litaniæ Minores" is wrong because it's nominative. Here the genitive (Litaniarum minorum) is required to qualify Processio. If His Deficiency were capable of reading liturgical authors like Martinucci (II-I, c. vi, art. xviii, 9), the pea brain would have known what to write.**

Such foul Latinity reeking of the kitchen cannot be tolerated in "first-class" priests (though, to be fair, "One-Hand" might not even be a "priest" at all). It's only acceptable in a "second-class" simplex priest who hasn't had the benefit of sound sacerdotal formation. Consequently, it should be clear by now that Dannie has no business putting on airs by publishing an ordo. He along with the rest of the cult "clergy" belong in remedial education classes so they can strive to reach, one day, simplex status. ("One-Hand" may well never get there.)

Scorching Error B

Our second example equally locates "One-Hand Dan" among the ranks of a second-class (or much lower) "priesthood."  Depraved cult vermin may defend Error A as a production oversight or the result of last-minute editing (LOL), but no one in his right mind can put a smiley face on the following illiteracy found on p. 53, at Pentecost Sunday

Ad aspersionem fit aqua pridie benedicta

Plausible literal translations of this barbarity may be either "at the aspersion, it is done with the water blessed on the day before," or "the water blessed on the day before is done at the aspersion." Like Dannie's Latin original, both renderings are gibberish. Clearly the $GG sad sack tried to compose a new liturgical note on the model of the instruction found on p. 37,  at Easter:
Ad aspersionem aquæ benedictæ dicitur Ant. Vidi aquam etc. (= "at the aspersion of blessed water, the antiphon Vidi aquam is said" etc.).
In spite of his inability to understand Latin at the syntactical level, it seems His Deficiency recklessly ventured to cobble together his instruction to impress the world with his (nonexistent) liturgical finesse. Had the simpleminded featherbrain enjoyed a proper formation, he would have learned from a prose composition class to put his thoughts first into English so as to form a clear idea of what he wanted to express in Latin.

That idea in its simplest form — and we must think simple when we're dealing with cult "clergy" — may be either (1) "the aspersion is done with the water blessed yesterday" or, following the format of Error A and thereby avoiding the apparently problematic aspersio, -nis,  (2) "today the people are sprinkled with the water blessed yesterday." Even a first-year pupil of middling talent would have instantly found grammatically correct solutions, viz. (1) fit aspersio (cum) aqua heri benedicta ("aspersion" is the subject of the sentence, hence in Latin the nominative must be used, not a prepositional phrase) or (2) hodie populus aspergitur (cumaqua heri benedicta. But even these elementary constructions were far beyond Li'l Daniel's mean capacity. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.


The $GG cult "clergy" have no business compiling ordines and no business in the priesthood. To borrow a Shakespearean phrase, they haven't "so much brain as ear-wax." From the looks of it, these "clergy" probably don't understand what they're reading at Mass. Since they won't leave on their own, the only way to rid Traddielandia of these savagely miseducated charlatans is to stop funding them. Why pay for bad Latin AND dubious sacraments?

* To operationalize our standard:  a"first-class" priest would never blunder as badly as Erroneous Antonius Cekada, who perversely mistranslated Pius XII's Sacramentum Ordinis (see here or here, question #VI.) An error of that magnitude automatically identifies the illiterate offender as a simplex at best, and probably much lower, say, a cretin.

** We're pretty sure we know the source of Dannie's massive blunder. Up through 2006, the St. Lawrence Press (SLP) Ordo used to read "Hodie post Nonam fit Processio Litan Minor," where it employed abbreviations, a common practice in ordines. Starting in 2007, the SLP ordo began spelling out the words, and thus we now read the instruction Hodie post Nonam fit Processio Litaniarum Minorum.

We surmise that Dannie was copying either from an older edition of the SLP or perhaps from an SSPV ordo, which has adopted much of the language and format of the SLP. (At least that's what we can tell from a copy of the 2003 SSPV ordo in our library).  Why Dannie decided to spell out the abbreviated words without cross-checking newer editions of the SLP is anybody's guess. If he was using an SSPV ordo, he may have wanted to score a useless point against his old adversaries — or conceal his dependence on their text. 

What makes Dannie's botched effort so puzzling is that literate traditional priests have noticed how the English editor makes improvements from year to year to some of the boilerplate that has been around since the earliest days of the SLP enterprise. Anybody with an ounce of sense would have consulted a more recent copy. But we figure Dumbo Dan thought he had the right stuff to expand the abbreviations on his own (WRONG!).  So the pint-sized, foolish foul-up changed the abbreviations into the nominative case (LOL).  By that act of arrogant stupidity, His Inadequacy proved himself profoundly ignorant of both Latin and liturgical terminology.


  1. Another fine article PL.We do like your writings and expose of sedeland "clerics"Last week the Critic gave a expose of Pivarunas as a power hungry scumbag.How doe's he know he stole his election to be made a "bishop"Please tell us more.We know his "priests" must be goofs to go along with this all these years.We were told some info that any "priest" even question's anything Pivarunas decides,he will make things very difficult for them.That's why at every re-election of the position of superior general,Pivarunas is back in charge.We would like the Critic to tell us more info about CMRI.It sounds they were with the CMRI a number of years and would know what is going on.It would be much appreciated.We like the part about faithful living at the Mount and sending their children to Omaha,Ne.Why don't they wake up and heed the Critics and PL advice-GET OUT OF THE CULTS.


    2. Learn internet etiquette and don't use all caps.

    3. And please stop using an apostrophe every time type the letter "s".

    4. 4:04 - I second that!! And how about "doe's"!??

    5. That's the opposite of "buck's", you understand.

    6. NCTrad - that part I got! lol

    7. Anonymous 4.47am must of been taught by CMRI school formation.Go easy on them.At least they got out of the Cult.

      Let us all pray for those remaining blind followers of Sanborn,etc.They deserve our prayers.

      Yes,keep up the fine work Pristrina Liturgica.

    8. 4:25, that could very well be. One family there at the Mount came from an independent chapel/school that was seriously lacking in academic skills. But I will say that they were a very nice, sincere family.

    9. Yes to the above comment.Go easy on anyone who gets out of the CMRI/SGG/MHTS Cults.They are to be rewarded for this.People are quick to make unkind comments.Think about the other blind folk still there.The truth has to be told.Yes,indeed lets join forces and pray for them.

    10. Anon May 30 447 AM’s grammatical deficiencies notwithstanding, he (or she) at least took the time and effort to comment. As far as using CAPITAL letters is concerned, bear in mind that the “comments” section has no way of (easily) using bold or italics, so emphasis must be made by using CAPS. (It can be done, but it is difficult; and not all people -- myself included – know how to do it). Anyway, Anon, thanks for your comments; they are much appreciated.

    11. And we must all remember that comments are often written in haste. Plus, the font is small and the space restricted. Furthermore, once they're published there's no way to edit them (even at the administrator level). We ourselves pay no attention to these little slips. For us, it's the content that counts.

      BTW, if you want to write in italics, here's what to do: immediately before the word you want to italicize, type < then i then >. Immediately after the word type < then / then i then >. For bold, just substitute the letter b for the letter i.

    12. Those who are quick to find fault might want to consider that for a number of commenters on this blog, English is their second or third language. It may be instructive to ask how many of those judicious critics would fare if they had to post in a language other than English.

      All the little slips made in these ad hoc remarks are nothing in comparison to the egregious errors we find in Dannie's sublimely incompetent ORDO 2016, where His Errancy had a year or more to prepare and many months to proofread. Dannie's mistakes become more unforgivable when you realize that in many cases he mistranscribed text correctly written by others. And how about Cheeseball Checkie's misspelling the German city Regensburg, B16's hometown, in his first edition of WHH! (Who knows? His original blunder "Regensberg" may still be lurking in the second edition. Perhaps some kind soul will verify. In the 1st edition, the error occurred on p. 166.)

      We would very much like to hear what these eagle-eyed guardians of style have to say about the mountain of goofs that appear in the printed pages of the so-called clergy of Tradistan. By rights, they should shame the cult masters with equal enthusiasm seeing that the "clergy" pass themselves off as scholars.

    13. The reason that the eagle-eyed guardians of style haven't really had much to say about the incompetent ORDO 2016 is because most of us didn't have Latin even if we went to Catholic schools & therefore don't feel qualified to comment. This same lack of Latin is what Cheeseball was counting on. His Latin is all for show - to make his work look oh, so traditional. It's all a façade & only those like PL would notice the egregious errors. Shame on Checkie for putting on airs & showing off & passing himself off an a Trad!! Of course, knowing that his Latin is a sham, everything else about him is most likely a sham as well. I'm glad that PL is exposing him. P.S. Sorry, but I'm still irritated with grammatical deficiencies - even for myself when I slip up!

    14. We don't like slip-ups either, even when they're the result of haste and not ignorance. The problem with Checkie and Dannie is that they really don't care if they make a mistake. When someone points out an error, they either try to defend it or just ignore the caution.

      For instance, years ago Checkie received a detailed analysis of his perverse mistranslation of Sacramentum Ordinis along with advice to change the text as posted on the site. He ignored the correction. In addition, we're told that he didn't make all the corrections to WHH that PL had suggested.

      Your explanation may certainly account for the Cheeseball's insouciance: he relies on the laity's and the clergy's lack of Latin because it's all for show anyway. He's too lazy to get it right. The same with "One-Hand" Dan's dreadful ORDO 2016: it's merely empty pretense aimed at impressing the uneducated, so it doesn't make any difference if it's jam packed with howling errors.

      We know we won't change the minds of the depraved cult followers, but at least we can make normal people aware of the sham that $GG is. We can also keep other Catholics from wasting their money on the $GG "clergy's" defective products.

    15. "Defective products" you say? Hahaha, good one, Reader.

      Obviously, the SGG cult clergy don't believe in consumer rights. Not in the least. What they are engaging in, is the Tradistani parallel to misleading advertising, fraudulent trading and shoddy workmanship in the commercial world. Totally lacking in honesty, that's what they are all about.

      The culties who follow them, and cling to them ... will have their minds and souls destroyed, and deservedly so.

    16. They are "Mad Men" entirely.

  2. Pristina,In the Sunday bulletin of Mt St Michaels( are prayers for Cekada.He is named as a formost of traditional Catholic thelogicans and apologists for our times.Can you believe such garbage.Where are his degrees and doctorates.Just hilarious.

    1. That gave us a real laugh! "Foremost theologian!" Hahahahahaha. But we suppose that since their own formation is worse that Checkie's, they idiots have to be impressed. (It also shows that these CMRI ninnies have no idea of the Catholic definition of theologian.)

      The most interesting thing is that hype proves how CMRI and $GG are now united, despite all the insults of the past. Like a kicked whipped dog, the CMRI comes whimpering back to its master.

    2. Just as hilarious is St. Michael's calling itself a "parish." No such animal in Sedelandia.

  3. This shows that the scum of CMRI have formally allied themselves with the Axis of Evil (comprising Dolan, Cekada and Sanborn).

    If CMRI goes so low as to consider Checkie a Catholic theologian/apologist, then they are of bad will and wilfully blind.

    1. Anon May 30 at 4:47 AM.

      Why don't you wake up and get out of this website?

    2. I've always wondered why people even come to the website, if they just want to tell people to leave it. It seems to me that they are actually questioning their own beliefs about these places, but they actually have a fear of leaving. They want to know the truth, but they are very afraid of it. So, they troll around making comments on sites, sites where if they truly believed were wrong, they wouldn't be there in the first place.

      It's so sad that they are so stuck in a cult mentality that their instinct that something is wrong, won't lead them away. They read the truth, but even with so much evidence, they refuse to see it.

      St. catherine of Sienna says to proclaim the truth and do not be silent out of fear. Why anyone would deny the truth out of fear of these men or the lies these men tell is beyond comprehension.

    3. Well played, Anon May 30, 12:56 PM. A perfect analysis of these folks' motives.

      They are caught between fear and loathing. Sites like PL are uncomfortable because they force cult followers to confront the truth: The sede cults and the cult masters are definitely not Catholic, and that awareness frightens them. Worse is the fact that PL and similar sites back-up their assertions with undeniable facts.

      For instance, no one can read our DISORDERED ORDO series without agreeing that Dannie and his crew are not who they pretend to be. No real Catholic organization would make such blunders. Likewise, no one can read the last series on the Brooksville cult-school practices and not conclude that the place is un-Catholic. Moreover, after our exposure over the years of Cekada's gross ignorance, not even the CMRI should consider him an expert at anything.

      But the truth is scary and so they refuse to give the assent that their mind urges them to grant. The truth sets most of us free, but in the case of these sad people, they will not embrace it as they should. In this respect, they, too, are enemies of the Catholic faith.

  4. I use to be a parishioner of OLQM in Warren and Fraser Mi. and feel compelled to affirm everything PL is saying! The people that stay are completely under the spell of Sanborn and his Cronies. They are loyal to Him and have loss their ability to discern the difference between what Sanborn says and the TRUE Indefectible Teachings of the Catholic Church! How Sad is this. Prayers for your continuing effort to inform the uninformed.

    1. We much value your affirmation. We will continue to expose him and all his fellow travelers. The Big 3, of course, will always stay, and they'll transfer their allegiance to the Kid when he's consecrated. But that's OK. As long as decent people open their eyes, that's good enough for us. The the cult feed on the cult. Catholics have no need to be in their company.

    2. Good work, PL. Keep it up.

      From the above comments, it is now clear to all men of good will that CMRI is now officially a fellow traveler of Dolan, Cekada & Sanborn. CMRI is now a confirmed member of the Axis of Evil.

      PL, your job scope has now widened to the extent that you need to also expose CMRI, while you continue to expose Dolan, Cekada & Sanborn.

      Please be assured that men of good will, right-thinking Catholics, do appreciate the time and effort that you expend in unmasking these cults so as to prevent innocent people from falling prey to these cults.

    3. You're right: the Cekada announcement on Sunday confirms the CMRI is allied somehow with the SW Ohio-B'ville cult. When they kept their distance, we ignored them. But now it appears that there's some kind of unity movement going on. We even have credible reports of B'ville "clergy" and some of their satellites working closely with them.

      The comments section is always open to blast the CMRI. In order for us to post, we need good, solid information sent to our e-mail account (We don't reveal names, but if you're uncomfortable communicating under your own account, set up a free hush mail or separate gmail account.)

      The more specific facts and concrete examples you supply, the more confidently we can post, since we can compare them with other reports we receive. (Accusations alone aren't enough for us to post.) It's also good to have direct quotes. And the more people who participate the better: that way we can triangulate all the reports as we did with our recent exposé on the cult school in B'ville. Before we post we like to have at least three independent confirmations, unless we get documents. Often we can confirm an email by contacting people we know who have connections.

      Just remember, we aren't that familiar with the CMRI cult, so we need lots of details when you write. At the present, we're especially interested in reports of declining membership, such as we've seen in the comments section. We're also interested in "stupid clergy quotes" in order to demonstrate how badly formed are all the clergy of Tradistan. Most importantly, we need solid reports of CMRI and SW Ohio -B'ville "clergy" working together.

    4. rather reminds me of the Hitler/Stalin Pact!

    5. Yes, soon they'll be at war again.

    6. I'll give you one of my most favourite quotes right here and now: "Our bishop is kind of a missionary bishop, he has jurisdiction anywhere in world."
      Just like in those good old days under Francis the very first of his name! What a good laugh we had.

    7. Underlings may misunderstand the position. The smoking gun would be if the bishop himself claimed jurisdiction. Perhaps you could bring this to his attention, and ask him if he holds this, or if he expressly denies jurisdiction or a claim to apostolic succession. His answer, or that of any of the traditionalist bishops for that matter, would be very illuminating and helpful.

      Perhaps Pistrina Liturgica could email all of them, actually, and ask them pointed questions on this matter of what they believe their role is, what authority they think they have, if they believe they carry on apostolic succession, and further if they believe they are in any sense connected to the legitimate hierarchy of the Church.

      Their answers, or failure to answer, would be very helpful.

    8. Gene,

      That's a good suggestion.

      The million $$$ question is: will the Tradistani bishops deign to reply? Has Big Don replied to Pistrina's recent questions to him about the school rules (written and unwritten) and happenings at the school?

      I have been observing these "bishops" over a number of years; I know their inclinations. They will not answer directly to the question put, with simplicity and candor, because they will not look pretty if they did so.

      If you don't believe this, just watch how this plays out when (and if) Pistrina emails them the said questions.

      Time will tell. Whether the Tradistani "bishops" answer or not, how they answer (i.e. how they weasel) - they will let fall the masks from their faces.

    9. Dear Gene,

      that certainly is a good suggestion. In the quote I posted earlier, it was not a mere underling speaking, but the "professor" of their "seminary" after all. You'd expect a little more from them. But, after all, they just pass on what they received ... or did not receive. Nemo dat ...

    10. We're afraid that anything coming from us will be ignored. That's not a supposition: it's based on actual experience. We think they've marked our e-mail address as spam.

      However, Gene's idea is a good one. If Gene will put all his questions into an e-mail to us, we'll publish his letter as a regular post and invite individual Catholics to contact the "bishops" and demand their response. If the cult masters are inundated with queries from paying laity, they might be forced to reply. And we would publish any answers the "bishops" decide to provide.

      We're asking Gene for the text so that the "bishops" can't brush it off as a diabolical ploy from PL. Something composed by someone other than the Readers might make them sit up and take notice. (But we won't hold our breath.)

    11. Tarquinius June 2 8:16 AM is right. What these "bishops" don't (yet) dare to affirm in public, they leak through their "authoritative" mouthpieces.

      The malformed "seminarians" who hear this preposterous drivel from their "professor" (LOL) will not only believe the fiction, they'll perpetuate it once they're set loose upon an unsuspecting, ignorant laity.

    12. Traditional Catholic priests and bishops are usually happy to discuss questions like this with members of their parish, in person or over the phone. They don't generally pay attention to questions raised by anonymous people on a website.

    13. I don't think the traditional catholic bishops and priests, who are being discussed, want to publicly be accountable for the answers to these questions. They also will not answer questions that they feel are none of your business or feel it isn't your right to question them. They answer to no one. Why? Because no one ever forces them to, not even their own parish.

    14. First of all, as I said, the clergy don't answer questions posed by anonymous people on the internet. Why should they? Their job is to take care of the spiritual needs of their flocks, not to answer every idle and belligerent question posed by some coward who won't even reveal his name.

      That being said, most trad priests do address questions of jurisdiction. Fr. Cekada wrote an article about the use of epikeia in the absence of ordinary jurisdiction, which article the CMRI quote on their own site, espousing its position. So they do give an explanation for why they do what they do. If that explanation doesn't work for you, then shop somewhere else.

      Your complaint that they "will not answer questions that they feel are none of your business or feel it isn't your right to question them" is pretty strange. Do *you* answer questions of that nature?

      Your closing comment is an attempt to deny an obvious fact. Everyone in the parishes of these priests has had their questions answered to their own satisfaction, otherwise they wouldn't be in the parish. So even if you haven't gotten from these priests the answers you're looking for, the people in the parish obviously have.

    15. Anon 6/3/16, 8:44PM:

      Your response shows part of the problem.

      1. You describe these priests as "clergy." They are not, and if they think that, that is one error among many.

      2. If these "clergy" fail to answer questions, such as who sent them, do they claim a mission or title, etc. then Catholics need to know that. Many many of these "traditional priests" identify themselves as "pastors." That alone is a falsehood that should be exposed.

      3. The people in the "parish," may just be ignorant on these matters, and due to that may not know the right questions to ask.

      4. Just so you know, there are no parishes in the traditional world. They are all the equivalent of private home chapels at best.

    16. As always, Gene supplies the perfect answer.

      In our experience, Anon June 3 8:44 PM, most trads "priests" sidestep the question of jurisdiction. Moreover, most of the people in the traddie Mass centers don't ask profound juridical questions. They just request valid sacraments, and hold their noses if they must.

      BTW, we try to answer all questions posed to us,


    When Donnie moved to Brooksville,how many stayed and went with Neville?Do
    you know how many are still there?Neville has ordained nobody has he?

    You would think they would have gone to Ahern(any info about him)

    Thanks for this website.

    1. We don't know the exact number, but a sizable number went with him to Highland. Attendance was pretty good there on Sundays. SOme of the people who remained in MI attended OLQM in Warren, which Big Don kept open to spite the Highland crowd..

      To our knowledge, the Boy Bishop has only conferred holy orders twice: (1) the subdiaconate on a Mexican studying at the Argentine seminary in San Carlos Bariloche and (2) the episcopate on the Argentinian Andrés Morello, at the behest of Bp. McKenna.

      The way we understand the story, when Big Don had to move the pesthouse to FL, folks in MI were under the impression that the Donsters was going to close up shop for good in the Wolverine State. They knew that Bobby and the sisters didn't want to go to FL, so they offered them a chapel and a school if they'd stay in MI.

      There apparently was no need for Ahern since they already had their boy well in hand. Anyway, Ahern is — or at least used to be — tight with the DOnster, so he might not have welcomed that MI contingent. Big Don would have been furious. There are stories floating around that the relationship might not be so close nowadays.

  6. Who does Confirmations at Ahern's Chapels?

    Yes,please more come forward about CMRI.Don't be afraid,have courage and stand up for the truth.

    1. In MI it may be the Boy Bishop, since we think he may have had a falling out with Big Don, based on three different reports from VA. Now that the Boy Bishop's back in the club, there shouldn't be any reason not to use his services. In the past, the two have cooperated.

      When we get reports we can verify, we'll post on the CMRI since all signs point to their affiliation with the SW Ohio-B'ville cult.

  7. I find it odd that sgg-Brooksville talks so bad about CMRI and it's leaders, but they are now joining forces? They don't like their parishioners to attend their chapels and have casted doubt on the cmri orders (despite one of them being consecrated by them.) There is obviously a plan in place, a reason why these men are now coming together.

    1. You are 100% right. We must discern why they are uniting so uneasily now. Do they feel under attack? Perhaps. Time will tell.

    2. I can’t possibly fathom the idea that the Donster would even remotely enter into any kind of accord with the CMRI. The other 2, oh well, anything rotten is possible.
      How anyone can take these people seriously is beyond me. One minute the people are told to avoid CMRI, the next, they are forming some kind of a union? What has changed to make CMRI acceptable to them?
      Did the Pivster come into a windfall he wants to share?? Lol!

    3. The Donster himself might not cozy up right away, but we know for a fact that some clergy very closely connected to him have links to the CMRI. We don't see how those guys would dare make any contact at all without some kind of OK.

      One reason for the apparent rapprochement may be that a show of unity could be good PR, especially now that they're all under attack. At the time when the SSPX is growing closer to Rome (they've just been given a church in NY), the cults are at their weakest. They might think that if they show some kumbaya, disaffected Catholics will come flocking.

      Fat chance. No one will want to subject themselves to all this nonsense. They'll stay with the SSPX, especially if the thorny problem of jurisdiction can be settled.

  8. Could it be that the Donster is worried that so many people have left his grip that the green is dwindling? Therefore he must look for greener pastures to mow, and what better pastures than those already in place - like CMRI? He can cozy up to Piv for now for expediency's sake to get at the sheep and then gradually show the sheep how much better he is than Piv. This is going to be interesting.

    1. Now that's a real insight! This could very get verrrrry interesting.