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...ritum omnem ad suum trahere conatur arbitirum... ("he strives to transform all rites as he pleases"). Ammianus Marcellinus

Were we to tag this post, we'd classify it as a reminder — a reminder of the cult masters' infidelity to their own well-publicized principles. Long-time followers of PL will recall the Readers tackled the same subject in their June 13, 2015, post "COUNTERFEIT CATHOLICISM 3," where we observed, writing about Dannie and Checkie, "In hypocrisy-infected Tradistan, you can't expect the malformed cult masters to practice what they preach!" 

Today we'll scrutinize identical double standards practiced by Tradistan's "Superior General" of the recently announced lost-boys' club, the achingly pathetic "Roman Catholic Institute." In his cover letter to his announcement, Tradzilla grandiloquently wrote (our emphases):       
In the following pages you will find our three Directories. We want the lay people to see what we stand for, and invite them to adopt these very same principles in this great and life-long struggle we have all undertaken for the integrity of Catholic dogma, Catholic moral doctrine, Catholic liturgy, and Catholic discipline. 
O.K. We kind of think we get it. Hmmmm. Let's see: Tradzilla hopes moneyed laity'll understand his thinking and make his beliefs and practices theirs. Isn't that about right? (Nice fundraising ploy, we'll have to admit: Get 'em to buy in now so they'll pay through the nose later.) Let's then conduct a sincerity test on Big Don and his pals.  For the sake of brevity, the Readers will look at one principle he'd like us all to embrace, that of the first article 1* of the "Liturgical Directory":       
The general liturgical principle of the Institute is to preserve the traditional Roman liturgy. The Institute holds that the changes which were made to the Roman liturgy by the Commission for the Reform of the Liturgy, founded by Pope Pius XII in 1948, and headed by Annibale Bugnini, were transitory changes which were made in view of the Novus Ordo Missæ of 1969. Consequently the Institute shall reject any changes made at the suggestion of the aforesaid commission, even if promulgated by Pope Pius XII. The Institute holds that, although these changes were duly promulgated by Pope Pius XII, the acceptance of them in the light of the changes of Vatican II would be harmful to the stated end, namely the preservation of the traditional Roman liturgy. Nonetheless, the Institute does not regard the liturgical changes of Pope Pius XII as sinful to observe or attend, or as non-Catholic, but does regard them as a prelude to the ultimate changes of Vatican II, to which their author, Annible [sic!!] Bugnini, attests. 
In trying to make sense of all this head-spinning double talk, we concluded that Big Don and his "Institute" want the laity to have nothing to do with any of the poisoned fruits of the Bugnini reform of the liturgy, especially those mandated by the Second Vatican Council. Seems reasonable, doesn't it, given his radical sede position?

Nothing too tough to understand thus far.

So, then, if we've read between the Donster's lines correctly, the founders of the "Institute" must all be assumed to be model practitioners of the very principles they urge the laity to adopt.

Are we wrong? (No, we're not.)

But if the founders are paragons of Roman liturgical purity, why do we find on the MHT schedule for May 14, 2017, the calendar entry printed below?

Pontifical Sung Mass with Chaplains 10:30 A.M. C Bishop Sanborn C1 Rev. Mr. Dutertre C2 Fr. Fliess

This is clearly not a "Solemn Pontifical High Mass," as we see on May 25. It's looks and quacks like a Missa cantata, or Sung Mass, for a bishop. Now as many of you may know, a Sung Mass for bishops is an innovation sanctioned by Inter Oecumenici, the "First Instruction for the orderly carrying out of [Vatican II's] Constitution on the Liturgy," dated September 26, 1964 (bold emphasis ours):
 II.I.48.l, It is lawful, when necessary, for bishops to celebrate a sung Mass following the form used by priests. (Licet Episcopis, pro necessitate, Missam in cantu more presbyterorum celebrare [AAS 56 {1964}, p. 888]).    
A colleague recollects that after Big Don first got his miter, he once said, during a visit to a cult chapel, that a bishop could only celebrate low or solemn pontifical Masses and smirkingly refused to use Dannie's invented pontifical Missa cantata. (The Wee One himself confessed it was all made up.) It may also be worth remembering that Tony Baloney, in his error-filled Work of Human Hands (p. 76), disapproved of the "fairly extensive" changes introduced by the "First Instruction." In his opinion, it "introduced many practices throughout the Mass that the 1951-62 legislation had already allowed or prescribed in one way or another, and instituted some new practices as well."

As matters stand, unless Inter Oecumenici is (a) unconnected with Bugnini's liturgical-reform efforts and (b) not one of the "ultimate changes of Vatican II,"** we'd like to know why three founders of the "Institute," to wit, Big Don, Squirmin' Herman, and the Gallic Melancholic (1) chose not to "preserve the traditional Roman liturgy" and (2) celebrated Mass in accordance with the "changes of Vatican II." In other words, is this the kind of double-tongued "integrity" we're all supposed to be fighting for along with Big Don and his clown crew?

Could it be that Tradzilla's two-faced policy is "do as I say, don't do as I do (because I do what I want)"? Or is it more subtle, say, "Whatever I do is right whenever I choose to do it, and don't you dare bring up my self-contradictions"? Or is it as basic as "I'm a flighty hypocrite who likes to do as his whims dictate"?

Choose whichever you think describes the Donster's motives best. Better yet, come up with your own catchphrase. Anything will work as long as it explains why Tradzilla flagrantly violates the principles he and the other founders "stand for."

That way, we'll all be reminded to


* For a reason we cannot fathom, in the pdf we downloaded, the "Liturgical Directory," apparently part of the "constitutions" Big Don claimed he's "been working on ... since 2004" (pesthouse news letter, May 2016, p. 2), has two — that's two— articles enumerated "1"! When we last checked pp. 6 and 7 of the online version [May 20, 2017, 11:24 AM, Ed.], the two #1's were still there as well as the misspelling of Bugnini's first name in the last sentence of the first #on p. 6. Maybe he'll correct both errors after he reads this post, as $GG did last week with the month of "YAG." This time, however, we've got a hard copy as well as a pdf in case the cult wants to play another fast one on PL with a straw commenter.

**But that condition cannot be true because Tony Baloney tells us (1) on p. 76 that "Consilium... issued ... the Instruction Inter Oecumenici" and (2) on p. 73 that "On 3 January 1964 ... Bugnini was ... informed that ... Montini ... had appointed him as Secretary of a new commission: 'Consilium ad exequendam Constitutionem de sacra liturgia.'" Then on p. 75, Checkie says, "As Secretary of Consilium, Bugnini was once again in the driver's seat for directing the course of liturgical reforms." (Citations from the 1st edition of Cheesy's dreadful book. If you don't trust the Cheeseball's facts, and we don't blame you, you can verify Bugnini's Consilium ["council"] appointment here.) At MHT, Bonehead Tone's shoddy Work of Human Hands is listed as one of the textbooks for the "seminary" course on the modern liturgy. Haven't Big Don, Squirmy, and the Gallic Melancholic read that magnum opus, as Dannie called it? "Consilium" is listed in the course description as one of the topics to be covered. It seems MHT has as little regard for WHH's content as PL has.


  1. What exactly is traditional Roman Liturgy?

    I prefer that advocated by Saint Cardinal Joseph Tomassi whose relics I venerate every time I'm in Rome.

    I suspect that these fellows would be aghast at his approach which he thought was the classic Roman usage, no-nonsense and free of sentimentalism.

    1. Well observed. These men have no sense at all of Romantias. Their praxis is the exact opposite of classic use.

    2. How good of 12:14 above and 7:09 below to recall their visits to the lovely, polygonal chapel of Sant'Andrea della Valle where rests the body of Tom[m]asi, the "prince of liturgists." This Reader also has spent a few quiet moments of recollection there amid the beautiful columns, where admiration for this great and humble man's profound learning and painstaking scholarship was sourly interrupted by recalling the sedes' shocking malformation, shoddiness, ignorance, and contempt for authentic Roman ethos.

      Perhaps our young seminarian below will be inspired to follow the holy cardinal's example, both in his personal and professional life as a priest. He already has a marvelous start by attending an FSSP seminary, where he will receive a sound, traditional formation, something the forlorn members of Tradzilla's "Institute" will never possess.

      Today, all of us at PL will offer a prayer for that young man's intentions along with a petition that he be moved to study Greek in homage to the Servant of God whose mortal remains he has venerated in the Eternal City.

    3. What teaching is given on Vatican II and the Novus Ordo Missae in the "sound, traditional formation" at FSSP seminary?

    4. May 21, 9:39 PM

      Perhaps if the sede "seminaries" spent less time fixating on the modern liturgy and more time on the core traditional curriculum and orthopraxis, that pesthouse completer in MI wouldn't have forgotten the consecration at Mass.

      PL knows of many, many FSSP and SSPX priests, and never once have we heard of one who skipped the consecration.

  2. Anonymous May 20,2017 12.14PM

    Thank you for telling us about the relics of Saint Cardinal Joseph Tomassi.I too venerate them when I am in Rome.I am a seminarian with the FSSP and have just discovered this fine website.From what I have been reading you would have to be out of your mind to have anything to do with the sede cults.You must be aware that a number of FSSP/SSPX folk read your website and commend you courage for your postings.

    Over on the Lay Pulpit,there is a excellent posting about the SSPX/FSSP.

    Pax Vobiscum

    1. See FSSP already gettin' ready to take over SSPX (u2is1w/Francis!). How many days during Lent do you fast (2 of 40)? How many Fridays of the year do you abstain from meat? How long do you fast before Holy Communion? Do women cover their heads at your 'mass'? Do they wear slacks, shorts, bathing suits? Do men wear skirts? Do they communicate standing and in the hand if they feel like it? Do you give communion to those living in adultery like Pope Francis says? Do you let those living in adultery teach catechism (like Pope Francis sister does)? Do you give communion to the sodomites as Pope Francis says? Do you give communion to Lutherans, Anglicans, and those who are fornicating together because they don't feel like getting married (like Pope Francis' nephew)? Do you believe atheists and Jews (i.e. everyone) is saved w/out Jesus Christ (like Pope Francis says)? Do you think proselytism is a mortal sin against ecumenicism? Do you spend your time trying to make Jews be good Jews, Muhammedans be good Muhammedans and Hindus be good Hindus, like St. Mother Teresa? Do you have the power to forgive sins and confect the sacrament? Do FSSP priests offer the holy sacrifice of the mass or do they teach the first communicants like the ADW that "the Eucharist is also a sacrifice, a holy exchange of gifts (note they just redefined sacrifice). Jesus offers his life to us in the Sacrament of the Eucharist, and we offer our lives to him as his obedient servants and friends." Since you're a part of VC2 tell the truth, buddy: you don't offer the sacrifice of calvary in atonement for sin (VC2 teaches Jesus Christ did NOT die for our sins--it was a horrible accident!); your hands aren't consecrated and you are not given the power to forgive sin: ALL the congregation are as much a priest as you are. You don't preach sin and you cover for pedophiles, sodomites and say nothing to keep your career. Your cowardice is abominable and you are the same as D/C/S--lying con artists who do whatever is expedient for yourself while claiming to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

      Seven more priests just got kicked out of the SSPX--tell them Pax Vobiscum.

      See the May 22 entry

    2. Who wears bathing suits to Mass?

    3. The Fraternity IS Catholic. If the schismatic bogus Sanborn and his misleading cabal are Catholic and the people who have the Faith as it has been for 2,000 years aren't, we've wasted a LOT of time.

      In an ideal world, we'd ALL be in Communion with Rome through papally mandated bishops, a Traditional liturgy and Sanborn working as a White Castle burger flipper.

    4. Tradzilla's sham "Institute" is definitely NOT Roman Catholic, and it's too bad that in the U.S. something cannot be done about his usurping that name.

      Although we would like for him close up shop, we're thankful he isn't grilling sliders. He would spoil them as he's spoiled the traditional faith, and we would lose a late-night hangout for editorial conferences.

    5. AnonymousMay 21, 2017 at 2:22 AM,

      In an ideal world, we would have a true pope who is Catholic and we'd ALL be in Communion with Rome through papally mandated bishops, a Traditional liturgy and Sanborn may have been ordained if he had a vocation and be working under the direction of a diocesan bishop.

      Don't you think Sanborn entered the seminary with the best of intentions?

    6. Anonymous May 20,2017 12.14PM,

      If you have just discovered this website, how do you know that that a number of FSSP/SSPX folk read it?

    7. He communicates with others because he wants to share and finds out they already know?

  3. I found the following extremely interesting from Dom Don: "Consequently the Institute shall reject any changes made at the suggestion of the aforesaid commission, even if promulgated by Pope Pius XII." -thought that one of the reasons to justify a "Sede Vacante" resistance was that a pope could not promulgate harmful liturgical legislation? Guess Pope Pius will eventually be declared as persona non grata? Sede Vacantism seems inundated with the immoral and theologically backward. It is not a safe or Catholic road to travel. This blog does a wonderful job establishing that. Hope your readership continues to grow.

    1. "Sede Vacantism seems inundated with the immoral and theologically backward"? Are you kidding? If you belong to the Novus Ordo, I don't know how you could be any more inundated with immoral filth unless you had your head stuck in an excrement filled toilet. As for theological backwardness, I suppose if you want the forward thinking scatology of Cardinals Kasper, Koch & Schönborn and Bishops Forte & Fernandez you've got your head stuck in the right place.

    2. 9:51 PM

      Give it to them.

    3. Who cares about the Novus Ordo? The topic here is the "Institute" of Sanborn. And of course, you didn't bother to address the fact that he and company proclaim it is not possible for a true pope to interject into the Church "false liturgy" or some liturgical poison, but they refuse the liturgical disciplinary laws of Pope Pius XII. That's the problem, not what the idiotic Novus Ordo hierarchy is doing.

    4. Anon 5/20 8:44PM wrote:
      "Sede Vacantism seems inundated with the immoral and theologically backward. It is not a safe or Catholic road to travel."

      The behavior of some groups or individuals does not reflect on the truth about the state of the Church.

      Sedevacantism is a position that is formed in response to open heretics claiming to be Popes. It is not a movement.

      Fwiw, I know countless well balanced, good and pious Catholics who hold the sedevacantist position. They live out their Faith waiting for better days, realizing that they cannot solve this crisis, and that their job right now is to work out their own salvation.

    5. A few of those well-balanced, good Catholics are Readers and reporters for PL. They understand SVism as a hypothesis that saves appearances, at least according to their lights and informed consciences. They do not reflexively condemn outright other theories, nor do they recognize SVism as even a theological opinion in the strictest sense of that term. (Without any authoritative theologians or real scholars supporting the hypothesis, they know there can be no extrinsic probability.)

      The greatest difficulty they face is adhering to a position that is so miserably championed by many individuals who would be better off if they just kept quiet.

    6. IMO, what went wrong early on in the 1970's and more so in the 80's was the idea of intertwining Holy Orders with the response to the crisis. Once that happened, things became a mess, both for those who held the sedvacantist position and those who did not. It didn't take long for groups to form, and then more splinter groups after that.

      What we are living through today is the fruit if incorrect decisions made decades ago. The answer to this crisis was never to set up illiegal seminaries, ordain uncanonical and mission-less priests, or consecrate "sacramental" bishops. The role of the lawful hierarchy was to publicly denounce heresy and the heretics, and organize an imperfect council to elect a Pope.

      Unfortunately, these members of the hierarchy who recognized the problem did not respond to it correctly, and now we are stuck with the mess that was made.

    7. Gene, yours is a profound analysis that explains today's catastrophe. The misperception of one man, Lefebvre, lies at the center of all the disorder we experience, for without his leader, it could not have gone as awry as it all has.

    8. Gene May 21, 2017 at 3:22 PM,

      The papal claimant if guilty of heresy would have to have been declared non-pope before electing another.

    9. An imperfect Council would elect a new Pope based on either of these facts (1) the previous Pope tacitly resigned his office due to heresy.... or (2) the man claiming to be Pope was and is not a true occupant of the office. In either case the office is vacant, and by that fact, an election must take place.

      In both cases, the function of the imperfect Council is only to elect, not to make a declaration, other than the fact of the vacancy, which is implied by the fact that they are holding an election in the first place, hence the need for an extraordinary election.

      The next Pope having the authority of St. Peter's successor will then have the authority to make a judgment and the ensuing declaration of censures against persons.

  4. Archbishop of Montreal Christian Lépine has defended giving Holy Communion to Canada’s notoriously pro-abortion Catholic prime minister during Mass on Wednesday, describing it as “a gesture of hope.”

    What commendable courage: handing over
    'communion' as a 'gesture of hope' (that evil will triumph?) - Pax Vobiscum!

    behold I come against you, saith the Lord God. And my hand shall be upon the prophets that see vain things, and that divine lies: they shall not be in the council of my people, nor shall they be written in the writing of the house of Israel, neither shall they enter into the land of Israel, and you shall know that I am the Lord God. Because they have deceived my people, saying: Peace, and there is no peace:
    and the people built up a wall, and they daubed it with dirt without straw...And I will break down the wall that you have daubed with untempered mortar: and I will make it even with the ground, and the foundation thereof shall be laid bare: and it shall fall, and shall be consumed in the midst thereof: and you shall know that I am the Lord.

    Therefore I will give their women to strangers, their fields to others for an inheritance: because from the least even to the greatest all follow covetousness: from the prophet even to the priest, all deal deceitfully. And they healed the breach of the daughter of my people disgracefully, saying Peace, peace: when there was no peace. They are confounded, because they have committed abomination: yea rather they are not confounded with confusion, and they have not know how to blush: therefore shall they fall among them that fall; in the time of their visitation they shall fall, saith the Lord.

    1. Anon. 10:34 PM: Why don’t you post some links about Cekada’s depraved justification of Terri Schiavo’s murder; or about the “sede” priest who killed a little girl, got convicted of vehicular manslaughter, then declared bankruptcy to avoid paying damages: or about that same priest who impregnated a woman whom he was “counseling”; or about the horror stories coming out of the CMRI, or MHT, or SGG. And, save your sanctimonious quoting from the Bible (and your links about Canada, etc.) for your fellow hypocrites – because that’s what you are: a HYPOCRITE.

    2. Perhaps you would like to focus on Judas, Simon Magus, Ananias & Saphira, et al., and start trying to throw mud on Catholicism?

  5. IF those of you who run the campaign here and on the affiliated blog are really the intellectual and moral giants with such finely-tuned Catholic sense that you portray, and IF the sede clergy are really as blatantly bad as you claim, why did it take you years to work it out?

    And why are the people who are not as intelligent as you scum if they have not worked it out?

    1. Observer,

      It did not take us "years to work it out." We've all compared notes about our personal experiences with the sede cult masters and found that, on average, within less than three years of interaction we had independently come to the conclusion that something was out of place. (In one instance, it took less year and a half to start seeing the light.) In each of our cases, it took at least a couple of years because most, not all, of the Readers assisted at chapels where the cult masters visited infrequently. But as soon as any of us had any extended contact with these religious entrepreneurs, we saw through them at once, starting with their so-called scholarship. However, owing to a desire to practice traditional Catholicism, we tolerated them, even as we grew more and more certain that they were not the people they represented themselves to be. The distance of the cult masters from the chapels made it easy to despise them and yet attend an affiliated chapel.

      This isn't to say that each of us experienced the same degree of alienation after our initial awareness of the problem. Some had lost all confidence as early as the late '90s, some after Checkie's scandalous Schiavo opinion, and others at Big Don's behavior when he left MI. Others were wary but either wanted to give the benefit of the doubt or thought they could avoid a decision because they didn't have to deal with the kingpins directly and saw them only on occasion. In those cases, they still withheld direct financial support and only contributed to the upkeep of their chapel and the "priest" in charge. They also openly resisted the cult masters. However, when the $GG $chool $candal erupted in 2009, it was impossible for any of us, on moral grounds, to remain even remotely associated with these scumbag "clergy." It was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. The issues at stake were too obvious for any person of decency to ignore.

      Thus, our contention here is that after the horrific revelations and events of 2009, only scum could support the cult masters. In other words, by, say, December 2009, it should have been as clear as glass to anyone of any level of education that they had to abandon the SW Ohio/Swampland cult. And as you know, many, many good people did, leaving only the dregs of humanity to populate $GG and its satellites.

  6. Anonymous May 20, 2017 at 10:34 PM

    ...Archbishop of Montreal Christian Lépine has defended giving Holy Communion to Canada’s notoriously pro-abortion Catholic prime minister during Mass on Wednesday, describing it as “a gesture of hope.”

    "a gesture of hope?"

    Well, now I am totally confused. When does a gesture of hope override the gesture of Love for both God and Man?

    When does giving Holy Communion unite anyone to God when they are outside Sanctifying Grace? Are the Black Masses offered to Satan a "gesture of Hope" or are they done with the express purpose of committing Sacrilege? Is the "gesture of hope" a euphemism to really mock God rather than worship him?

    How dumb have we become?

    Was Sodom and Gomorrah an open "gesture of hope," or was it an act of debauchery done to defy God?

    Well, I think God answered that one with a very public "Act of Justice".

    Be careful, don't play with the Virtues given us by God, lest you land in the abyss with the Prince of darkness with the Vices, so many thought right.

    1. And we might also ask: Was it a "gesture of hope" to allow back into the good graces of the Tradistanis the ex-con "priest" who impregnated a young woman who later procured an abortion?

  7. And what about A (??) Bishop Ramolla who was unleashed upon all the innocent Traddies?

  8. I love how the primary defense of certain sedevacantists is a tu quoque.

  9. " tu quoque"
    Does not only apply to Sedevacantists. It applies to anyone who came from the seed of ADAM.

    Let's face it, we ALL play holier than thou at times.

    We did it back then, and we will do it to the end.

    "Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of your own eye, and then shalt thou see to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye."

    However, this blog is unique in that it offers to me, and others the chance to avoid the near occasion of sin, with a BIG reality check.

    Don't support what is not good.

  10. SGG "Not bad for elementary school students, including two second graders! The immersion in Catholic life at our school, and the great benefit of phonics, really pay off. The “see say” method is difficult for English but impossible for Latin. We only wish more parents would take advantage of the excellent education we offer.
    The school year will soon be over, but it’s always time to evaluate, and consider what truly is best for our children. Join us in prayer to the Holy Ghost as we begin the Pentecost Novena on Friday. Well, actually, join us in prayer all week long. It’s one of those weeks. Take your pick, but do pray with us."

    1. We saw the same text this morning. Let's all hope there's no parent dumb enough to accept that invitation.

      BTW, from a purely technical point of view, the disastrous "see-say" method is actually possible for Latin, as long as the expectations for mastery are minimalist, as they are for the cult "clergy."

  11. Anonymous May 21, 2017 at 5:35 PM


    "SGG "Not bad for elementary school students, including two second graders! The immersion in Catholic life at our school, and the great benefit of phonics, really pay off..."

    Let's go back to the good old Catholic School days.

    My classroom had 56 children in it, and one did boast of only 2 children being able to read with Phonics. That was a given that all 56 could read, write, and manage to know their religion, and practice it all at the same time.

    WOW I can't wait to see what you report on the progress of the third graders . However, a word to the wise, watch out when they hit High School,that will put a new meaning to reading with phonics, and Latin will not even be a part of it. Oh, and that Catholic Culture that's enjoyed at this tender age, well that goes out the door when they learn the code to the game, say one thing, do another.

    Preserve the Innocence!

    Starve the Beast

    1. The 5/21 SGG bulletin lists this year’s graduates. The young SGG prodigy organist is graduating from Mars Hill Academy. (

      I know he attended SGG school for some time after the 2009 scandals.

      Why didn’t he graduate from SGG? Check out the tuition fees. What does Mars Hill have that SGG doesn’t have?

    2. Well for starters, 8 administrators (headmaster with doctorate) and 31 staff, most with real university degrees.

      We note school personnel are Protestants/Evangelicals. Obviously the trad parents thought it better to send their child to that school rather than $GG.

  12. To The Watcher May 21, 2017 at 11:17 AM: NO WAY meant to imply someone should attend D/C/S--who had same view of Teri Schiavo as the N.O. Now we all know that JP2 and Pavone were "opposed" to the murder of Schiavo but what penalty did sodomite Bishop Lynch incur from JP2? ZERO! It's just double talk and lies (to get money from all sides) while VC2 sex & murder agenda is advanced by VC2 Trudeau & Cuomo (who's going to enshrine abortion in the constitution of NY and shoved through sodomite "marriage" for Cardinal Dolan like O'Malley did for sadist Edwin O'Brien and now Jerry Brown,Trudeau & "Catholics for Choice" like Ariana Kelly in Maryland are 'decriminalizing' pedophilia ('under-age' sex) for VC2 perverts Danneels, Bergoglio, McCarrick who rape deaf children and then label the victims 'spiteful' and "spurned"!).

    "Card. Dolan ‘would not suggest’ pro-abort Gov. Cuomo not a Catholic ‘in good standing’: archdiocese"


    If FSSP & SSPX go along w/this crap, how are they better than D/C/S? What happens to SSPX lay who contributed to chapels and schools that Fellay is now going to give to VC2? Fellay is as brazen a liar (and probably being blackmailed like Cekada) as D/C/S?

    Vatican envoy sent to probe paedophilia cover-up criticises ‘spiteful’ children

    MD Catholic Conference doesn't oppose funding for Planned Parenthood because the money won't be used for abortion--Just distributing "free" contraceptives and child sex education!~

    "opponents of the legislation (funding Planned Parenthood) will not have the support of the Maryland Catholic Conference, which is sitting out the fight."

    "New legislation in the state of Maryland would require the public schools to teach a “yes means yes” standard for sexual consent. This would instruct kids as young as in the seventh grade — 11 years old — about a concept called “affirmative consent” when engaging in sexual activity...The obvious problem, if this is indeed about protecting children against assault, is that young children aren't able to give legal consent the way it is meant to be given...Laws like this, in collusion with organizations like Planned Parenthood, are promoting sex between children ...Both California and New York (run by VC2 Catholics) have laws requiring colleges to use affirmative consent in weighing charges of sexual assault, according to The Post."

    Abortion, child rape, sodomy, murdering the senile, the sick & the handicapped -- these are the deeds of the VC2 Church & that's who FSSP & Fellay's SSPX are in communion w/.

    94% of VC2 bishops at the synod voted for outside the family teaching of sex to children:

    1. Just to reassure you, I’m not justifying JP2 (or Franken-pope, for that matter) by any stretch of the imagination. We’re on the same page there. All I’m trying to say is that depravity is not the exclusive province of the Novus Ordo. Traddieland has more than its share (including womanizers, sodomites, and “lip service” anti-abortionists who are in fact “pro-death” in their actions). Sorry to have spoken to you so accusingly. I apologize for that.

  13. "Who wears swim trunks to mass?"
    It gives me such negative emotion to see people dressed in flip-flops and bathing suits, among the many different outfits (Football jerseys!) at Mass.

    I can't even believe how some people dress-- my mom says "at least they're there", but I've seen people in bathing suits with mesh cover ups at Mass! I don't know why the priest allows it.

    VC2 teaches it!
    "Nuns mixed with bikini-clad young women
    Pajama Day/Mass
    pajama mass: Guest preacher! Blessing of the brains! Snacks! Date: Tuesday, May 2, 2017 - 8:00pm to 9:00pm Location: California Room Pricing: Free to the public
    “attending packed dorm Masses in my pajamas and slippers,” Notre Demon
    Cookies Lyons Hall, Wednesdays — Rector Sarah Heiman bakes before Mass and serves her treats — usually chocolate chip — in Lyons’ Lair. Pajamas and slippers encouraged.
    The site (sic!) of students in pajamas at a Sunday night dorm mass is a testimony to Notre Dame’s commitment to providing students with convenient opportunities to practice and engage their faith.
    Spirit Week Theme: Pajama Day CSW Activities: Ice Cream treats at lunch (morning snack for Little Knights), Get Up and Dance throughout the day.
    Monday: Lounge-wear/Pajama Day & Faculty-Student Basketball Game Students may wear appropriate pajamas and/or sweat pants and t-shirts to school. Tops must have sleeves (cannot be sleeveless or straps). All students must wear either pajama pants or pants under a nightshirt/nightgown. Tops must have sleeves and cannot be sleeveless or strap styles. Student/Teacher Basketball and Minute-to-Win-It games will take place.
    Sacred Heart School | Fowler (Grades Pre K-6) On Jan. 29, students will lead Mass... Feb. 2 will be Pajama Day with an all-school movie shown in the gym. On Feb. 3, families are invited to all-school Mass.
    Catholic Schools Week full of pennies, pajamas, prayer
    What about Easter Sunday? “Diocese of Manila (Phillipines) produced a film on Easter Sunday. Masquerading as a lesson on "mercy" and "acceptance", it is brimming with sacrilege, blasphemy and heresy.”
    Anglicans can learn from VC2: “First, come as you are. People will be wearing casual clothing, or suits, skirts or pants. Almost anything except bathing suits!”
    Presbyterians: “Presbyterians were an important part of the event… But the largest number came from St. Matthews Roman Catholic church – the real instigator of the effort. Long before we started actively recruiting walkers, St. Matthews had paid all the entry fees”

    Pax Vobiscum!

    1. A sede - counter-offensive so I thought I would push back against everybody's favorite (self-styled) "Professor of Canon Law": early in the Cincy Weather Report we read:

      Fr. Cekada was reciting his office on his smartphone the other morning, and ran into some of our students. He showed them the page he was praying, and was impressed that they recognized it as a Psalm, could recite the Latin, and get the sense of it.

      Will Phoney Baloney please enlighten us where and when the rescript for the recitation of the Divine Office on a smart phone was granted - would that be pre-1958, 1939, in the Pian upheavals of 1911-14 ? He's a full blown sede Trad - but the Office on a smart phone - that's certainly not kosher - only the use of the prescribed liturgical books is acceptable - time for another crappy self-justifying screed that says in Naploleonic times priests prayed their paryers of the semiphore sytem the litlle corporal had set up through France - just kidding? Does a priest fulfill his office with a telephone and not a breviary ? There are no imprimaturs for the texts. Lil'Dan handed us a "aught in the act."

    2. The man who singlehandedly suppressed the Leonine Prayers has no need of any ecclesiastical permissions.

    3. Marcus AntoniusMay 22, 2017 at 10:31 PM - please do your best to expose Cekada--as this site does. I would not let my children go to SGG/MHT. My intent is to expose the phony baloney in the FSSP for the benefit of the FSSP/SSPX who posted above--I don't go along w/ D/C/S, but not w/VC2 crimes either.

    4. PL applauds every effort to expose crudball religious adventurers, no matter which group they belong to. If these men knew the laity were watching closely and taking names, most would either clean up their acts or starve.

      No jerk should be immune from exposure just because he calls himself a "priest" or a "bishop." They must always be held to a higher standard and promptly taken to task when they fail to live up to the standard. (That's why we think so poorly of the $GG cultlings: after Checkie delivered his monstrous opinion of the Schiavo case, they should have demanded his removal.)

      Such a policy would, to be sure, deplete the ranks of the "clergy" greatly, but then that would be a blessing.


    We received a comment earlier this afternoon (12:22 PM), which deserves re-posting in a place where it can be more readily found and discussed:

    The 5/21 SGG bulletin lists this year’s graduates. The young SGG prodigy organist is graduating from Mars Hill Academy. (

    I know he attended SGG school for some time after the 2009 scandals.

    Why didn’t he graduate from SGG? Check out the tuition fees. What does Mars Hill have that SGG doesn’t have?

    The Readers invite you to read through the Mars Hill Academy website and then ask yourselves why traditional Catholic parents would send their gifted child to a Protestant/ Evangelical private school rather than to $GG, especially when Dannie wrote in in this week's "Corner," "We only wish more parents would take advantage of the excellent education we offer."

  15. Not only did this boy graduate from a Protestant “Christian school,” but so did the other three “graduates”, who were listed in SGG’s May 21 bulletin. SGG’s “school” graduated none of them. (In fact, it didn’t graduate anybody this year.) Yet Dannie (in his “Bishop’s Corner”) had the gall to sing the praises of SGG’s “school,” and then to lament, “We only wish more parents would take advantage of the excellent education we offer.” Understandably, the list of “graduates” was printed somewhere else in the bulletin, well away from those glowing remarks in his ’Corner, so that people would not see the obvious: that those kids’ graduating had nothing to do with SGG’s “school,” nor was it the result to SGG’s “excellent education.”

    Another “telling” thing is this: in a “school picture” of that same (May 21) bulletin, the entire student body consisted of a total of eighteen students – not enough to fill up one classroom. (The year before, there were about two-dozen kids there; the “student body” keeps shrinking!) The fact is, very few parents at SGG trust their kids going to it’s “school,” because they know that it does NOT offer an “excellent education,” but is an academic sewer. So, who is Dannie trying to kid here?

  16. "In the fall of 1996, Mars Hill Academy opened its doors on the southeast side of Cincinnati with 27 students and three full-time teachers.

    "After relocating to several different temporary facilities due to school growth, MHA moved into our current building in 2006 on a beautiful 13-acre campus in Mason. Over 20 years, Mars Hill Academy has grown into a full K-12 program with over 360 students enrolled and more than 40 loving, dedicated staff members."

    Too bad C/D/S spend of the most of their time and energy promoting themselves instead of working in the vineyard--oh what they could have accomplished (instead of idiot videos attacking trad opinions on who is pope and an anthology of dead bunny stories). On the other hand, hard to believe C/D would countenance parishioners who educate their children at protestant schools (?!)

    Holy Scripture. The LORD has revealed Himself to us authoritatively, perfectly, and therefore sufficiently, although not exhaustively, in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in His written expression of his wisdom, the Bible. It is the only infallible rule of faith and life for the Church and as such, should be treasured, studied, believed, and humbly acted upon by all who call themselves Christian. As one theologian put it, “The Scriptures speak authoritatively in all that they address and they address everything.” We would agree, with the caveat that they do not address everything in the same manner, or with the same degree of specificity. We reject any attempt to pit a thoughtful, contextually sensitive, and theologically astute reading of Scripture against a warm, heartfelt, devotional reading. We must not leave “interpretation” to the scholars and “application” to the pastors. Every Christian should do both. As Christians, we confess our need to study, meditate, pray, and obey more than we commonly do, believing that in the Scriptures we will find real life.

  17. The headmaster of Mars Hill has a doctorate in history from the University of Alabama, a B.S. in poli sci from Vanderbilt, and a Masters in Divinity from the Presbyterian Covenant Seminary, an institution accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. This well-credentialed professional also teaches Latin to seventh graders. Other staff members hold degrees from the University of Nebraska, Ohio State University, Ohio University, the University of Cincinnati, Temple University, and the University of Tennessee.

    What are Lowtarski's credentials? What is his degree? What institution did he attend? What was his academic concentration? What subject does he teach? And what about the rest of the (LOL) "faculty"? And what about "One Hand" himself? Does he have a degree from some kind of accredited institution of higher learning?

    It's no wonder these Gertie parents send their children to Protestant independent schools for a real education grounded in the classical pedagogy of the Western Christian tradition. These principled schools have curricular standards and a vision that put the traddies to shame. What parents with a child of promise would ever send their kid to $GG after the horrific 2009 $GG $chool $candal. Dannie and Checkie put up with their snubs because these parents won't be intimidated or led astray by empty claims of an "excellent" education from someone they don't believe. They know better. And the Gruesome Twosome have to lump it or they'd lose even more paying customers.

    The 2017 graduation statistics that the Watcher brings to our attention are the best testimony to the utter failure of the SW Ohio cult's "school." The cult's best people will have nothing to do with its PlaySkool, and they prefer entrusting their kids to educated Protestants, who know how to run a competent educational enterprise.

    The question we ask is: When these young people become adults on their own, who will be the greatest influence on their religious direction for the future? Malformed cult masters who permitted the 2009 $GG $chool $candal at the hands of "the Principal" or these well educated, caring, very zealous Protestants and Evangelicals?

    1. You can tell Dannie is boiling with resentment that he had to announce four graduates of Protestant/Evangelical schools when he pouted, "We only wish more parents would take advantage of the excellent education we offer."

      He didn't even have the decency to let these families enjoy their kids' accomplishment. He had to ruin the moment with a public slap in the parents' face for not sacrificing their children's education just so the cult masters could have bragging rights. These good Catholics moms and dads know where to find a Christian education — and it's not at $GG School. It's good to know some Gerties didn't drink the whole glass of Kool-Aid.

    2. For MHT parents, I recommend taking a look at the Paideia School of Tampa Bay ( It is a classical Christian school with a headmaster who has a Ph. D. from the University of Edinburgh. By the 10th grade, students have studied FIVE years of Latin; in grades 11 & 12, they study Greek. Take a look at the upper grades curriculum here:

      Certainly light years ahead of no-degree "priests" and "nuns."

    3. There are no families in the school except the big 3 family relations and another related to a priest who MHT is associated. Rumors have it that they recruited another brainwashed family for next year's school year. I suspect that the MHT families would not be looking to take their families away from that school, even if there was a free top-notch school next door to their own home. None of the instructors at the MHT school have ANY teaching credentials. Their website boasts of an elderly woman who has been teaching for many years, but the truth remains that she was a nurse and not a teacher. In fact, she was fired by junior for not controlling the students or recognizing that they were consistently cheating (forget about the fact that most kids cheated in even the nuns' classrooms as they baked their delicacies and drank their organic tea). She was rehired because she is a huge donor, and they were obviously scared that she would withdrawal funding. The Nuns lack a formal education and were students at the same non-accredited school. The majority began teaching within months of their own high school graduation. Their lay teachers consist of two family related nurses and two graduates of the school (who began teaching there at 18 years old).

      Are these people qualified to teach? Probably not? Does anyone who attends MHT even care? Probably not. The school appears to be a money making and brainwashing scam to produce nuns and workers for the main families, which in turn, help the fund the seminary and look good that they have female vocations (whether it is their own or that which is forced upon them).

      There is a cycle of brainwashing at MHT, and maybe once Michigan wised up to it, they realized it was a good thing Sanborn left.

    4. Thank you for telling me only benefactor families remain. I am 11:47 a.m. and thought there were others who still sent their children to that unspeakable place. As an independent school educator, I can tell you those so called nuns are definitely not qualified to teach.

      What about the poor brainwashed family that is coming next year? Is there any hope for them to save their children before it is too late? Fathers are men, and men are weak and unobservant, but is the mother so deep into the cult she cannot come to her senses? I pray someone will let her know there are other Christian educational options in the Tampa-St. Pete area. If the family comes from the Catholic lower classes, I can understand their resistance to enlightenment. But if they have any education at all, then someone, for the love of God, can rescue them.

    5. That's the scary thing: these are educated individuals who have mistaken Sanborn and junior as the only ones who can give them the faith.

      The habits of the nuns give an image of old-time Catholicism, so it makes one want that for their children (especially in today's world). Sanborn and Selway have their parishioners convinced that they are the only ones who know what true Catholicsim is and that the nuns at their school are the only ones who can provide a Catholic education.

      It's sad, but people need to remove the cloudy glasses before they can see that that place is not Catholic, and especially, not a place to raise children and provide an education.

  18. "By the 10th grade, students have studied FIVE years of Latin; in grades 11 & 12, they study Greek"

    For what are they studying Latin and Greek--so they can join Opus Dei/protestant anti-clericalists? So they can be sodomite, transvestite, pederasts like Ceasar and Socrates? Or like the Bloomsbury group? Who do you think is responsible for the mess the U.S.A./western world is in today, but "zealous, caring protestants?" Harvard, Princeton and Yale were all started by caring, zealous protestants. I don't believe one of Jane Austen's books mentions God or Jesus Christ--yet that is what is taught in "Christian" school--same Godliness as you find in Britain where King secular head of the church Charles & Diana get married in their big cathedral and then go back to their gluttony and adultery; or where King Charles murders his wife Diana and then marries the wife of another man. But oh what a pretty white Christmas w/sleds, Christmas trees, snowmen & jolly St. Nicholas--everything but the mass. Same w/Easter--bunnies and Easter eggs but no sin/crucifix.

    Protestants always telling me what this word and that word means in Greek, but they can't even comprehend the Bible in English: all accept divorce & remarriage, saved by faith alone; sola scriptura (but Jesus Christ didn't establish a Bible; he established a Church and the Church created the Bible); forgive their own sins; no sacraments because of course they are their own priests. Teachings on women only apply to Jesus' time: women can preach and be bishops and priests just like men and now so can sodomites! We have Satan clubs in schools today and sodomite marriage (every man (and woman) is equal!) because protestants refused to bow down to the pope but insisted on religious tolerance. They should teach "classic" pagan Rome because their beliefs lead to the Pantheon/Mars Hill (indeed!).

    You all ream C/D/S for being liars and hypocrites. But you are the same: you just idolize Latin & Greek.

    1. St John Vianney : what languages did he speak; what qualification did he have?

      People flocked to him for confession.

    2. Gee, Anon., I wasn’t aware that protestants learn Greek and Latin to become “sodomite, transvestite pederasts like Caesar and Socrates.” What a fountainhead of information you are! We’re sure too that many Catholic monks throughout the ages studied about Caesar and (especially) Socrates. I guess they must have been striving to be pederasts too, huh?

      And Jane Austen: she’s on your “baddie list” too? I wonder why, then, her books have been read, studied, and enjoyed by generations readers, both protestant and Catholic -- ever since the early nineteenth century. And I wonder why her novels have been staples in Catholic girls’ high-schools since then as well. Actually, Jane Austen was a decent, God-fearing woman – the daughter of an Anglican clergyman; and we’re sure that she would never have thought of watching porn and animal torture videos (or impregnating a fellow student) as “boys will be boys.” (Indeed, unlike Dannie and Checkie, she had very high moral standards.)

      Oh, another thing: there are plenty of Catholic authors (throughout the centuries) who have not “mention[ed] God or Jesus Christ” in their novels. Are they all wicked too? And one last thing, Anon.: we do not “idolize Latin and Greek.” We are only pointing out that these schools are academically far superior to Dannie’s “school” at SGG. (And, compared with Dannie''s "morality,' they’re probably far superior in that respect as well!) And as for being “liars and hypocrites,” thank you for pointing that out: yes, Dannie, Checkie, and Big Don are liars and hypocrites.

    3. Dear 2:28

      We admire Latin and Greek not only for their cultural value but also because they are sacred languages. The New Testament was written in Greek and in the old Papal Mass, both the Greek Epistle and Gospel were chanted. Many holy Catholics of the past were proficient in Greek, notably Joseph Cardinal Tom[m]asi whom two commenters justly praised last week.

      We believe that all society would be better off today were we to return to the classics, for those writings represent the best of man's thought. And to know those thoughts intimately, we need to read them in the original.

    4. Anon 3:16 PM

      We are by no means experts on the life of St. John Vianney, but we do distinctly recall from our university days a lecture on the saint given by a scholar priest. He told us that the commonly held belief about St. John's not knowing Latin is false, or at least deeply exaggerated. To be sure, he had difficulty learning it. He did, however, persevere in his studies of that language, although despite his best efforts he never achieved the mastery expected of a priest at that time even in post-Revolutionary France. (Recall that in European secular institutions of higher learning of the day, a mastery of Latin was still required, and academic dissertations were often written in Latin. In France, the baccalauréat, set up in 1808, made Latin compulsory until 1882.)

      Our professor explained that in the early 1800s, the standards for proficiency in Latin were very high, far higher even than the stringent standards of pre-V2 seminaries in the 20th century. It wasn't enough to be able to understand liturgical texts or theology manuals. Seminarians were expected to have read deeply in classical Latin literature, be able to write in the language competently, compose quantitative verse, and speak Latin in and out of class and during the all important oral examinations.

      Thus while the saint may not have attained the mastery demanded in his day, he would by no means be absolutely ignorant of the Church's tongue, as you suggest in your comment. In fact, we think his Latin may have been superior to that of the cult masters of Tradistan (which, we know, isn't saying much).

  19. It would be meaningful to return to the old, but alas, they are erasing the old.

    1. They indeed are. But you can resist them, just as we resist the cult masters

  20. What is the current relationship between Sanborn's MHT and SGG and Crew?

    What about Neville?

    According to The MHT newsletter, sanborn is opening a school in California. How many kids are out there and do they know what they are getting into with that group?

    1. We have no information about the CA school, other than we heard it belongs to the Zappster.

      As for the relationship between Tradzilla and "One Hand," we believe it is one of convenience only. The two loosely cooperate, but have been rivals of a sort over many years.

      Dannie's picture on the MHT site shouldn't fool anyone into thinking the two are bosom buddies. (Note that although Dan's in the center and looks like #1, he's on Big Don's left, the position for a worrisome #2.)

      Tradzilla's "consecration" and the thought of his "prancing around in ponitificals" almost caused a permanent rupture. Since the 2009 $GG $chool $candal, we seriously doubt the $W OH cult can afford to make the same financial contribution to the MHT pesthouse as it did in the past. As Wee Dan wrote last week in his appeal for more people to make his cult the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, "The 'big ticket' expenses are many, and our income just does not meet them." That sounds right, because Travelin' Man Dan hasn't gone on any junkets abroad lately.

      PL surmises there has been increasing pressure for Big Don to disassociate from $GG because of all the scrutiny the relationship has brought down upon the FL cult. So far, we've heard of no move on Dan's part to join the Donster's new "Institute." If we had to bet, we'd say he won't join or let his Clown Crew join. But you never know: Big Don may have to call in some chips in order to save face. After all, the Forlorn Finn, Lurch, and Nkamuke are pesthouse creatures.

      The Long-Island Jellyfish is really of no significance in TradWorld, but its tiny Mass center has been placed on Dannie's list of approved chapels. It surfaced in FL swamp waters last year for the Beanpole's "ordination," and our guess is that it will be an assistant "bishop" whenever Junior's big day comes. But, as we said, that's only a guess. From what we know, Jelly is more aligned with Tradzilla than with Dannie, and we're sure Dannie remembers Jelly's short-lived involvement with Rambozo back in late 2009. As in Dan's case, we've not heard whether Jelly has joined Tradzilla's new organization. We wonder how the laity up in MI would react if he did join. There are still many raw feelings there about Tradosaurus Rex.Nonetheless, if Tradzilla insists, Jelly might have no other option.

    2. Who is Jelly? And why do you call him that?

    3. We have a key to all nicknames at the top of the page. Just click on MIMI PERSONÆ ("characters in the farce").

      Although there are many traits of the Long-Island Jellyfish (Cyanea capillata) that apply, our main inspiration comes from Pliny's remarks on the stinging nettle in his Natural History:

      cum admoveri sibi manum sensit, colorem mutat et contrahitur. tacta uredinem mittit, paulumque si fuit intervalli, absconditur.

      (When it feels a hand draw near to it, it changes color and contracts itself. When touched, it lets out a burning sensation, and if there was a little interval, it goes into hiding.)

  21. Who is Dutertre?

    1. The latest subdeacon (from France), who is a member of Tradzilla's institute.

  22. Perhaps if you wrote a letter first, rather than griping on the public Internet, you could effect a change. You don't seem to allow for a mistake being made, and then attribute deliberate ill-will to it. Creepy.

    1. You must be new to TradWorld. Many people have written letters to the cult masters to no avail. They won't change, and so people must be warned.

    2. You deleted my above post numerous times.
      I took screen shots after I posted, and passed the screenshots on to a witness.
      You did your level best to suppress me, and only finally let my post stand because it was unintentionally left visible for a lengthy period, due, probably, to the fact that you have to sleep sometime, after your day of toil which comprises making a complete goose out of yourself for your tiny audience of brain-dead peons who slavishly follow your hateful internet diatribe against good and holy traditional clergy whom you accuse of heinous crimes WITHOUT PROVIDING A SCRAP OF CREDIBLE EVIDENCE. All of you mutts are transparent frauds. You viciously reply to people on your pathetic blog, imagining in your delusions that you are macho head-kickers, when in reality you are a bunch of gutless wimps who are, in fact, so deathly afraid of my replies that you set up alerts on your blog to enable you to immediately delete my posts. (You would've rather run from me but were forced to reply to me because in your incompetence you slipped and failed to immediately delete my original post which we both know you previously removed at least a dozen times. If you'd deleted it after people had seen it you knew that you''d run the risk of the scales falling the eyes of the pitiful sheeple whom you so generously provide free koolade. You couldn't afford to let your cult members know that you're suppressing people left and right.) You called me "trite and smarmy" Rich, coming from the poster children for not only trite and smarmy, but also for dishonesty, lying, injustice, rash-judgement, busybodying, libel, slander, obsession, effeminacy, psychosis, narcissism, inanity, unbridled pettiness and rank stupidity.
      I've never met Bp. Dolan, Bp. Sanborn or Fr. Cekada, "genius."
      Your atrocious, sinful, behavior renders all of your words hollow.
      You need to take your cultish, pontificating, smelly, keisters off the Intarwebz post haste.