Saturday, March 26, 2016


There is nothing so easy but that it turns difficult when you do it against your will. (Nullast tam facili' res quin difficilis siet, quam invitu' facias.) Terence

For traditional Catholics attached to the Pius X rite, the Lenten fast ended today at noon.

Unfortunately for the overstretched Gerties, they're facing an extended mean season of belt-tightening and self-denial.

Why the prolonged mortification?

In last week's SGG bulletin, Panhandlin' Dan announced the replacement of a "dying" HVAC unit will cost "the princely sum of $11,000 to $12,000"! (Our emphasis.) Then His Mendicancy, with cruel sarcasm, delivered the "good news" of a newly imposed poll tax:
If each household or individual (including young adults living at home) would donate $100 in a lump sum, or $30-$40 in monthly payments, we would be able to cover this great expense. Please do your part.  
You've got to give Dirtbag Dan high marks for this low blow to the Gerties' stretched budgets. Right after he and Uneven-Steven arrive home from wastefully unnecessary holidays in Latin America (which must certainly have amounted to several thousand dollars, at least), the Dirtbag's right back in the feeble-minded cultlings' startled faces with a shrieking demand for more BIG bucks. That business of "Please do your part" is no polite request, you know. You can almost feel the raging menace underscoring each somber monosyllable — especially the "your".

Indubitably the cult masters will be keeping a little list. Woe to the poor working family that doesn't quickly hand over its "part." (Will non-contributing households be shown the [broken] door, to be numbered among the goats?) When Dannie said the HCAV system was a "current pressing need" (our emphasis), he meant it. If the "need" remains unmet, this year he and Tony Baloney will be pressed for money to enjoy their annual de luxe vacation in elegant, artsy Santa Fe, New Mexico. So, you see, they can't allow anyone to escape the grasping publican's reach. It's pay up or pack up, Gertlings.

But don't despair. Pistrina has some genuinely good news for you.

Tomorrow's Easter Sunday. Let a new dawn break upon your family's religious life. Don't you think it's time to end all the financial terrorism? Aren't you tired of being afraid to get on the cult masters' bad side if you don't give more and more and more? Your spouse and children —  not dubious "clergy" — deserve to meet a few necessities of their own. It's time for the cult masters to learn to live within their means, like everyone else. Why must you and your family sacrifice so they and their bloodthirsty cats can live idle lives of pampered luxury?

Listen. You absolutely do not need to belong to these pseudo-Catholic "bishop"-led sects for your personal sanctification. Any claim to the contrary is religious extortion. If you can't find an authentic, Catholic alternative to the cult you're trapped in, remember this: If you opt out of TradWorld altogether, you still have the Golden Key to Paradise in the act of perfect contrition (click here for a full discussion).

Many of the long-time followers of this blog have read the occasional comments alleging the almost insurmountable difficulty of making an act of perfect contrition. (Some of those comments were posted by cult "priests" desperate to prevent pious Catholics from eluding their greedy clutches.) Perhaps, frightened by all that misleading nonsense, you yourself chose not to leave the vampire cult that's bleeding you dry of all your savings.

Ignore the lies. The cult masters are only trying to sap your will.

Those self-interested "warnings" are just meant to frighten you, to keep you in bondage. Making a act of perfect contrition is definitely not the near impossibility that the cultists assert. As an Easter gift to Trad Nation, we want to share the results of the research of one of our correspondents. Although we've paraphrased some of the wording and rearranged the contents in order to protect the writer's identity, we assure you that the ideas and material did not come directly from us. These are the discoveries of a wayfarer much like you, an honest Catholic soul searching for personal sanctification in this unprecedented crisis of the Church.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

To PIstrina Liturgica:

I've made some substantial progress in my personal research concerning the relative ease of achieving perfect contrition; since you find the idea of a blog post about the topic intriguing, I'll share what I have discovered.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle: perfect contrition is not so difficult as to render it virtually impossible for the ordinary man or woman to achieve, nor so easy as to allow a large number of people to be almost certain they have earned it.

But that shouldn't discourage anybody, for the same dilemma obtains today, where the ordinary Catholic cannot be certain if he or she has received absolution from the many doubtfully valid clergy who run traditional chapels.

Research on Google Books and on Theological Studies suggests that the opinion "perfect contrition is quite easy and common" has been very popular among theologians since the last half of the 19th century, although the majority of Catholic books from 18th and the first half of the 19th century described it as "difficult and rare." In spite of that apparent early consensus, there were esteemed authors back then who espoused a much more comforting view. It seems that St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Charles Borromeo did not consider perfect contrition to be too difficult (click here for the discussion), and the great moral theologian St. Alphonsus Maria de' Liguori wrote:
Let no one think it too difficult a task to arouse sinners — even those heavy laden with guilt — to perfect contrition for their sins, since the man, aided by divine grace (as one must suppose), who considers the motives and reasons that he has to love the Infinitely Good God, easily feels himself moved to love Him above anything else. Those who find so much difficulty with perfect contrition do not consider that they contradict themselves when they teach that man is obligated, quite frequently even, to perform acts of love for God. (Italian original here, second paragraph, middle of the page.)
By the beginning of the 20th century, opinion settled on the accessibility of perfect contrition. Most notably, in 1916, the Jesuit Henry Churchill Semple in his book-length treatment of the subject, Heaven Open to Souls, made a powerful case that perfect contrition is quite easy for every Catholic of good will. (Click here for access to several formats of this well argued work.)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Once you've digested all the information our correspondent has assembled, you'll have the confidence to leave the noxious influence of any toxic "bishop"-led cult without fearing the loss of your soul. Perfect contrition is not impossible, as the lying cult fanatics and malformed "clergy" have so maliciously (and ignorantly) insinuated. It's hard only if you want to make it hard. More importantly, if your whole family willingly, humbly, and lovingly practices making a daily act of perfect contrition, your children will have a precious gift to sustain them throughout a challenging lifetime, where valid (and decent) priests will be as scarce as hens' teeth.

Since Dannie and Checkie brought on the catastrophic 2009 SGG School Scandal, the sobering truth is, the American "bishop"-led cults will not survive after the current cult masters' tenure comes to a much-longed-for end. When these ecclesiastical adventurers retire or are run out of town by their angry victims, the younger "clergy," who possess decidedly less intellectual and spiritual marrow than their money-grubbing masters, will not be able to sustain the decaying chapels. Moreover, doubts about the validity of Tradistani holy orders will spread as more testimony comes to light about irregular ordinations and consecrations.

Following the collapse of Tradistan, the sole options left open to many U.S. Catholics will be to join the SSPX, the FSSP, or a conservative Novus Ordo church, or else stay home alone. Whatever the choice, the act of perfect contrition, which is easy to achieve if you ungrudgingly embrace its practice, will guide your children and your grandchildren along their own holy, lifelong quest to win a heavenly crown.

Make sure your and your family's mortification ends today, on Holy Saturday, as the Church desires. Resolve not to attend "One Hand's" wastefully expensive "really big show" on Easter Sunday. For all the glitter and Dannie's self-promoted marquee presence, it's a charade, an allegory of discontinuity, given all the gnawing uncertainties about the SW Ohio cult.

Instead, greet the happiest of all mornings by taking your family out to a joyful Easter brunch. (You can use some of Dannie's tribute money, which now won't go into his pocket.) Come home refreshed, liberated from fund-raising gone wild, and eager to begin learning how to make an act of perfect contrition. In this case, practice literally does make perfect. And practicing won't be difficult once you allow the daylight into your life in by crawling out of Li'l Daniel's bottomless money pit: It's easy for cult-free Catholics to love God.

Over the weeks and months to come, watch in grateful awe as your piety, your family's happiness, and your savings account grow.


  1. Another wonderful thing about an act of perfect contrition is that one is not intimidated in the confessional by some overbearing, malformed martinet who might even deny him absolution (depending on what sort of mood the maniac “confessor” is in). Also, one can be assured that his confession won’t be discussed – or used to intimidate or manipulate him afterwards (as has happened with the “cult confessors” several times).

    Besides an act of perfect contrition, there is also the possibility of going to a decent, non-cult priest as well – one who won’t use spiritual blackmail (and who is well-trained and is a fair, impartial interpreter of Canon Law regarding Catholic morality, confession, etc.). There are some who actually DO exist – but, of course, NOT in the SGG/Brooksville cult centers.

    1. Yes, there are a few very good traditional priests outside the SGG-Brookville-Omaha triangle. A pity they can't be cloned.

  2. Excellent commentary!! And I'm here to tell you that it's all true!

    1. Hopefully some people will get the message and exit dubious Dan-ville today.

  3. Great article exposing the ever petulant group of nimrods on the control tactic of eternal salvation. In Tradistan, Tradsylvania, or Cultlandia at large, we see this use of perfect contrition as a means to scare the mushy minds of believers into thinking that their respective cult are the ONLY means to salvation. CMRI is no different when it comes to confession, for they are incompetent as the next trad "priest." One in particular, a spineless coward of a man, Casimir Puskorious, is notorious for questioning a penitents resolve in the "confessional." Certainly, if one makes the attempt for forgiveness, that suffices for their intention, not to mention that an act of perfect contrition is between the individual and God alone. This is absolute incompetence on the part of ALL Cult based "priests." Please if you belong to any of these childish groups, LEAVE. Join the FSSP now! It's never too late.

    1. The behavior of many trad priests in the confessional is not only a scandal but borders on the irreligious, as we've reported in this blog. It's a clear sign of their dreadful formation.

    2. How on earth do you know what happens in other people's confessions, even if they talk about it? You will only ever get one side of that story, and that's not enough to form any kind of judgment.

  4. I believe the objections to what you call the "act of perfect contrition" had more to do with the way you promoted it as a substitute for the sacrament of confession.

    Your idea that people can stay home alone, even when they have valid priests available, and rely only on the act of perfect contrition is utterly erroneous, and such people remain in mortal sin.

    Even if someone doesn't like the priest they have available, or doesn't consider him to be "decent", as you say, that doesn't let them off the hook of being obliged to confess all their mortal sins committed after baptism in the sacrament of penance.

    1. Your objection only obtains if the priests available are valid. And that's certainly far from certain in Dannie's Tradistan.

    2. The error of Anon. Mar. 26, 11:34 PM lies in his/her unstated assumption that the Tradistani "clergy" are legitimate ministers of the sacrament of penance. A Catholic is only obliged to tell his/her sins for the purpose of obtaining absolution to a duly authorized priest. Not only are these "clergy" illegitimate (with many possibly invalidly ordained), the deficits in their formation make it uncertain whether many of them can exercise the confessor's threefold office of judge, teacher, and physician.

      Anonymous apparently hasn't read anything about the effects of the act of perfect contrition, and he/she would therefore be surprised that in the good old days "in urgent necessity of receiving communion without an opportunity for confession, one may make an act of perfect contrition and receive communion" (Manise, Dictionary of Moral Theology).

  5. I agree....from my own experience, I can attest to the reader's observations.

    1. Perhaps some of the non-Catholic converts to traditional Catholicism or the Catholics born after the Vatican II revolution don't know how a confessor is supposed to behave in the confessional, but the older generation does. When they report a confessor's abuses to others of their generation, there is no need to hear "the other side," as Anon. Mar. 26, 11:35 PM contends.

      It is manifest to any one with a genuine Catholic upbringing that most of these "clergy" do not have the sufficient knowledge, prudence, zeal for souls, patience, and fortitude to be confessors. Not only should they be avoided, they must be.

    2. For your information, Anon.Mar.26, 11:35 PM, it’s not a case of getting “one side of the story”; it’s a case of MULTIPLE PEOPLE witnessing a cultie “priest” “spilling the beans” on someone’s confession (that is, breaking the seal of confession). In another case, a cultie “priest” refused communion to a person because he ASSUMED that she had not gone to confession (which she HAD). (This incident had multiple witnesses too.)

      But, whether they violate the “seal of confession” or not, these moronic cultie “priests” are ill-qualified anyway. How can one who thinks that riding a roller coaster (or wearing a “sport” headband in church) is a mortal sin be a good judge or moral advisor? And how could someone who says that all the abortions ever performed are not as bad as one “motu” Mass be a good interpreter of moral theology? Such malformed morons are not fit to judge (or advise) ANYBODY.

      And anon. Mar. 26, 11:34 PM (who is probably the same idiot), making an act of perfect contrition DOES “let one off the hook” of going to confession – if it’s to one of those cultie “priests.”

  6. Did you delete comments of a post called "Farewell to Harm"?

  7. No. Our browser shows 10 comments. Click here for the post.

  8. We do enjoy reading The Critics replies.He must be like our family who was once with CMRI but left and attend FSSP.As far as sexual abuse in that cult,perhaps he could tell us more e.g.why di Piv take no action to the scandal of Father Kerfoot and that blue nun(it was well known among the other nuns and when on for years)this is just the tip of the iceberg.We did hear that Piv verbally abuses his "seminarians" like a bully.We can't understand why these young men don't take action.We do know that Piv feeds his "seminarians" crap while he(look at his belly)eats other food in secret.Please The Critic tell us more.

    1. I have been an observer and reader of this blog for many years and I very rarely respond or voice an opinion on the site. I have been associated and my wife and I have operated one of the CMRI "mission" chapels for almost 25 years. I know the Bishop extremely well and we are friends with most of the priests. That being said we do not consider ourselves "CMRI Catholics" or a mouthpiece for the group. We are simply affiliated loosely and receive the sacraments from them. In fact my own son was dismissed from their seminary a few years ago over differences regarding NFP. My son spent a year in Bishop Ramolla's seminary and speaks laudably about his time being taught by Mr. Toth. I know Bishop Sanborn and Dolan and feel at least qualified to off my opinion, for whatever it is worth. I am in agreement with so much offered by this sight and yet as reluctant as I am to post I find myself called by some unknown duty to respond to recent charges being made here. It was posted here that Bishop Pivarunas is guilty of "abuses of seminarians" and eationg food in secret. Both of these charges are absurd but I believe it is incumbent on the charger to verify this claim by specifying the events and the parties in question who have made this charge. In my 25 years at Omaha, knowing almost all the seminarians, including two from our own chapel, sponsoring several of the seminarians I have never witnessed or heard of this verbal abuse. I have seem a war of minds, some questionable events, disgruntled seminarians, administrative mistakes and so forth, but abuse. Please, for my edification, can you point me to these? I will certainly give you an ear. I have had my own problems with them from time to time but this particular charge is questionable, to say the least, to me. These poor priests and nuns are poor to the core, they offer what they do in many cases without compensation. They are relentless in their pursuit of salvation of souls and are most certainly practicing Roman Catholics. I vary rarely come to their defense nor am I asked to. I would doubt seriously there are any folks on this site who are more prepared or qualified to speak of this charge as well as others. The reason, I submit, that seminarians don't "take actions" whatever that might mean, is because I dare say the charges are are false or these seminarians you claim were "abused" do not exist. I believe there is a multitude of good questions being proposed about these sede groups, but for me personally these calumnious charges screamed out to me reply and seek specifics. Do you have any?

    2. Sure, I can agree at face value these "priests" and "nuns" more than likely have good intentions, however their lack of knowledge and understanding have led to great strife in the group and hurt many a soul. Don't forget, they were founded in sin by offending the virtue of charity in breaking with the Body of Christ. There have been too many scandals over the years to justify the good they do. Granted, the Church has had its fair share of scandals, but she has a way of cleansing herself through her direct line of governance to Christ. Tradistani governance is self serving and without censure. They are autonomous from any hierarchy thus giving them license to act like petulant children. Ask yourself, would a bishop act the way these fools act? I have been around many bishops throughout the United States and I can tell you that the level discernment, reserve and intellectual prowess is mind boggling. I realize you are attached to these usurpers of truth, but it is painfully obvious that they lack the acumen necessary to be bishops.

    3. "Don't forget, they were founded in sin by offending the virtue of charity in breaking with the Body of Christ..."

      So Luther and the Halloween mass are now part of the "Body of Christ" -- seems your level of discernment not to mention those of the bishops you hang about is something short of a full deck.

      "Granted, the Church has had its fair share of scandals, but she has a way of cleansing herself through her direct line of governance to Christ."

      This post is all about how we ALL have a direct line to Christ and can all cleanse ourselves by making a perfect Act of Contrition -- so surely CMRI can cleanse itself. Are you contradicting the post? Also your Bishop of Rome is now saying can make silent confessions--so that the confessee can avoid incriminating himself and the confessor can evade state reporting laws.

      "Tradistani governance is self serving and without censure. They are autonomous from any hierarchy thus giving them license to act like petulant children."

      Places people under house arrest for behaving Catholic:

      P.S. Name ONE U.S. bishop (of the many you have been around) who would agree w/any recommendations in this post. And then name ONE of the (many!) whose "level [of] discernment, reserve (when did "reserve get to be a virtue?) and intellectual prowess is mind boggling."

    4. So I see we have an Tradistani Anonymous Ignoramus who cannot comprehend the English language. Let me start with this, P.L. is dedicated to exposing the moronic position of these Tradi false shepherds. These false shepherds have no connection to the Church as they are splinters from the already scourged body of Christ. That being said, their sacraments are invalid, period.
      If you actually read my post you will notice that I mention these groups being born of the sin of schism thus they will never be cleansed of any sin through their own sacraments. God may choose to forgive them if they ask, but that is not what I was discussing.
      Next, yes poor Pope Francis. I pray for him every day. Sadly, he is not a very wise man. However, there are popes through out history that make him look like a saint.
      "Luther and the Halloween mass" is an interesting statement on so many levels. Firstly, any bishop or priest who sanctions such a mass is committing sacrilege. Secondly, I am not aware of any instruction or teaching that allows for the order of mass to include any of what you mentioned. Please provide me the addendum to the Sacramentary.
      All the other issues you mention are trivial, as we are all fallen human beings. The only difference? They are a part of the Church and you are not. As far as bishops that would recommend what I wrote, there would be plenty. Again, you miss my point, Trad bishops act like children on the playground rather than shepherds of souls. My question to you is, do you know what it means to have reserve?

    5. "My question to you is, do you know what it means to have reserve?" Actually, I didn't when I wrote my post. I was reading a bio of St. John Vianney and almost immediately after posting bio praised him for his reserve in that he wrote a letter to someone apologizing and setting record straight on another person he had mistakenly slandered. Unfortunately, not sure how it matters that you know some N.O. bishops who have great reserve, when priests like the following are permitted to prey on adolescents.

      See page 2

      "Luther and the Halloween Mass" Good news for you: at this time N.O. has not yet declared halloween a holy day of obligation, BUT each time you go to the N.O. mass you may as well be attending Luther/Calvin/Welsley's "reformed" (un) mass (it is what NO intended).

      You say Francis isn't a wise man, but you seem to be equally foolish to think that God would have anything to do w/heresies currently being taught the faithful. If God would have nothing to do w/high priests and pharisees of his time, surely it is now far closer to 70 AD than 33 AD when they killed Jesus Christ. It is questionable that any "sacraments" or any "priesthood" remain in what you call the "church". You say trad bishops act like children on the playground; i say that many are protestant charlatans/wolves seeking money, but those you call bishops are poisonous snakes and/or businessmen/ wolves (absolutely no love for Jesus Christ/souls either).

  9. We would have to agree with the above question's.We hope more will come forth and tell us more.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Truth can only be truth if one has a sincere and open heart to listen. Too many times I have seen innocence lost because of spineless cowards acting in the name of the "one true faith." And too many times I have seen many souls lost forever because of the imbecilic acts from these wolves in sheep's clothing. I have no tolerance for stupidity or closed mindedness. Seems that One Hand and his merry bunch of bungling buffoons are no different than Pivy's cult.
    As far as Pat Kerfoot is concerned, I know nothing of his alleged scandal with a particular "nun." Sure, there was rampant gossip, but never any concrete facts that proved otherwise. So to defend Piv's action for not doing anything is to give him credit for following facts. However, from my understanding, Piv slandered his good name at the fall-out talk he gave shortly after he and the said "nun" left. A friend told me that he accused him of doing stuff with her, however if that was the case why then did he do nothing beforehand? Well, here is the answer - just like any cult who loses its members, especially a "priest," they create a smear campaign to discredit the individual and thus leave them as the object of ridicule. They are disgusting people these trads. It's time for people to wake up and leave the group. There is tradition in the Church, one needs only to look.

  12. The Critic,what do you think on the cmri website where it says that Pivarunas had the usual seminary training and was commended for his learning.

    1. It should not surprise you that one would boast over his "qualification" when in actuality he has never attended a seminary. Heck, the Cheeseburger has more training than the lot of them. Commended him? Who commended him? Could it be the ill-learned cultlings? I know of no one that has commended him on his accomplishments. Seems to me just a bunch of filler in the article. Now, he is an intelligent man I will have to say, but that changes nothing.

  13. To the Critic; I will post my only and last reply to you if I may. Your response to my original post is the exact reason I refrain from speaking on these blogs. You have answered me with more charges and questions without bothering to respond to my counter questions. Where and who is the seminarian/s who were abused by the Bishop? This a calumnious charge that demands an answer. The other charge of eating in secret I will simply ignore for now; it is pathetically absurd. You sir made the charge of "abuse". Perhaps in charity you could answer my question. The other charges you now fall too of origins in sin, lack of discernment etc. are not why I posted originally or even now. I have already stated that much of what is being pointed out on this blog I agree with. I also stated that I am not a mouthpiece for the CMRI and that is the objective truth. But back to my original point. You accused the Bishop of "abuse". Prove this charge sir. Otherwise I simply move on knowing your intentions.

  14. My sincere apologies to the Critic for saying you had made the remarks that Bishop Pivarunas was abused seminarians. Please excuse this rash statement as it it was "anonymous" who did this. Again I await some source or name of these seminarians who were abused and again my sincerest of apologies.

  15. We all make mistakes as we fall short of His glory. No offense taken in the heat of battle. To address the question of the hour about abuse of "seminarians", I personally cannot corroborate any accusation made. I will say that I have know many a "seminarian" who has passed through the not so hallowed halls of MDS, and there are definitely stories of how they were treated like children and belittled, but again, I have not personally witnessed it. Regarding the food, I have heard the same thing that is being said and have not witnessed the sub-standard quality of food. My qualms with CMRI, SGG, SSPV, SSPX, or any independent group is that they are schismatic and cannot justify their position.

  16. I'm a 26 year old male traditionalist. I don't have any access to a valid Priest, traditional or otherwise, or other traditional family members. I'm the only one in the whole family (100+ people) who is a traditionalist. I think my biggest weakness is women, beautiful women, and to make matters worse I am good looking so I can "have" almost any woman I would want. I am also in school so I am constantly exposed to beautiful women. I am not married yet but want to.

    It seems all other sins are small time compared to beautiful women. They make you fall into Hell instantly while you can hold off most other sins.

    I find it almost irresistible to "check out" or "look" at other beautiful women, even when I am already with a beautiful woman, and I wonder if it is 100% sinful in all cases, to look at other women.

    I know Our Lord condemned "lusting" after other women, but what I wonder is if all gazing/looking is lusting after.

    Am I to act like a total weirdo when they speak to me since I'm already with someone? Am I to not look at them in the face?

    These times are terrible. There are beautiful women all over the place dressed very provocatively and I don't know exactly how one is to act. It's crazy.

    I am being totally honest here, this is what is happening to me.

    If I had access to a true Priest I guess I would tell all this to him and he would help me and such.

    1. John Smith,

      We're afraid you'll be disappointed with most sede priests, who are with a few exceptions grossly ignorant of moral theology and who themselves are victims of their own moral demons. There is a huge difference between possessing valid holy orders and having the proper formation to offer sound moral guidance.

      Your dilemma is not unique, and in the old days, priests had the proper training and discernment to guide young men to distinguish between the inordinate desire for carnal pleasure and simple attraction.

      Our suggestion is that you acquire and read some of the old books on the subject of purity for Catholic youth, which are available from traditional Catholic booksellers. It may take some research, but the time spent will be rewarded. There are answers. You'll just have to find them on your own if you live in Sedelandia. You have no assurance of reliability if you visit any Tom, Dick, or Harry who claims to be a sede priest.

      In the meantime, perhaps this remembrance might help you in examining your conscience: In one of his TV shows, Bp. Fulton Sheen once told his audience about seeing a pretty flight attendant. He then paused for dramatic effect and assured his possibly astonished viewers that yes, he did notice her attractiveness. "Just because you're on a diet," he said, "doesn't mean you can't look at the menu."

      N.B. Our remarks above have been predicated on the assumption that you're a sede. If you're not, you will have a chance at informed guidance if you seek out a priest from the SSPX or FSSP. They at least have something like an education from the old days and probably have been better vetted before entering the seminary.

    2. John Smith, you are very much to be commended for trying to practice the Catholic religion and morality, and I wish you God's grace in doing so. The questions you ask here, though, are things you would be better off discussing with a traditional Catholic priest, who can give you spiritual direction. If there aren't any near you, we are lucky to live in a time when anyone can contact any other person in the world instantaneously through the internet. I recommend you look up the website for some society of traditional Catholic priests (CMRI are a good choice, despite what this blog says) and ask them to give you some direction.

      Good luck and you are in our prayers!

    3. Apr. 2, 11:01 PM,

      CMRI clergy are definitely NOT a good choice owing to their formation (although they may give an agreeable answer to his queries). John must first quiz any "priest" he contacts about the depth of his study of moral theology. Inasmuch as most of them haven't a clue as to how inferior their formation has been, he's better off reading books from the good ol' days, or contacting FSSP or SSPX clergy.

    4. Dear John,

      As a youngish man myself, I can definitely sympathize with you. The real Catholic answer to your question is that one should avoid the company of immodest women as far as possible, because to look at them and converse with them invites temptations against purity. If one cannot avoid them, then God will give the grace to avoid sin, but to go into their company without good reason is to invite a fall.

      You mentioned that you are unmarried but you're “with” a beautiful woman. If your relationship is unchaste then this is a big problem. Likewise, but to a lesser degree, if she is not a Catholic or is not likely to become a Catholic before you marry.

      Here is some relevant advice from good Catholic sources:

      Sermons of St. Alphonsus Liguori:
          Avoiding Occasions of Sin
          Avoiding Bad Company
          Bad Thoughts

      St. Francis de Sales, Introduction to the Devout Life:
          The Necessity of Chastity
          How to Preserve Chastity

      Rev. Martin J. Scott, S.J., You and Yours: Practical Talks on Home Life:
          Dangers to Young Men
          Women and Dress
          Young Men and Courtship

      Rule of St. Augustine:
          Safeguarding Chastity, and Fraternal Correction

      Wishing you all success. All difficulties can be overcome with prayer, especially with the Rosary.

    5. "Just because you're on a diet," he said, "doesn't mean you can't look at the menu."

      Sounds like the opposite of what one finds in reliable Catholic books. Yes, a virtuous man may notice and admire a woman's beauty, but not in a carnal sense as the uncouth analogy to dieting and the menu implies.

      This passage from the Autobiography of St. Anthony Mary Claret comes to mind:

      95. I had the following experience while I was in my second year of philosophy at Vich. That winter I had caught a bad cold and was ordered to bed; so I obeyed. One day as I lay there at about ten-thirty in the morning, I felt a terrible temptation. I turned to Mary, called on my guardian angel, and prayed to all my name-saints as well as to those to whom I have a special devotion. I fixed my attention on indifferent objects so as to distract myself and forget about the temptation. I made the sign of the cross on my forehead so that the Lord would free me from evil thoughts, but everything I did was in vain.
      96. Finally I turned over on my other side, to see if the temptation would go away, when suddenly I saw the Blessed Virgin Mary, very beautiful and gracious. Her dress was crimson, her mantle blue, and in her arms I saw a huge garland of the most beautiful roses. I had seen lovely artificial and real roses in Barcelona but none as lovely as these. How beautiful it all was! As I lay face up in bed, I saw myself as a beautiful white child kneeling with hands joined. I never lost sight of the Blessed Virgin, on whom I kept my eyes fixed. I remember distinctly thinking to myself, "She is a woman and yet she doesn't give you any evil thoughts; on the contrary, she has taken them all away from you." The Blessed Virgin spoke to me and said, "Anthony, this crown is yours if you overcome." Next I saw the Blessed Virgin place on my head the crown of roses that she held in her right hand (besides the garland, which she held between her arm and her right side). I saw myself crowned with roses in the person of that little child, and I was speechless.
      97. I also saw a band of saints standing at her right hand, in an attitude of prayer. I didn't recognize them, except that one seemed to be St. Stephen. I believed then, as I do now, that those were my patron saints praying and interceding for me so that I wouldn't fall into the temptation. Then, on my left, I saw a great crowd of demons in battle array, like soldiers who fall back and close ranks again after a battle. I said to myself, "What a host of them there is--and so fearful!" During all of this I remained as if caught by surprise, without quite realizing what was happening to me. As soon as it had passed, I felt free of the temptation and filled with a joy so deep that I couldn't grasp what had been going on within me.
      98. I am quite sure that I was neither asleep nor suffering from dizziness or anything else that could have caused a state of illusion. What made me believe that what had happened was real, and a special grace from Mary, was the fact that from that moment on I was free from temptation and for many years stayed free of any temptation against chastity. If later there have been any such temptations, they have been so insignificant that they hardly deserve to be called temptations. Glory to Mary! Victory through Mary!

      So yes, one might admire a woman's beauty, especially that of the Blessed Virgin, super omnes speciosa. But to speak of her being on or off the menu would be most disgraceful if not blasphemous.

  17. What happened before Vatican II if a cat or a dog would get inside a church while Mass was being offered? What if it would go inside the sanctuary or close to it?

    There is a Novus ordo mass close by my house where I have seen it happen that a cat walks around inside the would-be sanctuary and right around the table while "mass" is being offered, with the presbyter or anyone else doing nothing about it. They actually find it amusing and think the presbyter must be some sort of Saint Francis of Assisi for "attracting" animals.

    1. Who's to say the same thing doesn't happen at SGG with Caravaggio and Puccini?

      Some of us have been in rural parts of the world where a cat or dog enters the church during Mass, but in our experience, they were all run off.

  18. In response to anonymous,March 29,6:05pm

    This man claims to have known Piv for 25 years.Is he blind,deaf and misled.My dad,mom and myself among others found the "bishop" rude,arrogant individual full of his own importance.A sheperd of souls,very questionable.

    If he has problems with CMRI.Explain what were these problems and why doe's he still support them.His son,does he support him or the "bishop"NFP is not a article of Faith.Being dismissed for his opinion for not accepting the OPINION of Piv is a joke.When was Piv in the position of papal power to make decisions.He has no true seminary training.Where are his qualifications and what exams did he sit?

    As one who attended the "seminary" at Omaha for a brief amount of time and then left to the FSSP I can testify that the food served to the "seminarians"/boarding boys was unfit for human consumpation and when it was eatable was inadequate.I found it very hard to study being hungary.Old leftovers up to a week old were eaten for lunch.A piece of homemade oat cookie and four fermenting apple juice for breakfast.No morning or afternoon coffee and cookies.I had regular severe consipation and prior to attending Omaha,never had this problem.The "seminary" was run in conjunction with the school and often we sat there taking turns reading pages of books.There was no afternoon classes,often went out picking apples or working on one of the many outdoor projects of the "bishop"The "seminary" course did not follow the pre Vatican Two standard of 7 years while they make the false claim of following the 1917 code.The "bishop" has "ordained many men with only 3 years so called training(even 3 years is open to discussion)with no other pre "seminary training"

    AS far as abuse,we were treated in a childish manner and often the "bishop" would start clicking his fingers if he did not get a answer straight away.

    Infromation came to light a long time ago that Piv had been seen at nite eating at restaurants in Omaha(like Dolan and Cekada)Myself and others saw him going out often in his car at nite.We thought Piv looked very well fed compared to his "priests"Several former "seminarians" overheard him boasing to someone that he is much bigger then he was before he became a "bishop"It must be all the great steak meals(I and others never once saw any steak and fries on the table)smirking.

    As far as CMRI relentless for souls,thats a joke.It's common knowledge some of their "clerics" have done the upmost to destroy the Faith even possible religious vocations of people and fleece funds.Look at the disastrous situation down under in Australia/Fiji/New Zealand.

    You need to buy and read that ex CMRI "nuns" book by Sherri.We are praying that the scales are removed from your eyes.Well said The Critic,if one looks,one will find Tradition in the Church.Run from these cult groups.God bless and Mary keep you

    1. You can find "tradition" in "the Church" if you are willing to accept modernism (heresy and apostasy) right along w/it. Any "priest" that goes along w/these crimes will be answering to Jesus Christ so enjoy your "joy of love" and eating now:

      As St. Paul would tell you: Your God is your belly.

    2. Your statement couldn't be anymore incorrect because after all this has been the tireless and endless struggle within the Church. Name a time when there hasn't been an abuse or aberration which led to mass confusion? Please I am all ears.
      Anon 2:27 AM, what exactly happened Down Under? I knew this Gilchrist fellow some years back, very strange individual, introverted and not very intelligent. Piv will certainly take anyone regardless of their IQ or mental stability. Glad you are experiencing the fullness of the Church.

    3. "Your statement couldn't be anymore incorrect because after all this has been the tireless and endless struggle within the Church. Name a time when there hasn't been an abuse or aberration which led to mass confusion?"

      Are you out of your mind? I hope so because when you face your judge, Jesus Christ, you will have to defend this statement. You might start preparing your defense by naming ONE time in the Church's history where the Church, herself, taught that hell was empty, that those who didn't profess Jesus Christ or even belong to His Church were "saved" that Jews, Muslims, atheists etc. didn't need to be converted and that spreading the Gospel was solemn nonsense, that sodomy is natural and that the sin of sodom was buh who knows? That the (holy) bible was a collection of stories handed down by oral tradition that got confused between gospel writers who didn't know the difference between Marys' or sin and disease? If you want more info, consult your Lenten preparation "little black book" written by a sodomite pervert given to you w/your CRS rice bowl-bullet (so you can contribute to killing black babies) by your Cardinal McCarrick piece of used toilet paper parish pervert (in this case Holy Redeemer, College Park MD)?

      When was Crazy Dan (or the Catholic Church) ever so crazy as to send out letters (during Lent like I rec'd from Cardinal Burke) asking for money from his cultings so he could get 1 million Catholics to storm heaven w/prayer by saying ONE rosary a MONTH -- (how long can they make this rip off last -- seems the website even has a shop)? Is this how the Church ALWAYS got the faithful to pray, Critic?

      Then on Easter Wednesday, all the Catholic Colleges can cap off the Easter activities by indoctrinating their cultings in why not commit grave, mortal sin w/the world, the flesh & the devil (it's our culture!):

      Sure, the Church, has always praised abortionists:

      P.S. Re: constipation: don't think it can be caused by apples/oat cookies, but possibly due to nervous tension of someone snapping fingers at you etc. Sometimes it helps to not take such behavior personally.

    4. Forgot to add one last Lent 2016 NO abomination: rec'd in an Easter Card Frank Pavone "Novena to Reverse HHS mandate" which was nothing but a novena for freedom of conscience, religous liberty, ecumenicide and every shibboleth of N.O. devil worship--never once mentions contraception!

      How they turn anyone who even wants to pray into voices for the devil.

  19. Very well said and sad to read such behaviour.We pray you do well in your studies in the FSSP.Infromation has also come to light to us that the attendance at CMRI Chapels is dropping.Do you think Piv is going to tell people that he eats in secret,come on get real.He does look very well fed and his priests are skin and bones look at Drahmann

  20. I've seen fourth graders write better than Anon April 1, 2:27AM. Some of the mistakes could be typos, but honestly, the grammar & spelling was so bad that it was hard to read. It shows the caliber of learning not only of the CMRI but the FSSP. Appalling. Sorry.

    1. The standard in CMRI schools is shocking.

  21. Here is a question for all you hard core Sedelandia adherents: Why do you not accept Pope John XXIII as a valid pope and yet you accept the teaching of Archbishop Sheen? PJXIII said the Latin Mass until he died and adhered to teachings of the Church while Sheen said the English Mass and died in the Church. Seems that there is no continuity in reasoning... Oh, Ottoviani, Thuc and other notables died in the Church as well. Hmmm

    1. I am a sede. I believe there really isn't a case of manifest heresy in Roncalli's case, as I believe there is with Montini and the rest.

      But, what I believe is that it seems very likely that he usurped the papacy and that he was planted there fraudulently. As is known, there was white smoke for 5 minutes in the 1958 conclave with the reporters saying a pope had already been elected, when all of a sudden "something" happened and you know the rest. So, I believe Siri was elected and was forced to resign. It would make Roncalli's papacy invalid.

      That's where I stand re: Roncalli. I believe it is very probable he was an imposter antipope but the whole thing is mysterious. I don't know if some have said Pacem in Terris is modernist. He was hailed by Freemasons as one of their own.

      And I don't support Sheen. He was an ecumenist and went along with Vatican II; he seemed to deny EENS and had some other bad ideas and positions.

      And what is your position, Critic? A FSSP type?

    2. Just to make one point to "The Critic"'s disjointed and mostly unintelligible comment, I think it's a pretty tenuous claim to say that Bp. Thuc died within the conciliar "church". He was kidnapped towards the end of his life by a bunch of modernist priests, who held him literally incommunicado in some modernist religious house. They claim that he signed some sort of "repentance" in his last days, but obviously any document signed by a hostage doesn't prove anything.

  22. The Critic-what was the background to Father Kevin Vaillancourt?We have heard numbers of stories.Did he leave CMRI or was he kicked by Pivarunas?All we do know is he opened a new Chapel and took upwards of 150 MSM people.All ears

    1. Quite the interesting perspective, wouldn't you say?

    2. The FSSP and other similar BOUGHT groups are a pack of heretical cowards who don't denounce the modernists but instead want to be "accepted" by them; they make it seem being faithful to Catholicism is all just a matter of taste and preference.

      These are the people you say are "in the Church"? Cowards who are in communion with open heretics and apostates?

      Don't make me laugh, "Critic."

      You're a disgrace, along with all the other bought and compromised groups.

    3. To anon @ 7:24AM, April 02 2016

      Your ipse dixit is quite unimpressive on this matter.

      "BOUGHT"? Please define your terms to begin with, after that the burden of proof is on you. Even the Zirconia Brothers make better arguments than yourself or the various sede episcopus vagans on this issue.

      This type of rabble-rouser rhetoric and accusations may be a big hit with the liturgical lumpenproletariat of sedelandia but I'm not buying it.

    4. "Liturgical lumpemproletariat", LOL! That's something to remember.

    5. This is addressed to all the Anon Sedevacatist posters. I too am not impressed with the manner in which you try to prove your existence. Your whole premise is built on the sands of conspiracy theory and pride. I don't know about you, but I would not base my eternal salvation the mere opinions of the imposer Sedelandia bishops. So keep your punch line of "ipso facto" to yourselves, repent, and become members of Christ's Church.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. 1:08, since you say you've read what the Dimonds and Cekada & co. have said against the FSSP, why are you even asking me to "define terms" and explain why I said they're bought?

      Your comment is self-refuting.

      Anyone who knows anything about this will understand what it means for them to be bought and compromisers. It is up to you to prove why you think otherwise.

    8. Conspiracy theory and pride? Are you a full blown Novus Ordite, Critic? Do you go to the new mass?

      Become members of Christ's Church? And which Church is that? The one that teaches all religions are more or less good? That no one needs to be a member of it? That Jews don't need to convert? The one that has a Protestant mass and sacraments? Is this the Church you're saying I should become a member of?

    9. Once again, you pose your theory of sand which blows in the wind and continues the erosion of your belief.

    10. What theory are you talking about? And why don't you answer any question?

  23. To April 1, 2:27 (Anonymous) Thank you for your reply, sarcastic as it was. To your first question, which set the tone of your reply, I am neither blind, deaf (however my wife would suggest otherwise) and certainly not misled although this last assertion is ambiguous at best. If I was misled how could I respond? If mislead I would not know this now would I? I don't simply make the claim of knowing the Bishop for some 25 years, I absolutely have known him and the majority of his priests for that long. I already stated to the readers that I agree with much of what makes up the bulk of charges on this list. It simply is not the purpose of my original post. If it helps you, since you asked, my major disagreements are involved with discernment, the promotion of NFP to the newly married amongst other issues. My son's particular issue was over his admission that he would not teach it after ordination so their was a mutual agreement to leave. Now, that being said I have no intention of arguing or debating the other comments you made; it would accomplish nothing at all.

    My original post, an uncommon event as I said, was to simply to respond to what I thought was a calumnious charge of "abuse". I appreciate your response on that and will say I actually agree with some of the things you have said. I scoff at your attempt to show I am blind or deaf or mislead. I believe that you weaken the rest of your story by that ad hominen remark. Am I to to gather that your charge of abuse against the Bishop is that he clicks his fingers in class and subjectively treats you as children. If so I stand by my defense. I can objectively defend my remark of their passion to save souls because my family has been on the receiving end as well as countless folks I know in many other private chapels. I certainly am willing to acknowledge that you may have had different experiences. For me, the alternative of the FSSP or SSPX is not an option and the one thing about this particular blog that has always confused me is an ambiguous support of the modern Vat II church and the FSSP. If that Vat. II new church is the Catholic Church this blog and all we due as Trads during this crisis is completely irrelevant.

  24. This blog has become an apology and P.R. for the novus ordo/SSPX.
    I don't blame you all if the money is good.It would be hard to turn down if I was extremely bitter and wanting revenge.
    BTW I don't know any of these people you are looking to destroy. It does get irritating reading how wonderful amazing beautiful etc the novus ordo ecclesia dei/SSPX is on a weekly basis.Best of luck Mates,I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Pace Apr. 2, 6:47 & 8:05 PM, but this blog is neither an advocate for any of the institutions you mentioned nor is it their enemy, provided they do not oppose tradition.

      As we have said before, we hold to the position we call "aliquid pravism," from the Latin aliquid pravi, "something wrong": any individual or group that acknowledges that something is wrong with the V II establishment in Rome and desires a return to pre-V II tradition is our brother and comrade-in-arms, so to speak. We won't speak against them, even if, out of good conscience, we might not elect to receive the sacraments from them.

      The support staff of this blog represent all sides:sede (both absolute & materialiter), R & R, and traditionalist or conservative Novus Ordite. Inasmuch as no one anywhere knows the answer to the dilemma confronting the Church, we agree to refrain from unproductive partisanship to focus our efforts on ending the reign of error imposed by the malformed, bishop-led cults, which, out of self-interest, promote division among Catholics, thereby hindering the advancement of the traditionalist cause.

      Our opposition to these ecclesiastical entrepreneurs doesn't stem from private grievance, as they allege. Instead, it is informed by the conviction that tradition is better served — and advanced — when fundamentally like-minded Catholics pool their efforts to effect a change of attitude among those still attached to the abuses of the Robber Church of V II. Clerical bad actors encourage these souls to stay with the V II Establishment.

      Once tradition-loving Catholics reject the toxic cult masters, the better able we'll all be to labor for the Restoration. Our particular contribution is to demonstrate that the cult masters are as alien to tradition in their own way as the depraved Modernists.

  25. I happen to agree with the above post and its "intentions." I have indeed witnessed first hand some of the allegations as well as the oft sited complaints about the individual groups. However, affording my redundancy, I have also witnessed much sacrifice and good from the particular group I happen to be affiliated with, the CMRI. Also, I simply wanted to engage the poster who accused the Bishop of abuse and I stand by my assertion that it was calumnious, and that I feel very strongly that I am in as good a position to make this argument as any. I enjoy reading this blog my friends but at the risk of sounding as a cult member it wouldn't hurt to once in a while sing some praises of those, whether right or wrong, who provide for many of us at their own sacrifice. I have the feeling at times that the only thing that would satisfy the writer is everyone would just abandon what they are doing in defense of family and faith and just agree to everything you write or you allow to be written. None of us has a shred of authority in these matters at all. Please accept this as I intend it; in charity and as one simple man's opinion who is trying to save his soul, practice the faith as always taught and raising a plethora of children. God bless each and every one of you.

    1. Message received and understood.

      We do know clergy who sacrifice for the souls under their care. It's just that they don't belong to these bishop-led cults. Perhaps that's a result of our limited acquaintance.