Saturday, May 6, 2017


Yes, I am proud! I must be proud to see/Men, not afraid of God, afraid of me. Pope

To the intelligent outsider looking in, Tradistan is the embodiment of the 2006 movie "Idiocracy," a dystopian comedy about a future America populated and governed by morons. The only difference is that the movie is fictional and comes to an end, whereas Tradistan is for real and keeps on adding more scenes, each dumber than the one preceding it.

The latest episode in American sede idiocy is King Don's official recruiting announcement for his canonically unapproved "Roman Catholic Institute," a new lost-boys' club for pseudo-Catholic "clerical" imbeciles playing Church. (BTW, why didn't he give it a Latin name? Even CMRI has that.*) Apart from a rambling, multi-page manifesto chasing after the ghost of Archbishop Lefebvre, he tells us little or nothing about the new organization's governance model or its funding sources. Notwithstanding the King's shyness about disclosing such details, we'll try to shine some light with what we can see in the text. (That's why, after all, we call ourselves the "Readers.")

In his cover letter, His Royal Donstrosity informs TradWorld almost immediately that his "Institute also provides for the support of the clergy." The affirmation makes it clear the laity are expected to foot the bill for this folly. Now whether the money will come from a tax on satellite/affiliated chapels or from a nationwide appeal to shallow-witted but deep-pocketed cultlings, we have no idea. (At least it won't come out of Our Lady of the Sun's healthy bank account, thank heaven.) For the record, we discount any suggestion the Big 3 will underwrite this sure-to-fail venture: our guess is that they're breathlessly awaiting His Highness's abdication in the swamp. In any event, they seem to prefer spoiling pampered priory princesses to supporting impecunious Peter Pans.

There is one hint, however, as to how he might channel new revenue streams. In his letter, the Tampa-St. Pete Potentate tells us his "Institute has a List of Approved ensure that the members do not entangle themselves with clergy who are in some way unworthy or unacceptable." PL suspects the list is really aimed at the laity, so they'll either leave their chapels for his or invite the "Institute" to take over. Then they would assume the burden for the "support of the clergy" (like Melbourne, Australia, or Modesto and Fresno, California). Whether or not we're right, only time will tell. We won't have to wait long, though. You can bet the farm on that.  Money-grubbing is never far from the regal one-track mind.

As for the "Institute's" membership count, at the moment it stands at 10 losers — 7 "clergy" and 3 pesthouse "seminarians" in minor "orders" (we assume). Conspicuously absent from the roster of melancholy founders is the Skipper, the sorry completer who forgot the consecration at Mass. How hurt the whining Skipster must feel at not being invited to the founding! A few years ago, all he wanted to do was return to the humid B'ville Bog to become the "chancellor." (Fat chance! That's Scut's position.)  Now he's out in the cold. Could Skippy be — oh, say it ain't so, King Don! —"unworthy or unacceptable"?

Notwithstanding the Skipmeister's cruel exclusion, the King obviously expects his new troop to grow, for he tells us the "Institute" is "open to bishops [and] priests." Therefore, unless he's referring to the down-in-the-mouth Bishop-Elect and future pesthouse completers, we presume he means "clergy" from outside the fetid swamp. If that's correct, we wondered why the Long-Island Jellyfish and "One-Hand Dan" weren't pictured in the class photo on the first page.

Dannie, for instance, loves to squeeze into group shots so people think he's given his blessing to an enterprise with which he had no involvement at all. (Think the Dávila "consecration": Deacon Dan worked hard to wrangle an invitation and even managed to photo-bomb the event.) But the longer we considered the missing-in-action prelatasters, the more we understood: Dannie's not going to play second fiddle** to his career-long arch-rival, especially since his little "Salesian Sacerdotal Society" was such a flop. And neither will the mercurial Jelly — unless, of course, the King commands, that is.

There's no doubt the two nervous wandering "bishops" read the royal proclamation and saw where there's an all-powerful, absolutist "Superior General," from whom members must beg approval for everything from "the subjects of their sermons" and "the decoration of churches" to "devotional practices" and "public or private exorcisms." (Can you imagine Decorator Dan, shabby biretta in hand, groveling for permission to go over-the-top with seasonal décor? Can you imagine "One Hand's" or Checkie's being obliged to recite the Leonine Prayers again after so many years of trashing them?) In addition, we think these twin "episcopal" crud balls suspect the "Roman Catholic Institute" will never have a general chapter or a general congregation to check the "Superior General's" arrogation of unlimited monarchical power. Deficit Dan for one doesn't want to spend the rest of his days dancing to whatever silly tune the autarch's whimsy decides to call.

Although no rule or constitution has been made public, Li'l Daniel and Its Gelatinacy can sniff the stinking presence somewhere of a clause demanding "holy obedience" to the big dog "Superior General." Ditto for other full-grown "clerical" curs in Tradistan: Cheeseball, My-Way Carlito, and the Zappmeister. Cringing pups like Uneven Steven McFaker, Lurch, and the Forlorn Finn may be sorely tempted to join, because they sense Dannie's on his way to the pound. Wannabe, however, will likely stick with his pack leader, the Zappster: There aren't enough tears in this world to be on King Donald's short leash again. (As to what the stray Dennis the Menace will do, that's anybody's guess.)

The Sad Sacks don't know it, but there's a downside to not enlisting: they won't be able to sign their names with the post nominal letters RCI. Far worse, they're going to miss out on the big rumble at the Sede Thunderdrome between the CMRI and the RCI:
Two cults enter! One cult folds! Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls: cryin' time's here. He's the Whip Cracker, Faith on sale. You know him, you hate him, he's the Swampland Cult Master....
Better than World Championship Wrestling, although markedly less classy, wouldn't you agree?

But wait a doggone minute now!

Something just occurred to us. Why, it's a Eureka! moment, if we do say so ourselves.

Maybe His Majesty won't allow them to miss out on the benefits of recruitment. Another purpose of the List of Approved Clergy may be to scare the reluctant "clergy" into signing up. You know, come to think about it, it's odd that King Don mentioned the "List" at all. Like his school rules, he could have shared it with the laity on the Q.T. But instead he made a big deal of the "List" with this gloss:
Something plaguing the traditional movement today is the proliferation of poorly trained priests and of priests with liberal or bizarre ideas. The Institute wants to keep clear of all of these types. 
In our eyes, that's a warning shot across the bow of every "clerical" buccaneer's dinghy perilously tossing on the Sede Main. If your name's not on the list, doesn't that necessarily imply you're not only "unworthy or unacceptable" but also "poorly trained," "liberal," or full of "bizarre ideas"? Might it not be more prudent to join the "Institute" and kiss the monarch's....uh, er, umm... buskins as an insurance policy?

We don't think sooooooooo.

While His High and Mightiness pretends he founded his "Institute" to "provide the much desired unity among priests," the ecclesiastical free lancers outside the Swampland read the word "unity" as code for servitude. Over the decades, these religious wildcatters have succeeded in avoiding all accountability, so why should they surrender their independence today? It's not as though His Royal Personage has any money to spread around. In fact, he may even expect some of the better-off recruits to supply needed treasure. That's enough to convince any religious entrepreneur to keep his distance.

All this, we're forced to admit, doesn't mean that each and every one of the Tradistani nomenklatura will refuse to join during the initial recruitment drive. A few will be so intimidated by His High Muckety-Muckness's overbearing personality that they'll cave at the first nasal yelp. In addition, there well may be a honeymoon period of a year or so as he struggles to grow membership or is weighed down with other worries. (N.B. PL still believes Tradosaurus Rex intends to establish a "seminary" in France where he can re-locate after the Kid gets his promised miter.)  However, inevitably the day will come when the kingly "Superior General" will make demands, which the lukewarm draftees must resist. Then the "Roman Catholic Institute," like all His Majesty's past crackpot schemes of glory, will come crashing down.

Make that day come sooner rather than later. Tell your "priest" or "bishop" he cannot join. Tell every layman or laywoman you know in the Tradisphere to


* We hope Tradzilla makes our day and chooses "Institutum Romanum Catholicum,"  (IRC, pronounced "irk"). Our traditional Catholic experts'll have a ball shaming him on several levels! Our personal suggestion for a Latin name is Institutum Acatholicum pro quaestibus pecuniae ("non-Catholic institute for pecuniary gain").

** A wise correspondent shared another reason for Dannie's (and Bonehead Tone's) absence from the founders' portrait: Donors may have told Big Don that "One Hand" and Tony Baloney are fundraising poison since the 2009 $GG $chool $candal and Checkie's monstrous opinion on the Schiavo judicial murder.  Putting those two on the cover of the announcement would have strangled the sickly infant "Institute" in its swampy crib before it could die of natural causes.


  1. My favorite part of the "Roman" "Catholic" "Institute" announcement is how the "Theological Directory" begins, not by professing faith in Our Lord and the Holy Trinity, but with a condemnation of Vatican II!

    1. A great observation. It shows you how disordered this "Institute" is.

    2. When JP2 was still alive, in one of his most memorable moments, the Donster slammed his crosier into the ground and shouted (in a "sermon") "The only thing that matters, the only thing that is important, is that THAT man is NOT the Pope." We see where his "faith" lies.

    3. He and jr broke out a bottle of champagne or wine to celebrate his death. I would think you would pray someone had a change in heart, not have a party to celebrate someone's death.

      When did the slamming Of his crosier happen?

    4. Typical Donster: plenty of “sounding brass and tinkling cymbal” – but no charity. The man is a monster.

    5. Apparently pounding a crosier is the only trope a sede orator needs. That should make Junior doubly eager for his birthright miter.

    6. "When did the slamming Of his crosier happen?"

      Back in Detroit 2002-03 time frame -
      before the move. Really effective - chips of flooring flying hither and yon while demonstrating the "correct use" of your latest metal-ware from Serpone.

      I'll bet he found the usage in Martinucci in the supplement added to complement the "Ordo" from Wee Dan.

    7. I thought etiquette dictated that a (non-) titular bishop wasn't supposed to use a crosier except at functions that require it (ordinations and confirmations) but not just for a regular at the Faldstool job.

      Ah, but like Heineken beer - Epikeia reaches parts that other Beers cannot reach !

      So the Ordinary cannot concede me its use (since I have deposed him and the entire hierachy - saltem in mente) but epikeia comes riding in to save the day and I can pound the Sanctuary all the way through... well whatever you want to call the show.

  2. It's disordered to profess a rejection of Vatican 2?

    Oh, sorry, I forgot you've gone back to the modernist sect of Vatican 2.

    1. The disorder is in the hierarchy of dogma - Official Catholic teaching ranks higher than the fervid imagination of a low-life swamp-liver.

    2. No, it is not a disorder to clearly state what one's position on VII is, and where th reader goes to church has no bearing whatsoever on the matter, but it certainly says something when opposition to VII forms a starting point for explanation of existence in a "founding" document. The US Constituion begins: We, the people...and the entire document hangs on it.

      It's fitting that Sanborn chose a conta position, for when the crisis is resolved, his institute will cease to have "official" purpose.

    3. The problem is, his "Institute" will never be official. The sedes will at best be a footnote once the Restoration occurs. These groups are really quite insignificant, except in the minds of the deluded. Providence wuld never stoop so low as to use these scumbags for it vehicle.

    4. Then why do you all write and comment about "irrelevant sedes" week after week,month after month?
      You need realize how pathetic you all look.

  3. I'll go to Florida with a cheap chasuble, a boombox of Marty Haugen and say the Novus Ordo at his "Roman Catholic Institute"!

    *note, I may actually start a Patreon to do this

    1. Anon. 10:51

      It's disordered not to first profess the elements of the faith so as to show the foundation upon which the ensuing rejection is made. But the RCI is only a vehicle to a particular cult, and the directories are ruses to inappropriately elevate the particular prejudices of Big Don to the status of dogma.


      That would start some crosier thumping, that's for sure, especially if you sang All Are Welcome.

      We'll bet the RCI will soon have a Patreon-like platform of its own, if one's not already in place. Of course, they won't allow other Traddies to offer their own subscriptions — too much competition.

    2. Anon. 10:51 PM:

      You were wrong on both counts. First, “des” did NOT say (or imply) that it is disordered to be against V2; and second, he (or she) did NOT go “back to the modernist sect of Vatican 2.” It is obviously YOU who are disordered. Like Big Don, you are all sounding brass and tinkling cymbal” – but, in addition to having no charity, you have no SENSE either.

  4. dcsMay 6, 2017 at 8:30 PM

    Clearly observed:

    ... "Theological Directory" begins, not by professing faith in Our Lord and the Holy Trinity, but with a condemnation of Vatican II!

    How true that one is:

    Like most Dictators they spread the hate with the condemning venomous fear factor.

    While the Novus Ordo spreads the Kumbaya Free Hippie Love agenda.

    None of them spread the true meaning of Christ's Eternal Love.

    I think the world has lost the true meaning of the Virtue of Love. It has been replaced by The Hallmark Trade mark of a deliberate plot to invert the Virtue into the Vice, and Rome led the Charge, as designed by the devil himself.

    "As The Church Goes So Goes the World"

    1. Very true. But at least we know that Sanborn and Dolan are NOT the Church.

    2. Well, exactly, Dolan has to join the Roman Catholic Institution first and pass the one hand test about doubtful orders as drawn up by the "SUPERIOR General"

    3. I hope you noticed "Institution" not "Institute" - Sanborn thinks on a grander scale but he's being coy right now.

    4. Sanborn was recently touting his English Cred. I never met one with such delusions of grandeur. Like the Trumpster, whose name changed from Drumpf (to hide the Germanic origin), perhaps Ellis Island assigned anglicized name to the immigrants. I'll take a trip up to the camp in the next few days to see if the new gates have arrived with the legend above them written neither in Latin or English: "Sanborn Macht Frei"

    5. Sanborn Macht Sauerei is more like it.

  5. You know what merits greater thought is that neither Dolan or Sanborn were sedes at the time they declared the vacancy occurred. (1958 it seems now).

    However it would take them up to 17 years to begin to realize there was "no Pope". They had a learning curve.

    They don't thrash themselves for 15 years or more of believing in "false" popes but Don will deny you the Sacraments at the drop of his miter if you're Novus Ordo and haven't gone through his delousing "sheds" before you can enter the compound. He even said his Mass for the first year of priesthood Una Cum Paulo VIto - what penance for that "sin"?

    Cracking a bottle for JP2's demise - that was really sick and twisted - my first thought last night was "monster" also !

    1. Consistency means nothing to these men. Anyway, obedient culties are supposed to forget their leaders' past and believe whatever is the theory du jour.

      When the cult masters were worried that Thục clergy would compete with them for the laity's $$, they claimed the line was invalid. But when they became Thục "bishops," they walked back their condemnation.

      We doubt they'll do penance for all the una-cum Masses they've said. That's something the laity have to do.

    2. According to SGG's website, Dolan has never invoked a pope's name in the masses he has said. He was a sede while just a seminarian aparrently. He was also born in 1951 I think, so blaming him for not immediately recognizing the vacancy at seven sounds a bit unfair, no?

  6. May 7, 2017 at 10:04 PM

    The Reader stated:

    "Very true. But at least we know that Sanborn and Dolan are NOT the Church"

    That too is true, and perhaps our only Saving Grace.

  7. Anonymous May 7, 2017 at 11:16 PM

    I hope you noticed "Institution" not "Institute" - Sanborn thinks on a grander scale but he's being coy right now.

    I agree!
    I copied this from the previous blog and brought onto this weeks blog, because I think this addresses Sanborn and his true agenda.

    "The Shadow May 1, 2017 at 12:25 PM
    Watcher stated:

    “Superior General” of the “Roman Catholic Institute” -- talk about SICK HUMOR!! What kind of fevered brain…”

    Beware this maniac!

    He is half in jest, whole in earnest, and he already has a maniacal following; as you so aptly likened him to,” Jim Jones”, who started out with only a handful of lunatics. Then it became, “Chuck Full of Nuts.”

    I see some kind of convoluted message being delivered to the Radical Traddies who want Cult Centers to declare the Sede Movement, THE CHURCH.
    So right under our noses, “The Magisterium Of The Church a/k/a. “The Institute” is being morphed into a language to make for a “Power Play, that will satisfy these ignorant Sedes to declare themselves, “The Magisterium of the Church,” with Sanborn elevated to Pontiff.

    He holds to the Title Catholic= Universal

    His Title, Superior General = Ruler

    He rules absolute on Matters of Faith and Morals... =POPE

    Bear in mind, Malachi Martin said, “the Institutional Church in Rome is dead, and should a Jesuit ever take the Throne of Peter, know the end is very near.”

    He also warned friends to steer clear from the nine who left Lefebvre. That would include SANBORN!

    I think The Plot Thickens!"

    1. From e-mails we've received, it seems that most of the trad clergy are steering clear of Big Don's "Institute," telling each other in private "no way." Reports say there was a lot of eye-rolling and snide commenting about "Pope Don" when the announcement came out.

      It'll be embarrassing after a few months when the same 10 scum are the only members. The Donster may have to start twisting the arms of the few who are vulnerable. or else he's going to look pretty foolish in Sedelandia.

  8. AnonymousMay 8, 2017 at 10:22 PM
    "According to SGG's website, Dolan has never invoked a pope's name in the masses he has said."....

    The words by Bp. Dolan in his adamant declaration that he "has never" invoked a pope's name... renders me suspect of his statement.
    Bp. Dolan, by his very nature is incapable of telling the unvarnished truth about anything. If in doubt just read any of the lies coming from his favorite Corner about why good people in the past, really left his parish.

    He actually proves that any law can be broken, ex: "If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck then it is duck".

    Not it Dolan's world, it is anything but a duck!

  9. Thanks for addressing the matter. I share similar suspicion of their (Dokan & Cekada) truthfulness, but in the abscence of ANY evidence to the contrary, I feel forced to give him the benefit of the doubt about weather or not he used the pope's name or not and the year of his birth. Both seem like things that lying about would be risky, too.

    1. How could any prove he lied? The canon is said secretly. The perfect situation.

    2. True enough. Honestly, it's not really all that important either. I don't care whether the priest invoked the pipes name or not, do you? It's something I never gave consideration to until Cekada spun a new sin out of it.


  10. Anonymous May 9, 2017 at 6:56 PM

    The year of his birth is a fact. Not because he said so, but his birth certificate indicates it. He had to submit his certificate to prove several things, one of which was his date of birth, his legal name etc.

    SOOOOOOO with that said, the only thing I trust with the dashing duo is The BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

  11. Power begets power!

    Let's face it, there are far too many Bishops running around to have the kind of power impact that Sanborn requires to control the peons. Someone has to be Head Hancho!
    So gather the clergy, and the masses will follow out of need. The rest is all about $$$$$.

    1. Yes, Tradzilla has his heart set on becoming the "boss of all bosses." In his view, people are born to take orders — his orders, and that includes the "clergy."

      But the rub is that, outside of the goofballs he controls today, maybe only a handful will join the "Institute." As time goes by and the ranks don't swell with "clergy" other than completers, he'll have a big embarrassment on his hands.

      We'd guess the Skipper, and maybe Dennis the Menace, will sign up (if invited), but we've got doubts about My-Way Carlito, who doesn't seem prepared to go back to being a peon again running scared of a recall to the swamp or disposed to turn over his very nice chapel in Washington State to someone else's corporation. As for the other independents (except Jelly), it's almost a sure thing they'll avoid any commitment to him personally. They know Tradosaurus Rex only too well.

      To be sure, a few may sign up temporarily, but all but Skippy will split off as soon as Big Don starts throwing his weight around. He'll do that almost immediately because he can't help himself. He's as compelled to lord it over everyone else as he is to get people's $$$$$.

      You may not realize it, but Big Don suffered a rude awakening when OLS rebuffed his brash move to take over the chapel lock, stock, and barrel. He'll get another slap in the face when the majority of the independent sede "clergy" tell him thanks, but no thanks.

    2. I've met people from all these groups mentioned, and there is a difference in the people associated with these places too. Cmri parishioners seem like they just want to attend the mass without all the hoopla that other churches have. They are kind and sensible, but don't seem to know what is going on between all the groups. The parishioners from Sanborn's parishes seem unhappy. They seem to think of themselves as holier than thou, but lead lives contrary to what is shown. They keep to themselves and don't seem very charitable or welcoming to outsiders. The SSPX seem kind, want the mass, but can't seem to seperate themselves from Rome. I don't think you can combine Sanborn and Dolan as a "unified" group. They seem to have mixed messages between each other. They, like Sanborn, are to themselves, but do not seem to have the rigourous rules. It appears that there are a few families running the show, not necessarily the priests. The SSPV seem sensible and kind, and they seem to remove themselves from the CMRI and Sanborn groups. The independent priests seem that they have common sense to not align themselves with some of the bad apples. If it is true that by your fruits you shall know them, I know what fruits I would stay away from and what fruits I would like associated.

    3. Good comment 3:05 PM. God bless you.

    4. I too have contact with all these groups (except CMRI) and ample contact with the indult crowd. The parishioners of SSPV do seem sensible, but how do you feel about Bp. Kelly's categorical condemnation of the Thuc line, which ranges from Tradasaurus Rex to humble and hard working priests?

      This seems grossly unjust to me, and worse, Mario Derksen completely dismantled Kelly's arguments. So far, and it had been 4 years, crickets...

      SSPV seems just as cultish as SGG and MHT to me, and I've no evidence their priests are any better formed or educated. If homilies can be used as a way to evaluate the former, they are a rank lower than Dolan and Cekada, or at least from what I've heard.

    5. What sermons by Dolan and Cekada do you particularly recommend?

    6. Well, when I went there, I heard some good ones. While a bit sentimental, I thought Dolan's Christmas eve (2016) sermon was a bit touching, and Cekada's "comeback" sermon last fall was well thought out, at least compared to the droning, chiding, and simple-minded embarassment I had the misfortune of enduring at a SSPV parish this lent. It was almost cringeworthy how the priest called out individual alter boys and the families in all but name (surely everyone there but me knew who he was talking anout) and followed it up with a condemation of the Thuc line: "nothing's changed in 35 years, we reject the Thuc line and their wicked practices" if I recall correctly.

      I would decline to endorse any sermon I've heard from Dolan or Cekada, but then again, I can't point to a sermon by any living priest I would "reccomend."

    7. SGG, MHT, and SSPV sermons are online, and I can't seem to figure out what you are talking about in your praise or condemnations? Seems very ironic to me, because your words don't seem to fit any of those places' sermons. I guess to each his own, but by their fruits you shall know them. I'd have to say pistrina has shown two of those have some pretty bad fruits.

    8. MHT sermon, "You are most likely going to hell!"

      Start of SGG sermon, "my cats....."

      Yep, I can see how that shows how well trained these men are over any of the other churches.

    9. Anon. 6:34 PM:

      How “boring” a priest’s sermon is (or isn’t) is not necessarily an indication of his legitimacy, nor of his “moral fiber.” I knew many a “boring” priest – in fact, one whose sermons always used to put me to sleep -- but he was a GOOD MAN. “Boring” is not a barometer of GOODNESS. Many of Dannie’s sermons have been very “picturesque” and “inspiring” – but that’s just part of his “show.” When, however, one looks his “track record,” Dannie is an absolute MORAL LEPER. So is Checkie. So is Big Don. I’ll take “boring” over any of these scumbags ANY DAY.

  12. Just wondering...the highlights of letters posted in previous articles...did you receive permission from the authors to publish them on the internet? I would guess that the letters were written to one person and not published previously. How then can it be verified that these are actual quotes from the people you claim?

    1. What is that suppose to mean? How did they get a hold of the letters written to someone else?

  13. Anonymous May 11, 2017 at 7:48 PM

    "...I would decline to endorse any sermon I've heard from Dolan or Cekada, but then again, I can't point to a sermon by any living priest I would "recommend."

    That is a very sad statement that you have not heard a sermon that you would recommend from any living priest. Obviously you have not traveled on the same road as I have, or so many others. I would not only endorse this priest and his sermons, but I would endorse his inspirational book called Holy Rosary Holy Mass, and an array of his other apostolic works, like Breviary.Net.

    There are some very good, educated and humble priests still working in the Vineyard for God, by serving His children.

    1. God will preserve even one person to speak for Him.

  14. "Bp. Kelly's categorical condemnation of the Thuc line, which ranges from Tradasaurus Rex to humble and hard working priests?"

    "followed it up with a condemation of the Thuc line: "nothing's changed in 35 years, we reject the Thuc line and their wicked practices" if I recall correctly."

    Why did you add 'if i recall correctly' since SSPV position on the Thuc line has never changed and been consistent for 35 years since it is based on what they hold to be Catholic principle? SSPV doesn't provide a blanket condemnation, but state the Thuc line is doubtful and therefore in the practical order cannot be frequented by a Catholic (it is the same position they hold re: the N.O.).

    For your personal consideration: Jesus states by their fruit you will know them & that a good tree cannot produce bad fruit, but you state that the Thuc line ranges "from Tradasaurus Rex to humble and hard working priests." I would suggest the fruit ranges far wider than that and you know it including the ordination/consecration of protestants, sodomites and charlatans/con artists (not only MHT/SGG and their 'fruit'+ much more in the U.S.--but in Spain, Germany and probably all over Latin America)--by hiding this information you (yourself) are endangering souls and you will be held accountable for that. Think you are attracted to Cekada & Dolan because you play fast and loose w/the truth yourself. Cleverness might impress you (to get a rank above someone else), but not me esp when cover for laziness, dishonesty, greed, pride and vanity--that messes w/other people's minds and leads them to hell.

  15. Anonymous May 11, 2017 at 9:49 AM

    Asked the following:

    "...Just wondering...the highlights of letters posted in previous articles...did you receive permission from the authors to publish them on the internet? I would guess that the letters were written to one person and not published previously. How then can it be verified that these are actual quotes from the people you claim?

    Ok! Let me give you my understanding of this Blog.
    I would imagine the Reader and staff at P.L. are very intelligent and knowledgeable people who are trying to keep and preserve the Faith by passing down their obvious excellent Catholic education onto those who are seeking the truth. This is known as Tradition. It seems to me that there is no cost or political gain attached to their endeavors other than, to correct all the lies that have been churning out over the years from the Trad Mills of Pretentious, Petty Prelates, who are working for Profits.
    This blog is a fountain of information for those who seek the truth. It comes from all venues especially from those who have suffered at the hands of these mercenaries. Some seek to remain anonymous, (as both you and I have), however, their personal experiences they want posted. While others are too frightened to have anything posted, and yet still seek advice for alternative routes for them to take in order to practice the Faith and avoid these Prophets for Profit.

    Just as you have posted, and I have answered anonymously to protect our identity, so does the Reader and staff do for those who email or send personal letters. You can be assured that if anyone requested not to be posted this Catholic staff would never violate their expressed wishes. However, there are those, like myself, who have emailed to the Reader, and Staff with horror stories that could be printed, but not with my name. I am sure you can understand the many reasons why people do not want to be exploited anymore from these so called Catholic Prelates seeking Damnation for those who do not follow, rather than helping them attain their Salvation.
    If you are still seeking the names of those who wished to remain anonymous, or wonder whether the Reader got their permission to print such information, believe me, if there was an iota of doubt of them getting into trouble the Staff would never endanger them or their families, by printing anything.
    So if you seek more proof of the truths of this blog, perhaps you should go among your fellow Catholics with an open ear, and let them talk to you. I am sure this is not the only site that has such horror stories. However, it is the only site that has a staff with an excellent Catholic education in the Faith, trying to help out these poor souls who were victimized for wanting to serve God. Instead they were intimidated with made up fear tactics employed by most of these Prelates Pounding the Pulpit for Profit.

    This blog is a true Catholic Work of Mercy!
    Expose the disease, and feed it no more.

  16. Sanborn privately goes around and tells people that they can't attend cmri. I don't see the difference between other groups except for it is done publicly and actually given reasons. He denies communion to Feenyites and Novus Ordo.

    For all of you stating that Sanborn is so wonderful with his intelligent sermons, etc., what sermons have you been listening? I listened to his sermons and those of his trusted minions for years and find them to be very monotonic, hell-fired, and nothing to do with the specific gospel or epistle. I found that his obsession and discussions with homosexuality and beastality in sermons on a constant basis (and in newsletters) to be vulgar and in bad taste. The elderly were shocked and parents had to explain all of that to children. IF he wanted to discuss the sin of homosexuality, he could have said unnatural vice, and there was no reason to go into beastality. That was very poor judgement.

    I don't see why anyone allows themself to be fooled by Sanborn. His love of money should be a huge sign that he is NOT a follower of Christ. How many apostles kept their money and followed HIM?

    He has a huge ego that no one should question anything he says or does. (Red flag, anyone?)

    He aligns himself with wealthy families who can provide for his lifestyle, which includes fancy restaurants, fancy cars, travel, and special foods.

  17. Similar stories about Sanborn I have heard from so many other people. However, every time I hear another example of the same vice, I can't help but think of the Parable of the rich man who asked Christ. "What would it take to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven? Christ told him to give all his riches to the poor, and to follow Him.

    Now, does Bp. Sanborn or anyone of these Empire Builders look like they are following Christ in the way He spoke?
    Better yet,do they look like Good Shepherds that could lead you to Greener Pastures?
    Then again, if anyone believes that Sanborn is the kind of person they want to follow, believe me he will not want you, unless you come "Like the Greeks" bearing gifts.

    Starve The Beast!