Saturday, July 9, 2016


Be not swept off your feet by the vividness of the impression, but say, "Impression, wait for me a little. Let me see what you are and what you represent. Let me try you. Epictetus (Oldfather's translation)

A few weeks ago, the June 5 $GG bulletin led us to guess that Dannie and the Cheeseball had launched a recurring feature about the Latin language in a futile effort to impress the Gerties. The  Dummy Duo was obviously trying to pretend they weren't as ignorant as Pistrina has proved. (Of course, the Readers seized that opportunity to demonstrate once again how clueless those pinheads are about both Latin and English.)

Since then, our conjecture has been confirmed: the Wee One floated a second installment on June 19 and then another on July 3. The pattern suggests he may issue a "Latin Hiding in Plain Sight" article every two weeks in order to offset the Readers' scathing exposés of his and Checkie's miseducation. (We write may because the cultmasters are so disorganized and flakey that anything like sustained effort is beyond their limited capacity.)

For the life of us, we can't see why Dannie and Bonehead Tone keep trying to make an impression with their non-existent "learning." Every time we catch them (they should know by now), we "put it out on Front Street," as the kids used to say. Dirtbag Dan and Phony Tony should face up to the hard truth that Latin will forever remain out of their reach. Consequently, they should stop embarrassing themselves with these awkward cover-up attempts, not only in the bulletin but in their other print misadventures as well.

Just take Dannie's shabby "2016 A.D. (sic!) All Saints Roman Catholic Calendar." In the texts of the brief captions to each month's tacky photo, Latin is used only twice in 12 months (viz., March and June), yet in both cases THERE'S AN ERROR! We exposed the June blunder in our post of April 3 (click here), but we've been saving the March moronity for just such an occasion as today. There, under the photo of His Diminutiveness (who's being dwarfed by the ungainly, hulking Lurch at his left), Dannie wrote (emphases ours):
"Ecce lingum Crucis... Behold the wood of the Cross etc."
Well, now,  non-specialist lay people writing to us after our April 3 post saw that Dannie had misspelled the Latin word lignum, i.e.,  g + n, not n + g. They were surprised we hadn't exposed that goof along with the other. You see, everyone wants the cultmasters exposed for the charlatans they are. Thank heavens the u-key is far away from the a-key or else the Gerties might have had to endure a blasphemous Freudian slip hanging on their well-soiled walls for the entire month of March! (Perhaps nostalgia for some ayurvedic spa therapy at the Bishop's Lodge is at the root.)

What's so revealing is that "One Hand" chose to quote only a pair of three-word Latin phrases, yet in both cases he misspelled a Latin word. Then he didn't catch it during proofreading! Making it all the more scandalous is the fact that both phrases come from the liturgy, which Dannie claims to be his area of expertise.That malformed mitered maggot has a profound, insatiable need to impress people, yet he stumbles badly every time, doesn't he?

Dannie's embarrassingly incompetent calendar is bursting with additional examples of this compulsion to make himself look ridiculous. Start with the cover:  instead of simply printing "2016," Li'l Daniel waxes hyper formal with "2016 A.D*." But the problem here is, in formal English usage, that particular era designation properly precedes the year number. Why? Because A.D. = the Latin phrase anno Domini, which means "in the year the Lord."  Hence the year number has to follow the abbreviation.  Dannie's grossly illiterate "2016 A.D." then laughably reads, "2016 in the year of the Lord," which is total nonsense. (It also shows he has no understanding of the Latin behind the abbreviation — the result of gross malformation.) Good scholarship today only recognizes a postpositive A.D. in usages like "the fourth century A.D."—  a less wordy way of saying "the fourth century of the Christian era."

Another instance of how Wee Dan's naked eagerness to impress always ends up exposing his startling ignorance is his failure to include all appropriate accent marks on saints' names. On November 28, he ostentatiously printed the accent aigu on the French surname Labouré, but at the same time he completely missed the tilde for the Spanish servants of God John of Sahagún (June 12), Teresa of Ávila (Oct. 15), and Peter of Alcántara (Oct. 19).

Admittedly many English-language publications omit foreign-language diacritics, although less so nowadays with the near universal availability of fonts with comprehensive character sets. In any case, Dannie should have been consistent: if you use a diacritical mark for one name, you ought to use one for all names that bear such a mark or omit the marks altogether (especially when you obviously don't know the original spelling).

Like all clowns, "One Hand" is at his imbecilic funniest when he clumsily strives to be solemnly impressive. As an example, for December 29, he prints "Thomas à Becket" instead of plain, old "Thomas Becket." No doubt Dannie thought he was being very précieux here by adding the particle. However, as far back as 1859,  the Jesuit John Morris wrote, "[the] form 'à Becket' is a colloquialism of recent date." In 1986, Becket biographer and fellow of the British Academy Frank Barlow concluded, "'à Becket' seems to have been a post-Reformation invention...from which Thomas should be spared." Later in 2014, Prof. Kay Brainerd Slocum confirmed that this "post-Reformation construction [viz. "à Becket"]... has been discarded...."

Alien Dan, as usual, stands on the outside of the academy. Driven by his pathetic obsession to court esteem through affectation, His Errancy continues to perpetuate an error long ago rejected by the literate. To his largely empty but aggressively narcissistic mind, the form "à Becket" looks oh-so proper and exotic. Why, it's the type of impressive knowledge possessed by a deeply cultured and widely revered leading citizen of the Republic of Letters — the kindly, scholarly, cat-fancying "old bishop," generously sharing a lifetime's learning to bring light unto his benighted and blear-eyed culties.


"One Hand" is not even a callow show-off. A show-off at least has tangible accomplishments to display. The schoolyard vulgarian who breaks wind on demand is more worthy of our applause than Blowhard Dan who merely generates hot air infused with error.

Don't listen to him, and don't buy anything he's selling.


* We'll give Dannie a pass — this time — for failing to set the abbreviation in small caps, as educated convention requires. If he doesn't know the usage rule, how could he know the typesetting rule? But since our ancient version of Google's Blogger cannot reproduce small caps, even when we insert them from a Word document, in fairness we've chosen to remain silent about that particular typographical flaw.


  1. You're quite right about them being lacking in Latin AND English. When he was writing in the Bishop's Corner about the Feast of Sts. Peter & Paul he used 'were', thinking, I suppose, that he should because there were two saints - BUT he was writing about ONE Feast therefore it should have been 'was'. They can't blame that on a typo. It's always hard to read the Bishop's Corner without stumbling.

    1. Yes, we saw that, too, and in the very first sentence!

      Dannie's lucky his Gerties are even more illiterate than he and don't give a hoot as long as the big show goes on.

    2. It has long been our impression that "One-Hand" Dan drafts his "Corner" in crayon.

  2. In the sgg bulletin,Dolan speaks of a Father McMahon.Is that Denis McMahon?We heard months back that he is living with a bum cleric in upstate NY.True?

    1. The one and only!

      And yep, he's been lying low in upstate NY for quite a while. We've heard he also occasionally serves at a Virginia mission. Those people must be depraved to allow him to set foot in their chapels.

      But the "clergy" are worse for associating with him. He was even invited to a big "priests" retreat in May held in Washington State.

      The sedes have no standards. Can you believe the cult masters let him into $GG and then bragged about it?

      On second thought we can: his sister is married to an influential cult supporter. Money, not principle, rules cultilandia.

      (For those who'd like a little background, read this post from 2014 here.

  3. I see several problems. The main men (cekada, dolan, sanborn, Selway - soon to be bishop) tend to make rules that everyone has to follow but themselves. This includes honesty and transparency. They are not honest with funds. They are not honest with their parishioners. Who knows? Maybe they actually believe the things they are saying.

    I also see a big problem with their need for shows. Both groups now have nuns. Yet, who is actually training these nuns and what are their actual duties (besides trying to make their church appear old-school legite)? The Cincinnati nuns appear to have no actual duties, but they do tend to advertise their nuns quite often lately. The Brooksville nuns are "teaching" nuns with no training, lack of discipline for themselves and extreme discipline for their students, and appear beyond spoiled. Yet, again, are there for the show.

    The other problem I see is both places have main families controlling the churches. In Cincinnati, the Lotarski's. In Florida, the big 3. Lotarski's control the school with whatever blackmail scheme is going on between the clergy and themselves. Despite families asking for someone else to run the school or complaining about his cruelty, he's still in charge and the family has a main role in the running of EVERYTHING.

    The big 3 of Florida have control of the future bishop, the school, and the convent. They decided and paid for the future bishop, despite his actual qualifications. The mother superior of the convent also belongs to the group. The school is run by a lay nun's mother, who has elected herself. The nuns are treated as princesses, the priests as infalliable, and the current Bishop as Supreme ruler and almost Pope-like.

    Something that I see happening is Cincinnati is currently uniting with cmri because of the competition they have been facing in Ohio. Sanborn is realigning himself with Neville, due to needing another Bishop to consecrate the chosen one in Brooksville. With Cekada's new illness, is Dolan scared Sanborn won't need or want him anymore without Cekada's seminary help? Will no more priests be sent to share with Dolan, yet instead, Dolan will have to get his future priests from CMRI? Will Sanborn's new order be like a new order composed of priests only loyal to him? What kind of sitcom have these places become?

    1. The nuts who attend the Cult Masters Chapels are to blame for supporting these Bogus Pretenders. Ignorance is no excuse when you stand in judgement!

    2. Anon July 11 5:45 has provided in a nutshell a perfect analysis of the situation, and July 12 5:38 has pinpointed exactly the source of the blame.

      We think July 11 5:45 is right when he suspects that Dannie is afraid he won't be of any utility without Checkie at MHT. That's probably all that's holding the relationship together -- the Cheeseball's willingness to "teach" (LOL) free. That might be ending anyway, once the new boy bishop takes over. There's no love lost between the two.

  4. Hey, Reader & PL

    I believe that you would have been aware that Patrick Henry (not P.H. Omlor, btw) had studied the problem of lack of jurisdiction vis-a-vis traddie bishops and priests. He prepared a 60 page study (with citations, references and 205 questions that he asked the bishops, priests to answer). His pdf is entitled:

    "My Petition for Spiritual Help"

    I just did a quick read through and found that the questions raised by Patrick Henry to be relevant and deserved to be honestly answered.

    Reader/PL - What do you think of Pivarunas' response (found at )?

    Leaving aside the personal attacks and name-calling - what do you of the quality of the responses?

  5. Following up:

    the url of Patrick's doc is

    the url of Piv's response is

  6. don't know what happened to the 2 urls, but trying again:-

    1. We just got back from a board meeting out of state. we'll evaluate his response and post a comment.

    2. We looked very, very briefly at Pivvy's response and laughed ourselves silly at his peevish amateurism (as well as at his praise for Checkie, who at one time argued for Thuc's mental incompetency). Hilarious for blatant hypocrisy were the charges of (1) a missing Imprimatur and (2) violation of canon law! We also laughed at his exhortation to return to the Catholic Church, with what we read as an implied assumption that the Church is to be found in the CMRI cult. (No way, Pivarino.) Even funnier was the charge of rashly presuming to have a mission from the Church while all the traddie cult masters themselves behave as though they do! (LOL). It looks like a matter of the pot calling the kettle black.

      Of course, we can't resist pointing out an error in Latin. The clown cites Zapelena's work as De Ecclesiae Christi, i.e., a gen. or dat. sg. or following the preposition de, when it should be the ablative, viz. De Ecclesia Christi. BTW, the immediately ensuing argument for the jurisdiction of traddie wandering bishops is ludicrous beyond words.

  7. The Pivarunas, dolan-Cekada, neville, and Sanborn group all seem to have separate views. Where pivarunas and dolan-Cekada seem generally happy (despite both with scandals), the Sanborn and Neville group seem overly strict and very unhappy (and yet still have many scandals, but have managed to keep them quite and cover-up the majority). I can see how both these groups are splitting and joining with their consistent counterparts.

    There has been talk for sometime now of how the Brooksville cult will soon have enough of their own seminarian graduates to teach, that they will eventually not need Cekada as an instructor, despite him being the foremost authority in Tradland. Maybe Cekada is aligning himself with a new teaching position with CMRI?

    I'm still wondering how Sanborn is able to convince Neville to join up with him, despite smearing his name across tradland as a thief, who stole Sanborn's money by opening a similar foundation in order to cash checks and open his own church. There is obviously a motive behind this.

    I'm also wondering why someone like Pivarunas would risk anymore scandal by aligning with Dolan-Cekada?

    1. The Long Island Jelly Fish cannot, and never has been, able to escape the "mystique" of Big Don. When he hears the Master's Voice, he comes gliding over as east as he can.

      These are desperate timed for the Pivster, and both he and equally desperate Dannie may believe their only salvation is to join together,

      You've got a compelling idea that Checkie may have to to seriously slumming at MD "Seminary" (LOL) after the new boy bishop takes charge and Big Don is cut loose to earn his keep from his new organization of sede sum bag priests.

  8. The June seminary newsletter is out. In addition to Sanborn's normal fascination with fornication and sodomy, he confirms your suspicions about the upcoming ordination of junior. His new priest will be teaching at the school and manage the seminary. Both were tasks of junior, were they not? I guess this leaves junior free to become bishop and manage his sorority house of nuns.

    1. Thanks for the heads and, and you are 100% right. Manage the seminary today, assume the miter tomorrow, or at least by year's end. (Better strike while the iron's hot: the Long Island Jelly Fish may get cold tentacles.)

      And who said that money doesn't talk?!

    2. Whoa!

      The situation is worse than we suspected.

      Big Don's newsletter says that the newly ordained Backward Beanbole, not the future boy bishop, will manage the "seminary." How can someone with zero life experience do that?

      Junior apparently doesn't want to soil his hands with the pesthouse at all before he receives his inheritance.

      What does that say about the Donster when a newly minted completer can manage the dump.

  9. I have asked several traditionalists about the following thing but haven't really gotten a good answer:

    Prayers that you pray internally, like with your mind or thoughts, still count as prayers right? I don't mean meditating, because I know that's something different.

    I mean if I'm on a train or plane for example, and want to pray the Rosary, what I have done is that I pray the prayers in my head without moving my lips and I meditate on the mysteries at the same time. It's a little hard to do, but if I focus I can do it.

    Praying like this, in your head and without moving your lips, in any scenario in which you wouldn't want to be heard or seen, still counts right?

    1. I wanted to add that I have looked for this in several pre-V2 books where they treat about prayer but haven't found anything that addresses exactly what I'm talking about. There are instances were they mention "internal prayer" but don't go into any details, so I don't know if it's the same thing.

    2. Yes. Except when gaining an indulgence, the lips must at least move.

    3. Moral theologians teach that prayer may be (1) mental/internal or (2) vocal/external. Mental prayer employing the mind and heart is exemplified by meditation and contemplation: Contemplation is intuitive and meditation is discursive. Vocal prayer is expressed in words.

      The theologians further distinguish between public and private prayer. Public prayer, said in the name of the Church, is always vocal. Private prayer may be either mental or vocal. Furthermore, prayer may be of adoration, thanksgiving, or petition. Included under prayer of petition is propitiatory prayer (asking for remission of sins and punishment) and prayer of intercession, requesting graces for others.

      For a succinct but full discussion, see Roberti's Dictionary of Moral Theoogy.

  10. You need to do a week on how these places — abusive authority structures, the way that people’s thinking and behavior is controlled, the way that people aren’t taught to trust themselves and trust their leader unquestionably, etc.

    I wish more newspaper journalists would start looking into these places. There are articles all the time on Scientology. Time to have some local or national coverages on these places, at the very least to warn others

    1. These places are cults and ruining people's lives.

    2. There is quite a large body of professional literature about cults and cult behavior. Without a doubt, these bishop-led traddie cults exhibit in spades all the tell-tale descriptors, e.g., submission, exclusivity, persecution complex, control, isolation, love bombing, special knowledge, indoctrination, salvation, group think, cognitive dissonance, shunning, gender roles, and appearance standards

      We, too, are surprised at contemporary journalism's neglect of of such fertile territory for a full-fledged exposé. The deviant trad groups match to a T the social and psychological profile of all cults. Moreover, given the cults' scandalous schools, one would think either print or broadcast media would be eager to do a full investigative report. Equally surprising is why Novus Ordo bishops haven't put a bug into the ear of local news media about all that goes on in these dreadful enclaves.

    3. So Novus Ordo bishops who are hiding pederasts are going to tell the news media to investigate boys watching porn? The Vatican 2 church is more scandalous than any other. Just ask Rembert Weakland and the cover-ups going all the way up to "Saint" Wotyla, Ratzinger, and Bergoglio.

      H.L. Mencknan once sagaciously noted, "A cult is any religion except for my own." These secular haters of religion have made such broad standards for a "cult" that what you wrote could apply to Southern Baptists, Mormons, even the Church pre-Vatican 2.

      Before the V2 bishops ask for any investigations, they better clean up their own mess---if it's even possible at this point. You should be attacking THEM.
      Has Dolan and company ever sodomized dozens of young boys? Covered up for priests that did? Gone to prison? It's clear to me stumbling upon this blog, you have a personal animus and vendetta. What these characters may or may not have done PALES in comparison to the Novus Ordo clerics. To say otherwise is just laughably stupid.

    4. There have been priests that have went to prison in the Trad movement. Do you not remember that Sanborn did try to cover up for one of his own?

      We don't know exactly what goes on in these Churches/schools because of their secrecy and cover-up stories. So, to say they are not comparable to the Novus Ordo is wrong. You can say, what we know of them is not comparable, but what do we really know?

  11. The odd thing is that I had hoped your clerics were so devoted to Latin that they spent night and day studying the language and reading, at least, the ecclesiastical, if not the classical,literature in the same. Not only that but also teaching their people enough Latin as to understand what is going on at mass and the offices.

    Quite the contrary, eh?

    1. Absolutely quite the contrary

      When Dannie Dolan got to Écone, he had to get up to speed with the insipid Waldo Sweet method. And Checkie once admitted in a sermon that he had trouble learning Latin as a youth.

      You must believe us that these men do not live in a Latin culture. It's all pretense and B.S. If they had dedicated themselves personally to an ecclesiastical Latin culture, Pistrina could never have found the howling errors it has in Dannie's ORDO 2016 and calendar or in Checkie's writings.

      It only take 10 years of assiduous study to become a disciplinary master. These louts have been around since the mid-1970's and they're still making novice errors. They can't even teach their clergy Latin. One of us remembers that the Skipper in MI had to buy a copy of 501 Latin Verbs after he was "ordained."

      It's a joke.

    2. Why not become a Priest. You'll make a great one.

    3. Anon July 12, at 5:38 AM

      About your nuts ... how are they doing?

    4. Anon July 16 5:29 AM

      We're quite happy with our state in life as it is, where we can devote our efforts to helping worthy, properly educated young men who have been in the system become priests. At the same time, we can help run the malformed scumbags out of town.

  12. Help run the Jews out of town.